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About this City Journal

So, in the mass of time I have whilst sitting my exams (very little) I have decided to launch my most ambitious project in SimCity 4 - recreating an entire city. Not exactly, just similar. 

Entries in this City Journal



This entry is going to be fairly brief, as I haven't found much time to develop anything specifically new, so is mostly just a repeat of the previous entry. This time I have developed the residential area north-west of the mini stack interchange. The design is similar to the area south of I-10, but the amount of industry is slightly toned down, with mid-wealth residential and commercial services taking a larger role.


Above is a small residential square cornered by E Palm Ln on the north side, N 18th St to the west, N 20th St to the north and E McDowell Rd to the south.


The other feature that breaks up the grid pattern is the bow shaped street formed by N Whittier Dr which meets E Granada Rd to the north and E Almeria Rd to the south at their respective intersections with N 16th St. I may return later to N 16th St due to its width. Here is is picture as being 6 lanes wide, but the real life version is only 4.


Above is an image of the reduced industry seen in this area of development. Most of the industry here appears along E McDowell Rd and N 16th St, mixing in with the commercial services available.


Finally, some work I attempted on the mini-stack interchange. I'm getting to the point on this where I think I am going to use my free will to modify the interchange to actually work, instead of trying to make it as realistic as possible. The main problem at the moment is the flex-fly fun I{m having at the top of the image, but I think I may have a solution to that.

Something to note before I leave, I have changed the texture pack, so I am now using CPT Painted Desert Terrain Mod, which I hope will give a slightly more realistic appearance to the general map.



So Entry II. Since Wednesday I've made considerable progress on I-10 heading south, pretty much reaching the outer expanse of the city. Further to this, I began small amounts of zoning near the Mini'stack interchange which I developed slightly but have yet to complete. Anyway, pictures!

I'll start with the zoning development I have begun just North-West of the airport, between I-10 and 16th Street. The image at the top is just some generic industry just off the I-10, sandwiched between E Washington St and E Jefferson St. Looking closer now at the map, each one is in fact one-way so I will likely revisit this later and alter accordingly.

The next image is of the residential area that has developed to the north of the industry. I have tried to 'overlap' the industry and residential as much as possible, so many of the areas to the south are a mixture of residential streets and industrial roads, as seen in the second image.



Just on the north side of E Washington St I managed to achieve a nice mix of commercial and residential, along with a short woodland path as a divider.


Finally, an overview of the current development on that tile, cornered in by I-10 and the Mini-stack. The overview really shows the extent of the industry mixing with the residential.


Moving south, I have now fully developed the UPS Car Park to the south west of Runway 08. It really fills in the gap between 24th St and I-10.


That covers the extent of construction throughout the city so far, so now on to the progress I made on I-10 heading south out of the city. The progress covers three tiles, so the images below will simply be highlights of the better interchanges. This first interchange is the junction between I-10 and Route 143 (seen at the top) and the junction of I-10 with W Broadway Rd. There are some slight modifications due to proportions but overall I think it turned out quite nicely.


Finally, here is the interchanges between I-10 and Route 60, which I am very pleased with. Although it is not an exact replica, it comes pretty close to it and it is possibly the most satisfying junction I have built with the RHW. The junction with S Priest Dr can also be seen at the bottom of the image.


As per usual I will wrap up this entry with an overview of the progress made so far. We have currently established 5 tiles, covering the area between the Mini-stack interchange and going right down to Chandler Blvd and the area where the city ends. 


As always, thanks for reading. Be sure to comment any opinions or criticisms you may have, I'll try my best to address them. 


So, Entry I... I should probably detail the ambition - a semi-realistic recreation of Phoenix, Arizona. Of course, it won't be identical due to the limitations of SimCity 4 and such, but I will try and keep it as truthful to real life as possible. On a second side note, I have never been to Phoenix myself, so everything I do will be based off what I see on google maps. It may be outdated and henceforth wrong, but oh well, we're just trying to have fun. 

I decided to start around the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, building from the I-10 interchange with I-14 and slowly filling in the surrounding area, including the airport. The very first thing I did however, was Junction (?) 149 of I-10, which includes a basic turn off to E Buckeye Road and a slightly more complex turn off to E Sky Harbor Blvd, the main road into the airport. 


As you can see from the image, I have also fleshed out some of the nearby roads with S 24th Street running beneath the Sky Harbor Blvd, parallel to I-10, and the Sky Harbor Cir at the top of the image. One of the initial challenges was the intersection between Sky Harbor Cir and S 24th Street as the game would not allow for an extremely compact junction with the MIS, so I had to make it larger than the real life equivalent. The small road on the right hand side is the entrance to the UPS parking lot which I have yet to build.


Following that construction, I decided to plough north along I-10 to the interchange with Route 51 and Route 202. It is by far the most complex interchange I will have ever attempted in SimCity 4, and I have yet to fully start on the beast. I have, however, completed junction 148 and begun 147C.


The limitations of SC4 begun bugging me here as I struggled to begin the Mini Stack interchange, so I decided to leave it be for later and returned south to I-10's interchange with I-17. Due to the recurring limitations of SimCity 4, the interchange is not an identical replica. The movements of the RHW-4 exits are highly emphasised and not as compact as I would like them to be, but I can return to that later if I have the time and willpower to take a better short.


Finally, I begun work on the airport. It is my first attempt to build an airport with all the correct addons and using the modular system, so I'm fairly please with how the runways turned out. There are modifications of course, mainly the length and difference in lengths between the two runways but also the headings of the runways and the exact locations of turnoffs. I also completed a private jet area along with a cheap, knock-off version of the Fed-Ex Ship centre.



Finally, a current overview of the two tiles I have built on. I chose the positioning based on the possibility that I may start zoning before the road construction is all completed, so I would use the neighbouring connections to spark demand if need be.


And that brings Entry I to a close... thanks for taking the time to read it and if you have any opinions or criticisms I can tackle, throw them at me. I will try to post updates at least once a week with my progress, but I don't know how much I will make, especially with the rest of the airport to complete.


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