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About this City Journal

On a distant world, around a distant blue star is the city of Lazarou.

Minds of Earth and Mars built it without knowing it was real.

Minds of Earth and Mars escape to it wishing it were real.


Entries in this City Journal

Lazarou Monkey Terror

Kamslut is an outer borough of Lazarou City that I have been working on these past few months. I have modded many new lots to go into Kamslut.
I use the building style options differently with my game. Instead of "New York", "Chicago",etc I have four texture types with corresponding prop and building styles. Park tiles connect the large residential lots to create a seamless "mega-lot" spanning whole sections of a Large city tile.




The red texture I call "LMT MARS" and for that I use props from the splendid Simmars mod as well as other suitably futuristic models I have come across.




Here the pink tileset is the higher value "LMT BSC" texture group, taking elements of the BSC Park series as well as Classical and European themes for those who like to wallow in the luxury of Old Earth



In every city tile I have an admin district, and as my lotting skills have increased I've managed to personalise each city with it's named square.



Lazarou Monkey Terror

 Before I show you my more recent work, here is one tile I worked on from a year ago.

Since this regional shot was taken the tiles to the North of Ayden Ridge have been filled. The red terrain has changed as well.

Ayden Ridge itself leads up to Mount Ayden which overlooks the center of Lazarou City





A Mosaic of Ayden Ridge



The House Of Haunted Memories

Around this time I was busy finding my way around lotting. Expanding on SFBT's low wealth park set my new lots paint over all of Ayden Ridge, offering spectacular walks and cycle rides for the fit and active. Here I've blended in a residential with the surrounding parkland. Residents of this block like to pine for The Earth That Was in between making Art or having sex in the woods.

LMT Haunted memories mansion.JPG


As always pop culture references illustrate the city. There are at least two Battlestar Galactica and David Bowie references in Ayden Ridge. Bobbie Gillespe from Primal Scream was on the radio when I named a tower after him

aydenridge facingsouthwest.JPG



Fun with BLAM Signage! Tracy Helfer was Six in Battlestar Galactica and Darth Jar Jar is an amusing but probably incorrect theory about that irritating character's true nature in Star Wars




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