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About this City Journal

Return back to Doctoryzer's 'famous' works, with the new details and adventures of Saint Clements Parish; a small parish in rural Southern Louisiana, featuring the parish [county] seat of Petal, a small city of around 26,000 people, and explore the small towns surrounding the parish such as; Frenchmen's Alley, Bertrand Springs, Cormier, and many more; in this historically detailed adventure into one of the south's most known states, and it's fictional parish; Saint Clements Parish! I welcome you down the bayou and jump into the adventure! 


Entries in this City Journal


Welcome back to Petal, today we are exploring to the major shopping area, west of the roundabout full of some of the best shopping in the area.  Home of some of the large box stores, grocery stores, and restaurants , such as Walmart,  Kohl's, Target, Winn-Dixie, Starbucks, and more! So let's hop in our cars, and drive to the latest place to shop in the Parish!



As we start off; we start at the roundabout, where we will take the western way to the shopping, and more!



Starting with a Winn-Dixie, Best Buy, and a McDonald's, the Winn-Dixie gives this town the southern feel that we preserve; and with the low, low prices; Keep the people happy with the freshest produce and meat, while across the street you can go buy that new computer to play Simcity 4!


Going a bit more west, you come to the only Holiday Inn in the city; the original Holiday Inn was torn down in 1993 to build this; and the original was built in the 1960s with one of those big Great Signs of Holiday Inn, now it's a modern lodging area to provide all with comfortable lodging, and attempt to compete against the hotels in downtown like Holiday Park, and the other hotels on this part of the avenue.


As well, is a simple Chevrolet dealership, with new cars and great service; the Petal Chevrolet dealership which has been in business since 1928, will service you till your happy!



Like any other city, Walmart's store here is always packed, and with everything you need in a modern Walmart; that replaced the original one in 2015, it as well features Subway  inside for a perfect stop for a sub, while shopping for your groceries, clothes, or anything really!



Of course, there is non-shopping to; we have a Chuck E Cheese's and a Starbucks near the Holiday Inn, with a Rite Aid pharmacy, all in one intersection!


There also, is a old Motorola office building for Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and the Alabama region to provide quick customer service and offices for those in the company or buying their products.



Don't like Walmart? There is a Kohl's near the Days Inn and the Hampton Inn, to get you your discount clothing.




 Or if you want to go to the end of the shopping experience, is a Sam's Club, Lowe's or a Target. Notice the farms, and railroad; tells you the sense and the fast transition from city-suburb, to farms and rural. It really is a unique sight to see, and a characteristic of the city.



Right off the avenue, sits a strip mall with a Arby's, Dollar General, and other small stores and a Home Depot, right in the suburban heart but not even a minute away from the avenue.



To give you the sense of the shopping area's size, we couldn't even cover it in one photo from the end at the Roundabout! Show's how big it really is!



We will see you next time here at Saint Clements Parish!







Welcome to the great parish seat of Saint Clements Parish; Petal, Louisiana! Established in 1795, this is a small city of about 26,000 people; and a whole lot of culture and past, that creates truly, one of Louisiana's unique cities; like New Orleans, Houma, Lafayette, or other Cajun-Acadiana cities. The city like Lafayette; is cultured in the cajun culture, which is also heavily known in New Orleans; and provides a outlet for the culture, in a modernizing world; Petal still thinks old, but adapts.

Let's learn what makes this city, so unique the tourists who come up the bayou and visit this old cajun city.


First up; a look facing north, of historic, and still growing downtown Petal, it's small compared to other downtowns, but hey; down the bayou is New Orleans and Baton Rouge, for your share of them big skyscrapers. This is a common city of the Boogalees [A Cajun phrase, for the Cajun people]. 



Here is some of the 'newer' highrises, both are small offices spaces; and adds a bit of a modern feel to our otherwise, more old feeling skyline. 



To the right here; is the Petal Police headquarters building, a more modernist structure replacing the original police station from 1943; serves the city to the fullest.



Crossing to the south of Main Street, infront of the statue of General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, sits historic city hall, residing is current mayor, David W. Bourgeois, who has been Petal's mayor since he was elected in 2014; he is heavily known 'around town', for his polite, generous attitude, and laid back, but still accomplishing many, attitude. 



Nearly across the street, is some of the oldest buildings in downtown, and the other corner to the block, a more modern banking office at the edge of downtown. The other corner building, known as, "Beauregard's Building" to the locals, hosts the nationally-known, Beauregard's Cafe de Petal, which has been operating there since 1876, and still owned by the same family in 2016. Famous for it's beignets,  and coffee; much like the Cafe Du Monde, in the French Quarter; the Beauregard's apartment still resides on the top floors of the four story section, where their two story apartment resides; overlooking the small park across the street, that before a park; was a historic market place, before it burned down in 1965, and was converted to green public space.



At the beginning of Main St, as you cross the Petal Bridge into downtown; is the courthouse, built in 1875, during the mayorship of Allen LeBlanc, remains a symbol of the city's historic past, and a national-designed landmark; for it stands on the grounds, of the old court house; where the civil war battle, of the Union to take back Petal, was succesful; and the Union re-seizing the city, and gaining large power over the mighty Bastarache River, which connects directly to the Mississippi and the Atchafalaya River, and it's river basin.



At the other end of downtown toward the west, sits the F.D.Roosevelt Roundabout, and it's monument, built during his "New Deal" policies; as a public park, and providing easier road access to downtown and the suburbs.



Near the iconic roundaboat, sits structures like the Watts Theater, and more famously, the Vinton Building, built as a federal office, and commercial office structure; today it resides as a city landmark and hosts many commerical offices, and on the first floor, it contains a PJ's Coffee Shop, [PJ's is a well-known Louisiana coffee shop chain]. Though the building is known for the 1976 tragedy of local man, Howard Bourg, who  committed suicide from the roof of the structure onto the concrete below him,  he was set to go on trial, after being bailed out; for attempted murder to a local woman, the day after he committed suicide.


The Bank of Nova Scotia, sounds  like it belongs in Canada; and that is because the bank's founder when the Acadians and Cajuns were exiled to Louisiana, were from Canada. Founded by one of the exiled Acadians, the Bank of Nova Scotia building today; no longer operates as a bank, as the bank went bankrupt and shuttered in 1965, but today it is a city museum, dedicated to the history of the city and the parish.



Off of main street, does reside some businesses still;  such as the, de Bellisle Hotel, a local drive in, and another small theater in downtown. 



One of our last photos for today, is the Robert E. Lee Elementary school; and infront, is Lee himself, overlooking the school; that opened in 1876, and the current building was built in the 1940s; and currently is the main elementary school in the city; covering downtown and most of the suburbs of the city.



And lastly for showcasing, is the Cathedral of Saint Remigius,  built in 1876, and is a iconic landmark to the many who pray in it every Sunday.



Soignez vous-autres, and we will see you soon. 






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