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About this City Journal

A Modern day city journal with big cities and rural areas.

Entries in this City Journal




Residential Population: 87,100

High Wealth: Approx. 30,003

 Middle Class: Approx. 41,025

Ghetto Dwellers(lol) Approx. 16,072

Commercial Population: 59,340

West Oak Statistics Data

based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being a problem and 5 not being a problem.

Crime:  5

The Regions Police Headquarters is located here.


Healthcare: 3

There is a hospital downtown and a Health Club in the Yates Suburban Community, however parts of the outskirts of town are not cared for, oddly they die nearly 15 years before citizens the same age on the west side do.

Traffic : 4

Traffic here has never been a problem due to the heavy train involvement, however with the inclusion of the interstate, part of the rail line has been demolished. That rail line has brought more cars to the roads where the train once was. The Train now only covers the South East Section of Newmin and the Yates Suburb. However Traffic is getting worse with the destruction of the north/west side rail line.

Pollution: 5

There is only about 2000 industry jobs available here, outside of town. No one can smell it or see it.

Education: 4

This city has always had strong education due to all of the museums and libraries that have been built, although test scores have been dropping as drugs have been increasing.

Newmin was the Capitol of West Oak for about 75 years, about 10 years ago it was moved to a nearby city to be seen in the next update!

Here is the Old Capitol building, now a courthouse.


Around it is the Giant Marshall Park.


This Area has a couple other parks though, it had to be beautiful to be a capitol city.

Here is a park next to the Greenly Outlet Area.


And The small Tibbits Park next to the West Oak Mall.


Here is the Malls Entrance.


The Mall has attracted nearly 40,000 people to new suburb areas.


Here is a Popular Suburb, Yates a recently annexed town.


It has a small Business Area.


Yates is Connected to the South East Side of Newmin by Train.

Here is a shot of the Greenly Area of Newmin, with the Train running right through it.


Across from that area is Downtown.


And the Newest Skysraper is a beauty.


 Here is a shot of the Newmin Suburb and Yates Suburb, with the mall inbetween.


And Finally a Shot of the Downtown/South East/Greenly Side of Town.


Update 6 Will Feature the Capitol...




Residential Population: 46,300

High Wealth: Approx. 5,000

 Middle Class: Approx. 27,300

Ghetto Dwellers(lol) Approx. 14,000

Commercial Population: 43,400

West Oak Statistics Data

based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being a problem and 5 not being a problem.

Crime:  5

This city has a large police force, all though it doesnt matter as this city has small town values and everyone knows right from wrong.

Healthcare: 4

This City has a large hospital with an intensive care unit and a Cancer unit that is the best in West Oak, however some areas of the hospital are crowded.

Traffic : 3

Traffic here is getting worse as downtown is dense but alot of the city is spread out, this small town is starting to really get that big city feel. 

Pollution: 3

Pollution from cars is bad, and its starting to kill some of the farms.

Education: 2

Mosts kids here have the option for schooling but either can't afford it or drop out.

Cows in the road: 1


Willhelm has been here since it was Settled in 1940, where it grew slowly, the rural way. It was one of the smallest towns in the area of 2000, leeching off of the small city(back then) of Lobbdale, until the railroad company built its first station there in 1978, and extended the rail line up to the mountains.


That Encouraged alot of growth, and by 1992 the city was of 30,000 people and 5 Passenger stations, the largest city in the region for almost 6 months till Lobbdale once again took over and grew like crazy. It had Grown 1000% or so in just 15 years.

Apartment buildings then became popular in the downtown area, some are 40 years old and haven't changed a bit.

The most popular Apartment chain is Fern Lane Apartments.


And then in 2001, the cities first and only skyscraper was built, the CEO Lee Huang diddn't like the view of the slums from his office on the 25th floor, so he had a park built there.


And in the past five years new businesses have flooded the city, including many chain outlet stores.


And That small Plateau north of the city that overviewed the whole area now is occupied by a few hotels.


Today the city is nearing 50,000 people.


But even though the Downtown is getting Denser and Denser



There are still plenty of Rural areas.


The only bad thing about those rural areas is they bring in alot of poor people.


Still though this is a great area of West Oak.


Teaser for Update 5, the old capitol of Newmin.


Please Comment I don't want to beg...


Replies #1

Replies #1


Tysons24: Thanks for noticing and for visiting.

Jacqulina: It really means alot, please visit West Oak again.

Hidanhi: Yay! I hope you contineu to love it too.

Evillions: No I don't, I use Picnik, but thanks for coming, come again.

Sticksboi05: Really? Thanks it means alot, and thanks for visiting.

Jjune4991: Probably those crazy old folks.. Thanks for viewing.

Hidanhi: I download all of them as a I haven't the slightest idea how to make them, I have hundreds of things in my plugins now :D Thanks for visiting again!

Mco1254: Thanks, thats one of the most time consuming parts of this CJ, please come again. Also I will try to post some more pictures of Lobbdales Riverbed downtown later on.

Stoney525: I got a Street Tree mod, and the trees by the riverbed are Simfox trees. Thanks for all the questions.

Soulchaser: Thanks for that :)

Evillions: Thanks for re-visiting, I would like to live there too.

I would also like to thank Deathtopumpkins for helping me in the chat that one day.

This is not very many replies for 6 entries containing photos, I don't want to complain but it seems my city journal gets far less replies than other new ones, this is kind've discouraging. But I will trudge on for now.

Thanks for visiting.




Residential Population: 2,900

High Wealth: Approx. 400

 Middle Class: Approx. 2,100

Ghetto Dwellers(lol) Approx. 400

Commercial Population: 1,050

West Oak Statistics Data

based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being a problem and 5 not being a problem.

Crime:  4

Being as this area is a ways away from the city this area has almost no crimes.

Healthcare: 1

Elena has no Medical buildings whatsoever, you need to drive 45 minutes or take a train to get to Willhelm where the general hospital is located.

Traffic : 5

Most people don't own cars, they either ride the train or walk.

Pollution: 5

The Train is the only way to get to the small industrial park as its so far away. There are alot of farms so pollution is a negative.

Education: 2

There is an elementary school atleast...

Elena is one of the oldest settlements of the area, and hasnt grown very much in the last 80 years.

This is an image of most of the town, as it is rather small.


But Some development has occured across the river due to the train.


And more and more people are building houses out in farm country.



Residential Population: 4,100

High Wealth: Approx. 1000

 Middle Class: Approx. 2,400

Ghetto Dwellers(lol) Approx. 700

Commercial Population: 1,100

West Oak Statistics Data

based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being a problem and 5 not being a problem.

Crime:  2

Even as this area is covered by Emerald Grove police, it is getting more and more over run with crime and drug use. Especially for a small town.

Healthcare: 3

There is a mdeical clinic here, and train to one of Emerald Grove's Hospitals is only 15 minutes away.

Traffic : 2

A New Bridge needs to be built as the other one is very old and is filled with cars constantly, the bridge and train are the only ways across the river to the small downtown and industrial area.

Pollution: 3

Trash burning is popular here.

Education: 3

There is a small K-12 school that is now too small, but there are no funds to expand the size of it.

On one side of the river houses are clumped.


On the other things are spread out


This town would be alot smaller without having some train stations.


There is also a "slightly" out of town shoping center



Residential Population: 2,600

High Wealth: Approx. 200

 Middle Class: Approx. 1,400

Ghetto Dwellers(lol) Approx. 1000

Commercial Population: 725

West Oak Statistics Data

based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being a problem and 5 not being a problem.

Crime:  1

This town has a high amount of poor people, poor people loot from the poor here.

Healthcare: 1

No Medical care whatsoever, the nearest hospital is in Emerald Grove, but you have to go over the mountains.

Traffic : 1

There is one main road through the town, the same road and only road that exits and enters the town. traffic is bad.

Pollution: 5

The one good thing about this area.

Education: 2

The few kids that have enough money go to Emerald Grove for school.

Most of the housing is clumped together so its easier to spot crime.


The small commercial area is for tourists who stop here on there way over the mountains. Lots of Parking.


Even though this town sucks people still want to live here, and its been expanding.



Residential Population: 1025

High Wealth: Approx. 300

 Middle Class: Approx. 600

Ghetto Dwellers(lol) Approx. 125

Commercial Population: 115

West Oak Statistics Data

based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being a problem and 5 not being a problem.

Crime:  5

This town employs a large police force for the area, no one even thinks of spitting out their gum on the sidewalk.

Healthcare: 5

There is a rural hospital by the train station.

Traffic : 4

It is starting to be a small problem on side streets.

Pollution: 3

Some say that the small industrial par k is too close to the area.

Education: 5

There is a school district covering the area, that is way over funded. Most kids do go to college though.

This is a small farming community, that is part of the Willhelm Micropolitan Area, just about 5 minutes from Willhelm by train.

Here is the new hospital.


And the very small "Downtown" if you want to call it that.


This town has a couple neihgborhoods known to the area, this is the richmond neighborhood that exits town.


And lastly is the church, the only church for an hour or so, this is a very religious community,


Update 4 will Feature Willhelm, the smallest big city!



Because all of you waited so paitently for me to fix the last update I will give you some Region shots.

All of the small farm towns you see will be featured in the next update.

This is Clark and Emerald Grove.


And this is Elena.


Here is Gifford and Aizaiah.


Lastly is Willhelm and Lobbdale.


Update 3: The Rural Areas is coming soon!



Emerald Grove:

Residential Population: 109,000

High Wealth: Approx. 83,000

 Middle Class: Approx. 24,500

Ghetto Dwellers(lol) Approx. 1,500

Commercial Population: 78,055

The Majority of the citizens in this city are extremly wealthy and either own businesses or are in early retirement, very few people who live here work. Most jobs are held by citizens from Nearby Lobbdale.

West Oak Statistics Data

based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being a problem and 5 not being a problem.

Crime:  3

Crime Used to be very low, however with the growing population being mostly upper class citizens, the amount of crimes committed grow too.

Healthcare: 5

There are 4 hospitals in the small city, everyone is within a few miles of a hospital here. Even if its mostly plastic surgeons.

Traffic : 2

Traffic is a growing problem here, there are a couple roads going into downtown, and only one way to get to the industrial park across the river. Since the city is spread out traffic is getting worse as it expands.

Pollution: 4

Although there is a high amount of industry it is across the river so most people don't smell it at all.

Education: 5

There is one public school district, and 6 private districts serving the city. Most students go on to college. Besides the Uniforms issue there are no problems with education here as it is illegal to dropout.

Mistreated Staff: 1

Me no speaky....

Emerald City recently expanded Robison Park.


It goes around about half of the downtown area.


Another Commercial area is growing though.


Mainly due to the clock tower.


The clock tower was built to stimulate growth of that area, just like this landmark helped the downtown grow once it was erected.


There  are other Historic areas like this area that locals call "The Eyes"


There are many rich people who live in this city.


Many Many.... Many Rich people.


But a few people in this city actually have to work.


And most of them work here.


There is a nearby town of 700 people named Clark, only connected by rail.


The Rail station divides the twon from residential and commercial.


I hope you enjoyed this update, stay tuned for the more rural towns in the next update!





Residential Population: 437,009

High Wealth: Approx. 73,000

 Middle Class: Approx. 332,000

Ghetto Dwellers(lol) Approx. 34,000

Commercial Population: 313,055

Most Citizens who can't find a job go to nearby Emerald Grove or Willhelm. However since a huge portion of people who live here are retired, so there are enough jobs for the most part.

West Oak Statistics Data

based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being a problem and 5 not being a problem.

Crime:  4

Due to the low amount of Teenagers in this city crime is very low, and what crimes are commited are usually misdemeanors by senior citizens that escaped from the Prison retirement home in South Lobbdale.

Healthcare: 2

There is one major hospital serving parts of Uptown and suburban Lobbdale, however the city has cut its funding so the one hospital has only 500 beds for thousands of hurt Lobbdalites.


Traffic : 3

There is no traffic in most parts of the city, however each bridge takes hours to cross during rush hour. Being as Downtown is somewhat secluded from the rest of the city, this is a huge problem. Relief efforts have been attempted with new bridges but sims don't like the back roads.


Pollution: 3

As there is very little Industry in the Area, smelly pollution is not a problem. However Trains have been creating alot of coal pollution lately.

Education: 4

There are 3 main School Districs, and 1 Private District in the city. Each District has dozens of elementary, middle, and high schools. However there are no colleges within this city and they also banned homeschooling.

People urinating in the river: 1 41.gif


Most Recently, Lobbdale annexed a small city named Higgins that heavily relied on Lobbdale. This area is now known as South Lobbdale where a huge portion of the lower wealth citizens live. The Blue Plaza Building is the local retirement home for the Metro area.


Taller buildings are beggining to pop up everywhere now, especially along the riverbed downtown.


Big Corporations are looking for a River view.


And so are the higher class residents, willing to pay millions for  apartments hundreds of feet in the air.


However the tallest residential building is not on the riverbed. The Tigard Apartments are for Middle class families mostly, they are small but they have a view of the whole city.


This is my favorite View, of the Plaza seperating Uptown and Midtown.


Lastly, here is a postcard image of the historic train station built nearly 100 years ago. Also one of the largest Stations in the region,


And a Teaser for Update 2, in nearby Emerald Grove, a smaller city.


I hope you had fun, please comment. Thanks! 


Welcome to my new city journal of West Oak!

Today I have some intro pictures for you all, please comment. Thankyou all for clicking and thanks for looking.











This City Journal will be slow paced most likely, I will try to update atleast once a week, unless I get no comments and get discouraged like with my last CJ.

Once again, thankyou.

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