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A large province with busy cities, large suburbs, and farms all within green plains, high mountains and large rivers.

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Foymount: Present Day


I've been absent for like 5 months :sly: , but I'm back with a big post and a few more lined up!
Fast forward to present day, Foymount is the largest city in the province with 444,000 people. The Metro area has a population of approx. 600,000 people. Downtown has expanded completely with multiple skyscrapers built over the years, as well as residential condos have taken over the east side of Downtown.
Highway 12 running through Downtown, with King and Queen Sts. crossing the highway.
A new community, Bransworth, has been created north of Downtown.
Bransworth and Highway 12/2/North St. Interchange. Comet Stadium as well as the Airport Road Bridge.
Cobden now boasts its own skyscrapers as well as a small condo community on the shore.
Cobden condos and Highway 10/12 Interchange
Old Town and Westmount have both expanded with multiple new condos, as well as the South Side, which is plagued by traffic on Highway 5.
Old Town and Highway 10
Westmount by the Main Street Bridge
South Side
South Side along Highway 5
Highway 60 runs through the entire city from Plex Creek to the newly built North Kipling, as well as a new highway, Highway 64 branches off to west to pass the new airport and heads north into Frank. 
Foymount International Airport
Kipling has expanded north as well as a new residential community, North Kipling, has been built north of Highway 60 and the Kipling Landfill. Plex Creek has blown up with new buildings, as well as a new highway, Highway 110, providing direct access from Highway 10 East to Plex Creek, as congestion was becoming an issue on Highway 60.
Highway 110 - Highway 60 Bypass
Plex Creek with Highway 60 heading North and the end of Highway 5's city highway. Also, Highway 110's terminus at the top.
Kipling Industrial Park and part of the Highway 60/10 Interchange
North Kipling and Kipling Pits Landfill
McNicoll Heights, a new residential community, has also spun up on the top of Mount Foy beside the country club. 
That's it for this full post! :) next we'll look at the province's latest stats as well as Metro Foymount's transit system. Comments are welcome!
To close, here are some mosaics I put together:
Now at night:


Hey everyone and welcome to the Province of Windermere. I've decided to start a CJ now that I've finally got most parts of the NAM running somewhat stable on my Mac install. I've been playing SimCity for years but have only done a City Journal once years ago, so we'll see how it goes. 

So let's get right into some of the back story. Windermere is a large province with three major metropolitan areas; Foymount, Clarington, and Bayshore. Since Foymount is the oldest area in the province, we'll get started there. 
Foymount started out as a small town with a small industrial area and plenty of farmland.
Looking West towards Cobden and the construction on Highway 10 and Highway 2.
The town began to expand along Main Street, which ran from the neighbourhood of Westmount, into the new built area called Cobden. They also expanded farther west into a new suburb called Cobden Rapids. The town finished the new expansions with the creation of its first highway, Highway 10, which stretched East-West from West Raine into, the quickly expanding industrial neighbourhood Kipling, west through what is now Old Towne, ending in Cobden Rapids. 
West Raine prior to Highway 10's expansion
Cobden Rapids prior to Highway 10 Construction
Highway 10 and Highway 2 in Cobden after construction has finished.
Highway 2 Construction at the old Main Street Bridge.
Lakeshore St. and the Old Main St. Bridge
Looking East after construction of the new Main Street Bridge and Lakeshore Intersection has completed.
West Raine looking North after Highway 10 Expansion
West Raine Looking West
Quickly after that, two new towns, Waltham Park to the northwest, and West Raine to the east, began to rapidly expand. The amount of commuters coming into Foymount from these neighbouring towns resulted in new decisions for the city's planning committee. Commercial interests were at an all time high in the town, with many businesses looking to set up in a central location. Up until now, commercial offices operated out of Foymount's commercial area in Cobden as well as some plans had been made in the city's new Central district in Old Town. Unfortunately, both of those areas lacked room for expansion as well as proper access to Highway 10.
Newly built Central Avenue extending from Mount Circle
Looking West at Old Town as well as the new Central District
The city decided to establish a new Downtown north of Cobden and Highway 10 and to the southeast of Waltham Park. Also, a new highway, Highway 12 would be created, spanning from Highway 10 west of the bridges, north ending at Highway 2, which was expanded into Waltham Park. As well as new 3 lane bridges would be build for Highway 10 to cross the Kalden River. At this time, the lands on the opposite side of the river were designated as future airport territory. 
Highway 12 and Highway 10's new interchange
Looking East at Downtown, University of Foymount, and Highway 12
Looking North at Highway 12 Ending at Highway 2, which turns into Waltham Park
The new expansion to Waltham Park created a huge demand in the area, with new commercial offices springing up along Highway 2 as well as a huge residential growth in Waltham Park. Which led to huge traffic problems along Highway 2. After multiple failed attempts to ease traffic in the area, the city decided it was time for another highway expansion. Foymount's committee first designated a regional council, that would work with neighbouring cities and towns to work together in creating a better region for its citizens. 
The council decided to make a number of expansions in the area. First, in Cobden Rapids, the north-South section of Highway 10 would be expanded north into Waltham Park, and would become Highway 80. Cobden Rapids' new built municipal expressway would be expanded to the river and would become Highway 280, with future plans to expand north into Waltham Park on the other side of the river. 
The council decided to finally extend Highway 12 north, building a small collector-express system to run Highway 12 and 2 together until Highway 2 turns into waltham park, with Highway 12 continuing north. They also decided to built a new highway for future commuters flowing north from Highway 10 to the north edge of Kipling, which would be designated as Highway 60.
New Highway 10 and Highway 2 Interchange
Highway 60 and Highway 10 new interchange
New Interchange at Central Avenue has well as the new Union Street.
Looking East at Highway 60 Exit at Branson St. and Terminus at King Street
These expansions resulted in huge growth in Downtown as well as growth in Kipling. It also resulted in a huge growth in a small town south of Foymount named Kalden Bay. A huge housing boom left Foymount searching for new areas to built as Westmount and Old Town were quickly approaching capacity. Developers expanded to the newly dubbed "South Side" and quickly built along the newly built Highway 5. 
Looking South at Construction on the newly built Highway 5 Bridge
Again the city was left with planning decisions as its neighbourhoods filled up.  They also widened Highway 5 and expanded it with a new bridge into Cobden as well as east into the newly designated high tech area "Plex Creek". They announced that Highway 60 would be expanded south to Plex Creek and Highway 5 within the next year.  
Well I think that was a pretty in-depth intro. I hope you enjoyed. Next Post will be about where Foymount is at today! 
Comments are welcome!
Here's a preview as to what's next:

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