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About this City Journal

Welcome to Erodia, the greatest place on earth!

Entries in this City Journal


Village of Westoria

Welcome to the Village of Westoria!

Please enjoy your stay in our village.

Westoria is a small village in the great country of Erodia. It is only a 5 mile drive outside of Jessoria, which is perfect for people who wish to work in the city, but not live in it. The village has alot to offer. Friendly citizens, quaint shops, and a low crime rate! Next to Jessoria and Kaitoria, we have one of the highest valued education system around! Which is perfect if you have youngsters heading to school soon. So to start off our grand tour of the Village, we will give you a brief history of the Village of Westoria.

Brief History of Westoria

Westoria started out as a vision by the king of Erodia, Tylersaur E. Schumacher. He wanted to create a town for his favorite secretary who is known as Brianna West. Many delays arose, such as the planning of the Borough of Jessoria.

But nonetheless, he sat down and drew up some rough drafts of the village. He decided upon the name Westoria, which came from the secretary's last name, West. He drew out plans, which consisted of 2 main roads in the town. One being named Bri Street, and the other being named Anna Street. He was very creative in the name of the roads, because when one is addressing a certain building in the town, it may be on the corner of Bri and Anna streets. When you put Bri and Anna together, you get Brianna. Which is the first name of the Secretary!

After he drew the road map up, he decided upon Bri Street for the Shopping District. The shopping district isn't near as long as Jessoria's. Since Westoria's is only 1 and a Half blocks long. At the end of Bri Street was the Village Hall, which was a grand building constructed of masonry and brick. The fanciful interior of the structure was made with mahogany Victorian-style walls.

As for Anna Street, he designated that as the road for showcasing all of the beautiful Victorian mansions that he could build. That is why when you drive down Anna Street, the street is lined with amazing Victorian Homes. Many of them were named after certain people of importance in the King's life. We will outline the more important ones later in the journal. As for current day Westoria, its much like it was when it was chartered in 1952. So come, and live in our wonderful village! What do you have to loose?

Pictures of the Village


Above: Aerial view of the Village. More pictures to come soon!


Borough of Jessoria

Welcome to Jessoria!

Please enjoy your stay here in the borough. May we reccommend a stay at the Grace Hotel on Princess Avenue in our Historic Downtown? Or perhaps an exquisite dinner at the Princess Avenue Steakhouse? Maybe even a nice romantic movie with your sweetheart in our historic downtown Grace Theater? Whatever may be your fancy, at least enjoy your stay in our wonderful borough.

History of Jessoria

Jessoria was chartered as a borough in 1932. Back then, Princess Avenue was thriving with people going shopping in one of our 300 downtown retail outlets. The historic train station was rumbling with steam passenger trains rolling in from all across the wonderful country of Erodia. The view outside a window of one of the shops was a busy scene with Erodian Railway Company (ERC) Pullman passenger cars rolling by with one of the beautiful steam engines pulling them, and people chatting on the sidewalks loving life as it was. Now, as we continue our tour in the 1930s Jessoria, we must note the premium passenger train which served Jessoria and Barrett. The train was a streamlined K-4, pained Green and White for the Erodian Railway Company's Colors, and it was laid with gold trim and a beautiful nameplate, one which beared the name of Jessie Grace. It was named so after the amazing Queen of Erodia, Jessie Grace. Ironically, the whole borough was named after the queen as well. Now, back to present day Jessoria.

Travelling to Jessoria today on the Jessie Grace or "Jessie" as it's called by the locals is still the same as it was back in 1932. Thanks to efforts by the king and queen of Erodia, Jessoria still maintains its pure 1930s tradition. You can still go shopping in the historic downtown shopping district, you can still ride the trolley car as it rolls down princess avenue. That is what is so great about Jessoria!

So please, visit Jessoria today, and experience the "Borough of the Queen".

Fan Photos

Below are some photos ordinary people just like you took when they visited Jessoria. Yes, they did take some photos from the helicopter ride we have available in the borough.


Above: The Grace Theater | | Above: View of Jessie Avenue in Jessoria


Above: Another view Of Jessie Avenue. The | | Above: Jessoria Grand Central Terminal

Tram Company can be seen in the middle. | |


Above: Overall Aerial view of the less-historic Downtown Jessoria. The tall building in the lower

middle is the Cohrac Company's HQ Building. It is the tallest building in Jessoria. Also, the

Jessoria Grand Central Terminal is in the top-middle of the picture, and directly in front of the

Terminal is the Jessie Grace University, which is ranked the #1 university in the Nation of Erodia.

That is all for now! Enjoy your stay in the borough, and please come again!

~Possibly more pictures to come soon!~


Welcome to Erodia! A country like no other.

Erodia thrives on the fact that everything must be perfect. Our system of government is Communism. But, Its a special kind of communism, in which that the people still have say over alot of things in the country. The King of the Country is (Myself) and the Queen of Erodia is the one and only Jessie Grace.

Erodia was created after the king took over the world and created one peaceful country. He decided to call it Erodia. The capital city of Erodia is Hibernia. There are many cities in the country, and a short list has been compiled for a temporary time until the rest of the cities are founded and named. Throughout the City Journal, I will describe each city in full detail, as well has upload pictures of most of them. Please note, that all of the cities are named after a particular person, and I would enjoy it if you tried and guessed who they are named after based off of the names.

List of Cities:

City of Hibernia

City of Seaside

Borough of Jessoria

Borough of Barrett

Borough of Brittanic

Borough of Driscovia

Town of Haleoria

Village of Westoria

That is a basic list of the cities in Erodia so far. For now, Peace out reader, and please enjoy your stay as a Erodian!

-- King Tylersaur

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