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About this City Journal

The story of an island in the Atlantic Ocean that is founded and colonized in the year 2009.

Entries in this City Journal



Update 1: Colonization


As some of you may know, I recently entered the world of city journals with my four previous city journals, "Apollo", "Woodland Valley", "Woodland Island", and "Rocky Island". All these city journals ended without being successful or interesting, due to lack of planning and inexperience with creating city journals. Now, I present to you, the citizens of Simtropolis, a new city journal. This city journal will tell the tale of Woodland County, an island off the coast of Connecticut, that will go from being a small colony to a bustling metropolis.

The Discovery

So far the day had been quite normal for billionaire and philanthropist David Page. He was currently aboard one of his many yachts, sailing off the coast of Connecticut. Page had been on the yacht for just over five hours and was about to order the ship's captain to turn back. But, just as he started to speak, he noticed some type of land mass out of the corner of his eye. He asked the captain how he could be seeing Long Island when they had passed it 3 hours ago. The captain told him that the land mass was not Long Island, but just another territory out in the middle of the ocean. The captain then said that he had seen the territory many times before while commanding other sea vessels, but had thought nothing of it. Page then ordered the captain to turn back and tried to forget about the territory.

The next morning Page woke up early, and headed to the private library inside of his mansion. After a few hours of research, he learned that the territory was on what was considered a hotspot for oil. He also learned that the territory was out of United States jurisdiction. Armed with this new information, Page decided to colonize this unknown territory, and make a few dollers of oil money in the process.

The ship that Page was on when he first saw the territory:


The small island Page first saw:


The main coastline of the new territory that Page saw:


The day after Page did all his research, he and a crew of 500 workers headed out to the territory to construct a few things.

Page and the crew heading out towards the new discovery:


A bridge that connects the small island with the main shoreline:


Two ferry docks on different parts of the territory:



Two oil wells that were constructed:


A small oil refinery set up next to the wells:


Next, the workers constructed an oil power plant, a small industrial zone, a waste management corporation, and a pollution ionizer.

The pollution ionizer:


The waste management corporation:


An overview of the industrial area:


Meanwhile on the main coast of this new territory, a hotel and residential zoning were being constructed:


Last, an overview of the new settlement:


After all this construction was completed, David Page officially announced his new settlement to the world. The area was declared a country and named "Woodland County". Also, David Page declared himself president (Future elections would involve a democratic voting process).

Here is Woodland County on a map. It is inside the red circle:


The flag of Woodland County:


The seal of Woodland County (The latin phrase is on top and the english translation is diagonal to it):


The symbol for the Woodland County Oil Corporation, a government organization that owns the indusrial area and all other oil/industrial buildings:


Thank you for viewing Woodland County, and remember, comments, questions, suggestions, and constructive critism are encouraged.

The following are downloads I got from the STEX, the PLEX, and the LEX:

Mods: Network Addon Mod - Meadowshire Terrain Mod - PEG Water Mod

Buildings: SFBT - BSC - NDEX - BLaM - Team Grater - X Design Team - Pegasus - Other

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