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Kingston Plains

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About this City Journal

I've attempted a couple of city journals before but neither were successful, so I decided to do another but this one won't be very story orientated, but just my best region I've made to...

Entries in this City Journal


It's been exactly a month since I've last updated! I've been focusing on my school exams and coursework so I couldn't continue with any updates (sorry for those waiting!). Now it's the holidays (for me anyway 3.gif) I can do the stuff I've been wanting to do, this inclusive. Also when I installed the Windows 7 RC, SC4 decided it wanted to crash and seriously glitch up. So until I can downgrade to Vista (can't find CD at the moment 32.gif) things will be slow. If I can I'll show some of the glitches (major ones only) to show you what I mean. A main thing is that scrolling though the menus is VERY slow and I often go past what I want 45.gif. I hope to update at least once a week, if I can.

Enough of my short story and on to the update! Today I'll show the biggest city which you have seen previously (with explanations) and a neighbouring city that's not fully developed yet.

Map of the region so far with the Council Districts marked on:


South Central Park

Residential Pop: 1.14 million (fluctuates around there)

Commercial Pop: 350 thousand

Industrial Pop: 0

Location in region: Central Downtown District (See map)

First up is the city and below the subway links across it, it is quite complicated:



That advisor kept bugging me about building an airport. I got fed up and built an international airport (which got upgraded to a medium sized one) but its position in the city was quite bad, evidently:


This is the South Central Park. However extensive demand forced the council to allow construction over it. Namely the hospitals, Bishopsgate 100 and HSBC tower. But the statue at the centre remains, luckily:


A beautiful column rises at the centre of a rather busy roundabout. Shame it's a bit obscured by the World Trade Tower, but this is the best view of it:


A quick build was needed to house many workers and so this boring set of flats were built in the south of the city:


The main artery across the city, in fact the region is the Kingston Expressway, it runs dead straight through the region and technically is the oldest road too. The Kingston Expressway (KES) is the main highwgay in view:


North Central Park


Residential Pop: 590 thousand

Commercial Pop: 170 thousand

Industrial Pop: 0

Location in region: Central Downtown District (see map)

This city has not been fully developed, but at its current rate, when fully developed would be the same size as its counterpart (South Central Park):


Construction of a beautiful tower which is being built on the Western edge of the city:


The only signs of life in the east of the city is the Air Force Base. Surrounding it is the local emergency services, a railway line with staton and, strangely enough, some shops:


The North Central Park is clearer and is, well, a park. It won't be long though before it becomes the same as its neighbour:


Another cleverly placed airport, luckily this isn't a realism type CJ 4.gif:


The council were stupid enough (couhg cough) to put both Stadiums (or Stadia, I don't know) next to each other and caused lots of traffic when games were on at both venues:


This is the tallest part of the city, thanks to those who created all of the skyscrapers 9.gif:


Another boring set of flats, but I can't be bothered, I mean the council can't be bothered to replace them or to give a damn, typical:


Hmm, that's quite busy...oh well, it'll sort itself out:


A zoned area waiting for development, with serivce building included:


All developed and with a few new skyscrapers to provide jobs, but it hasn't helped, there are still many unemployment zot thingys:


Political Stats

District Name: Central Downtown District

Council Names: South Central Park

                        Leading Council Party: The Reformist Party (56.1%)

                        2nd Party: The Party of Democratic Unity (29.4%)

                        3rd Party: The Radical Freethinkers (12.3%)

                        Head Counil Member: Chancellor John Fryek (TRP)

                                North Central Park

                        Leading Council Party: The Reformist Party (46.2%)

                        2nd Party: The Radical Freethinkers (37.9%)

                        3rd Party: The Part of Democratic Unity (15.6%)

                        Head Counil Member: Chancellor Robert Grant (TRP)

That's all for this update, tune in soon (hopefully 41.gif) for the next update of the oldest part of the region, Three Points.



I've just upgraded to Windows 7 and SC4 has been a bit gltichy at the moment. I was going to put a couple of photos of the region, but that'll have to wait! Sorry. However I'll put a video of my largest and therefore my best city!

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