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About this City Journal


As a BIG fan of the Fallout universe , for the last couple fo days i've been working on the New Vegas map. It was a tough and time consuming job but i am more than satisfied by the result. It's still sad that in SC4 we don't have the water system from Cities Skylines :(  so because of thta i'll have to improvise something to recreate the Hoover dam.


Don't worry the other CJ - Empire City will still go on. 


Due to lack of specific mods this won't be a post apocalyptic CJ :( 


The region has 63 large city tiles and 18 medium city tiles.

Entries in this City Journal

Urban Constanta



@EvansRE4 - it's the HK Elizabeth House - 

@slickbg56 - thanks, what NAM update? 

@raynev1 - thanks :D all in good time :D


now the TO DO LIST:

(things i want to build in my region)


large graveyard


-french quarter

-water treatment center with custom made reservoirs

-railyard depot

-a large quarry

-large industrial park

-hightech office park

-3 airports


-seaplane base

-central park

-olympic center

-large garbage center

-oil terminal 

-cargo and freight seaport

-military seaport

-large logistic park

-large irrigated farmalnds


-nuclear power plant

-reffinery and oil depot



-ski resort

-lumber industry


-army base


-golf club

-nascar/f1 circuit

-sattelite research center

-hipppie camp

-oil extraction field

and guess what ! AM OPENED to new ideas . if you have any ideea of what should i build than just leave a comment


Urban Constanta


"Yeah, well, I'm gonna go build my own theme park! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the park!"
— Bender, Futurama

In fact i'll build an entire CITY!

Fabulous New Vegas!!!


Today i'll present you one of the iconic districts of New Vegas: The Strip. It will be filled with modern skyscrapers around the reservoir and along the canal. I've also layed down the main road network, the sunken highway (i still have to put some large billboards along the highway) and the rail line. Oh and let's not forget about the monorail.

Total hours put in this: 10












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