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About this City Journal



The Republic of Drakensberg is an aristocratic merchant republic from Planet Xorg. Over the centuries it has struggled to maintain its prestigious standing against neighboring states, pirates and rebels from within.  In the year 798 since the First Drakon Unification (FDU) their greatest rival, the Kingdom of Hydrakonei, was still successful on a war to deprive the Republic from its most coveted coastal center: the city of Drakensberg herself!  Amid the swift and gruesome struggles that shrunk the Drakenburguoise holdings to Dragon's Head Island arose a most able leader: Admiral Salascala Sadal!  His efforts, organization, leadership and connections allowed him to ensure a solid front to organize a counteroffensive to regain the Republic's splendid glory!  Come join us as we see this story unravel through the eyes and ears of the Admiral himself!

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* Elections will be held if there are more than five (5) candidates.  The five who get the most votes wins

* The term for the elected positions will be for the seven (7) city journal entries after the one with the election results.

* Deadline for nominations will be January 17th, 2015, elections will be for January 24th should more than five nominations happen.



And now for the next report for the Great Council:






The main fort has finally been restored!  The east wall was repaired in unison with earthworks and the addition of the second ring of walls.  This will allow defenses to withstand much longer sieges, such that the fall of the outer wall does not mean the end of defensibility of the position.  The fort also got a new pier, allowing supply lines to use the bay as an alternative to the overland path:



The north side of the bay has started construction of the crossfire fort, this one will have a moat and three wings to provide coverage in multiple directions while thwarting progress of invaders:



The southern auxiliary fort has also begun construction, providing coverage for the newly formed agricultural lands and protection for the land route that will enable supplies and manning of the lighthouse and the main fort:



Finally I'm extremely proud to announce that our shipbuilders have completed four new Aquamare ships!  We may now have a force large enough to attempt the capture of the town of Tarazed!  This includes the eight new ships and the ships stationed at Drakonfaucem.




As Drakenburguoise refugees escape the harsh rule of their new Hydrakoneian overlords they have brough manpower, families and dreams that contribute to the growth of Dragon's Head Island.  They have been settling on this town, which so far looks quite promising in terms of growth.  Once it reaches a population of 12,500 inhabitants it will be eligible for a City Charter:



In order to sustain our military efforts and the growing population the Town Assembly approved a large expansion of agricultural activity, essentially tripling the land producing crops and feeding livestock:



Reports from the other towns and cities in Dragon's Head Island are yet to arrive.  From what local townspeople have made known to the Council there's a petition to establish two more settlements within the Island, they fear the existing settlements of Drakonfaucem, Phecda and Canopus will not be able to house the huge influx of new residents; while military advisors recommend ensuring as much of our shores are in active control, rather than remain as natural lands.  Which of the three proposed settlements should we build first, if any?





I've written this from the comfort of my provisional residence during our time in counteroffensive against the Hydrakoneians--at the Drakonfaucem Estate on the west side of Dragon's Head Island.  The view is nice but the place suffers from vermin and disease festering on the swampy grounds.



From this week's field visit to assess our preparations, paired with the scouting reports of third party accounts and our spies we have managed to compile a report of the situation of our next objectives.  I'll be presenting it to the other members of the Council of the Republic and their team of advisors and ministers:




Our shipyard has completed its fourth Aquamare ship, and we have gathered enough material to start work on two more.  One of the new captains hired for their operation has brought us the concern that our shipyard may not be defended enough, especially not since our bay's fort has suffered major damage in the latest skirmish.



The bay's defenses, at present, include the now damaged fort, a lighthouse aiding our scouting maneuvers and the narrow inlet to our harbor.  Military engineers have proposed building two additonal forts: one on the opposite end of the bay's inlet and a third to secure the land supply line to the peninsula's fort. In addition they also propose adding a second layer of walls around the first fort in order to provide redundancy for the main military facility of our stronghold.



Restoring our main fort is our current maximum priority



Our gathered information indicates mostly good news: the citizens are safe, the fields have limited damage and most monuments are safe and sound!  Unfortunately not all monuments are in good shape.  My official residence as Council Master of the Republic, the Palace of Winds, has been torn down and brought into ruins!!  only the foundations and the sturdiest walls remain in place.



Meanwhile they siphoned the city's resources into building a new palace for the military governor instituted by the Kingdom of Hydrakonei--spectacularly lavish waste of Drakenburguoise resources!!!



The Drakensberg Port, or at least what's left of it, has been slowly armed since our defeat.  They keep the three captured Aquamare ships, while also bringing reinforcements of their own fleet!  What will be advantageous to our counterstrike is that the development of the city's commercial strip along the port has included infill of the riverbanks, this has reduced drastically the maneuvering space available for ships exiting the estuary.  Maybe our counteroffensive will be successful enough...



Providing great relief we have also found out the Drakensberg Cathedral remains safe and sound: no treasures, relics nor architectural features have suffered damage, replacement or destruction.  The Town Square and the city hall also remain nicely in place.





Further investigation of the most recently captured cities paints a different scene in Tarazed--an important crossroads location between the continent and Dragon's Head Island. The city itself is very intact, save for the temple which has been replaced with that ugly looking Hydrakoneian shrine!



They have also started fortifying the strait leading to Dragon's Head Island--currently a no man's land after the truce.  What used to be a modest gatehouse to provide upkeep for the island's bridge and some of its forts now is a barrier to the free transit of commerce between us Drakenburguoise and the rest of the region.



The town's forces also appear to be strengthening, albeit at a much slower pace.  The town itself remains unfortified, and the harbor now provides safe berthing to two ships, with a third ship being identified on the move to this small harbor.



All in all, the situation looks fairly easy to handle--its our extremely limited assortment of resources on the island that restricts a more devisive course of action.  However, we have one nice opportunity to further develop Dragon's Head Island--its soft, flat expanses are very welcoming for agriculture, while its southern waters teem rich with sea creatures to feed our population.





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