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About this City Journal

Carlton is a fictional city in the U.S. state of Washington.It is my first attempt at a Pacific Northwest-themed city.Carlton is suffering from a ton of issues such as poverty, unemployment homelessness, urban decay(a little bit) and a growing crime rate within the urban area.I will tackle those issues in the city journal.Also Carlton is an industrial city.

Entries in this City Journal


As you may know I've haven't posted in this city journal for a year now.Now I am planning to resurrect the project.However I will have to do a ton of research since I've changed the setting to the Pacific Northwest United States.I will still continue my other projects but in the meantime I will try to get something out within the next 2 weeks or so if possible.New Lanchester will have it's name changed to something else maybe or maybe not.This will a small city so don't expect some real tall towers.Also feel free to ask any questions.


Bad News

Bad News

So as you guys know I've upgraded my video card and guess what happened.The city won't load up even when i upgraded.I have tried everything,downgrading settings and deleting other saves.After so many issues and reducing settings,I've finally decided to shut down the project for good.I'm sorry but I had no choice because no solutions worked.

Rip New Lanchester

Jan 2016-Feb 2016


My pc has officially reached it's breaking point where the game runs at 1-2 fps even when i turn down my settings.I will not cancel this project thankfully but i won't be able to post anything next week unless i get my new graphics card.If you have any questions send me a message on my profile.


The Offices

So here's my new small office complex.There were orginally going to big two tall towers but i reduced it to small sized offices mainly to not ruin the view of the suburban area.Due to school and other life business I couldn't detail the offices much expect build it's parking lot.


Linden Park

Ok so here is one of my newest Districts,Linden Park.I plan for this district to have many parks and a community college.This is the district that will be home to college students,middle class families and the wealthy.The apartments range from $300,000 to at least $1,000,000 because of the apartment designs.Also,Notice a bridge in the distance,I am willing to build a highway on that exact bridge.


The current interchange

This is the current interchange I did not build below.It's a terrible interchange that has a unrealistic exit and it leads into the suburban area.One time there was a huge traffic jam because I put a couple of Apartments in Linden park that housed a lot of people and it lasted from the interchange to the apartments.Thankfully,I've planned to get rid of the interchange and build a much better highway system which will cover most of the city's districts.




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