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About this City Journal

A new Cities Skylines design and build looking base on Conway in North Wales and the area surronding it. I look to develop the region into a metropolis while retain elements of the real life city and towns in the area. Reality meets fiction in this design series.

Entries in this City Journal


The Great Orme

As we start building on the Conway Map one of the key features of the build is the Great Orme. The Great Orme 670 feet above sea level dominates the skyline in this area and is the also the highest point on the map. The Limestone headline has a number of key features I wanted to replicate in the build of this city.


Firstly the Orme has a tram line that runs from the bottom of the hill to the top, this is used to transport tourist to the peak of the mountian. With the editions of trams in the Snow Fall expansion I though replicating this would be a nice little edition to the city. Now this is a fictional map and not a one to one replication of the area but I like the idea of mixing in real life features with my design.


The second feature to add is is the ski lift. Now the Orme has a dry ski slop and has a cable car lift to help carry people to the top of the mountian. This is another real life feature I wanted to build in this map. I know the ski life isn't functional and it dosn't follow the same path as the real life one since that would take me out of the city bounds. Still its an important feature to get into the design of the overall area.


Finally for the mountian itself is the copper mines shown above. The area has been mined since the iron ages, and as a tourist to the region I have been in these mines quite a few times. This is something i wanted to try and get in, originally as a park but in the end I come up with a better idea.


Finally they are people on the mountian. The bottom part of the Orme is a residential area and this is also something I wanted to bring across into my fictional build and acts of the starting point for the town that I am looking to build here. Now I have got across the ideas this is the video that shows how i went above building this in game. I hope you all enjoy and I hope you join me as I try to compleate this build on cities: Skylines.



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