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The glorious city of Iron Bay run by Mayor Darklord

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Hello Everyone. 

Below is the outline for Iron Bays Transportation methods:


Iron Bay Transportation District is is the authority operating public transit services within the city of Iron Bay.

The areas highlighted in yellow represent the avenues that run throughout the city. Generally these are used throughout the day, however volume on these streets is significantly lower than that of the volume on the Light Rail System. The avenues were the first main use of transportation in the early days of Iron Bay.


The areas highlighted in Red represent the Light Rail System of Iron Bay. The light rail was first built as a method of transportation from the then newly designed neighborhoods of Mayors Grove and Country Club. Light Rail Operations were mainly to advert traffic from the avenue and highway onto the Light Rail using a Park and Ride System. Customers of Park and Ride are offered free parking in exchange for their use/purchase of a ticket to use the light rail system.

The Transit District was originally farm land that was purchased by the Iron Bay Transportation District during the expansion/creation of Mayors Grove and Country Club. This neighborhood was designed as a testing ground for the tracks and maintenance of the current cars on the track. After a few offices were built, the Transit District became a trending neighborhood due to it's "raw aesthetics". Because of this, many buildings have been built around the existing tracks.

Currently there are two main areas of study for future planned routes of the Light Rail System. These are highlighted in black on the map. There is a plan to use existing lines to move further into country club. Offering a Direct Line to the Country Club. The other line would be an expansive line from University Park to Convention Center while passing through Tech Center and City Zoo. This same line would also offer a new expansion from City Zoo to downtown. This will be the biggest addition to this line since the Airport line was created. 

Between Highways, The Light Rail System currently uses a Underground Connection to connect the Light Rail System. This plan was implemented in the beginning of the Light Rail and has continued since. You can view these highlighted in Green.


The areas highlighted in bull represent, I-6, I-90 and I-36. I-6 will take you from University Park to PoWaSa and I-90 runs from a neighboring city into Country Club and then between University Park and Tech Center. I-36 will run from River North and NoBe to Convention Center and PoWaSa. All of these routes have onramps leading to downtown.


Iron Bay's current focus is to continue the light rail system to push more density into the downtown areas.


Thanks for viewing and reading!





Today I would like to present you with the current Iron Bay Zoning Guide for the city and state of Iron Bay.



I have broken down this city zoning guide by neighborhood since each neighborhood has different rules and regulation to the buildings that can be zoned for that specific neighborhood.


Low Rise Single Family Residential Neighborhoods

  • North Estates- Low Rise Single Family Residential
  • North of Bridge(NoBe) - Low Rise Single Family Residential
  • North Beach - Low Rise Single Family Residential
  • Mayors Grove - Low Rise Single Family Residential

Mid Rise Commercial & Residential 

  • River North - Mid rise Commercial/Residential
  • Country Club -Mid-rise Commercial and Residential 
  • Airport - Mid rise Commercial and Residential
  • Convention Center - Mid rise Commercial and Residential
  • City Zoo - Mid rise Commercial and Residential
  • Tech Center - Mid rise Commercial and Residential
  • University Park - Mid rise Commercial and Residential

High Rise Commercial and Residential

  • Uptown - High rise Commerical and Residential
  • Downtown - High rise Commercial and Residential
  • Ballpark - High rise Commercial and Residential
  • Transit District - High rise Commercial and Residential

Mixed Use Services/Industrial

  • Power-Water-Sanitation(PoWaSa) - Mix use industrial/City Services


Low Rise Single Family Residential Units can top out at 3 stories height or % based height based on tallest relative building.

Mid Rise Commercial and Residential Units will have a height maximum of 15 stories or % based height on tallest relative building.

High Rise Commercial and Residential have no height restrictions.


All buildings must be approved by the Mayor, Iron bay Urban Planning Committee and the Neighborhood for the planned zoning.


Thanks for viewing!





Hello and welcome to Iron Bay.




Iron Bay started out as a small farm town located on the Baas River and has since developed into a financial hub for this side of the region.



Iron Bay has had 8 major disasters due to fire. The downtown area city has been rebuilt from the ground up 8 times in its lifetime.

Below you will find a view of the downtown area and some of the further metro area.










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