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About this City Journal

A fictional city theoretically located amongst the lakes and farm fields of central Wisconsin. Dotted with lakes and farm fields, the city sprung up around the confluence of the Minnow and...

Entries in this City Journal


Clearwater International Airport and an aerial shot the metro region.


Clearwater Metropolitan Area:  Downtown at the center, Clearwater International Airport at the bottom, the small collection of skyscrapers in the right center of the picture is St. Joseph, a rapidly developing edge city


Clearwater International Airport: Located in the suburb of Hartfield, just south of the Clearwater city limits.  In 2008, the airport served about 20,000,000 passengers.  Delta and American Airlines are the two primary carriers, with many other airlines maintaining a lesser presence.


The collection of hotels, restaurants, and strip malls that has formed near the airport.


Hartfield Industrial Park, near the airport, and some more commercial development spurred by proximity to the airport.

Current Event Update:

The Clearwater Regional Council (CRC) is debating a mass transit link from the airport to downtown Clearwater.  Preliminary estimates put the cost of construction a little lower than $1 billion dollars and would be Taxpayer funded.  Options being considered are monorail, light rail, and elevated rail, with the downtown station located at Clearwater Union Station and a handful of stations in the neighborhoods between the airport and the central business district.  A vote on a tax raise for the project will take place during the next general election in the metropolitan counties.  Upcoming updates will include maps of the proposed project and a look at the neighborhoods the line will travel through.


Hi all!

A long time lurker, I have finally decided to journal a fictional city that has actually been a work in progress for a few years (a few hours here, a few hours there).  A big thank you goes out to the STEX and its many skilled contributors.  I have downloaded much of your work, it makes the game immensely more enjoyable, and want to make sure credit is given where it is due :)  Regarding the city of Clearwater, criticism both positive and negative is encouraged.  Please enjoy!

Welcome to Clearwater, Wisconsin.  Located in north central Wisconsin at the junction of interstates 37 and 94.  About 3 hours north of Madison, 2 hours east of Minneapolis, 3 hours west of Green Bay.  Downtown Clearwater is the largest business center in the state of Wisconsin, having surpassed Milwaukee in the last 30 years, and the surrounding suburbs are growing rapidly.


City of Clearwater, Pop. 334,000


Downtown Clearwater, the largest business district in the upper midwest outside of Chicago and Minneapolis


Downtown Clearwater - Regal Theater, Opera House, and a posh hotel at the intersection of Fifth St. and Ontario Ave.


University of Wisconsin - Clearwater

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