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About this City Journal

Haven Cove is a realistic, american styled city located on a fictional island somewhere in the Pacific. The city features many beaches, sprwaling suburbs, farmland and a strong urban core....

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Today I have a picture of the sunset point lighthouse for you!!! The lighthouse was built fairly recently to replace the Crown Point tower and is still in operation today! I will get more into the history in a future update! So here it is:

2.1- Sunset Point Lighthouse


So what do you guys think? I know the photoshoping is not the best but I think it turned out fairly nice!!! Tell me what you think!!! Its easy: just type in your thoughts and hit the little reply button at the bottom! I know you can do it!!! So please Comment everyone!!! Oh and thanks for viewing!!!


Crown Point


Hello and welcome to the first update of Haven Cove!!! Today we will be visiting Crown Point, a historical landmark of the city wich is now a reserve park area. The point is located just south of Downtown and Crown tower, the main structure on the point is a retired lighthouse decomisioned recently and turned into a museum. So lets begin:

We'll start the day by waking up at the beautiful Marriot Courtyard, located right on the coast. We will be heading south along Marina Boulevard, along the docks and past downtown.

1.2- Marina Boulevard has great views of downtown and offers a quick easy commute through the bustling district.

When we reach Crown Point, Marina Boulivard splits as it winds through the park. Crown Point offers many great pathways to enjoy the scenic views and wilderness of this area.

1.4- Lets take some time to climb to the top of Crown Tower and check out the view.

An overview of Crown Point.

1.6- So after all that exploring of crown point arent we all hungry? Lets head back along Marina and stop to eat at Boardwalk Burgers: Many locals consider this place the best Burger joint in all of Haven Cove!

1.7- Fianlly an overview of Downtown and the Northern suburbs!

Thank you for viewing Haven Cove and I hope you enjoyed the first update!!! Please Comment!!!!!





(I decided to post this CJ in the new section. The forum version can be found here.)

Hello and Welcome to my new CJ: Haven Cove! This is my 4th attempt now at a city journal and I hope that this will be very successful. Haven Cove is based off a fictional island located somewhere in the Pacific. The city itself is a mix of sprawling suburbs, rural areas and a dense Urban Core. Throughout this CJ I will be showing you places of interest throughout the region as well as giving you insight into how I build my cities. Overall I hope to create a beautiful and realistic American styled city with as much detail as possible. To achieve this I have downloaded hundreds of files from various sites and if you have any questions about these downloads I will do my best to answer them. I will also do my best to update this journal as much as possible and hopefully I will have a new update every week (but no guarantees 2.gif). The final thing I would like to address is you, Thank you very much for taking the time to view this journal and I hope that you comment! So here we go!...

Pic 0.1- After Miles of open sea and nothing but salt air and sun we have finally reached the Island paradise of Haven Cove.


Pic 0.2- Lets dock the boat along the Marina and set off for our first day here in the city.


Pic 0.3- The Midtown distirict is home to many loacally owned shops, malls and resturants. Its a great place for tourists to relax and shop the day away.


Pic 0.4- Haven Cove has many opportunities and places to be discovered. We have so much to see so stay tuned!


Well this concludes the introduction of Haven Cove. Thanks for viewing and please comment!


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