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The region so far:


Running through the western part of the metro area, Cascadia National Route 215 enters the area at intersection with Ozio Rd in the suburb of Westridge.


Then has an interchange with the southern end of the unfinished Beltway 10.


The freeway continues north through the cities of Christmas Place and Easton.


Just off the Repsdorph Blvd is the Easton Train Station, Served by Jaketon MetroRail.


After passing through Easton, 215 meets Beltway 10 again, where it meets the other partial loop, Interstate 206.


Then 215 goes through the city of North Easton before heading north through the mountains towards Point Barrow.



Back in Collier County, branching off from Interstate 6, the Franklin Parkway acts as a business route through the town of Palmont


Franklin Parkway then continues toward to the Palmont Train Station, and the main entrance for the Jaketon International Airport (The Avenue Stub).


After passing the Airport, the I-6 Managed Lanes become the Collier Tollway, and head north through land slated to be developed as residential communities, then meets Interstate 3.




The Region so far:


Interchange of Interstates 3 and 206 in Southeast Jaketon.


Which then run conjoined north, having an interchange with Interstate 6.


And then the Interstates go their separate ways in Northeast Jaketon, with 206 making a partial loop around the city.


And Interstate 3 heading north toward the southern end of Interstate 1, before heading off northeast toward the Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse.


The beginning of the Interstate 6 Managed Lanes/HOV in suburban Collier County.


What will become Downtown Jaketon, on the shore of Lake Jaketon.


The Jaketon Central Rail Terminal, Serving the Alaska State Railroad North Slope and Dalton Lines, as well as local commuter traffic, right next to Fire Station #1.


The intersection of the East-West Jaketon Commuter Line and the North-South Alaska State Railroad.


Alaska State Railroad passing under Interstate 206 near the suburb of Saleme, North of Jaketon.





Jaketon, Alaska, capital of the nation of Cascadia, comprising the Pacific Northwest of the old United States, the Pacific Coast of Canada, and the State of Alaska, lies nestled in a large, flat valley in the Brooks Range. (More info about Cascadia can be found Here and here) The city plays host to the headquarters of most Cascadian national government departments, as well as all foreign embassies.

This City Journal will showcase the city as it develops into Alaska's largest metropolis. Constructive criticism is highly appreciated! If you would like to have an embassy representing your Simnation appear in the city, and are able to create one as a BAT (as I cannot. At all. It's embarrassing how bad I am at it) feel free to find a way to get it to me! I'm working at laying down the road/highway/rail network right now, but as soon as I finish that, I'll upload the next entry to showcase it before I start development. I've had this metro area on every computer I've ever had in some form or fashion, and was recently inspired to rebuild it, and showcase it. Hope y'all find this interesting!

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