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About this City Journal

Watch how this mountainous coastal region becomes the major transport hub and seaside pearl of the Juraland country

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The fire brigade arrive on scene in time to save the building but restoration work will have to take place.Cities_2015-07-11_22-37-56-90.thumb.jpg.

But in the meantime, let's have a little pre-election tour of what has been going on in Rockfield. A new interchange has been built connecting the M1, M2 and the city of Arkfield. It is very near to the agricultural farming area.



Arkfield's cargo train terminal seems pretty busy


Speaking of trains, the new Arkfield Central station has been officially opened! It's roof is fantastic!


In conjunction with its trains, the coach center is popular for destinations around the region, one such being the newly established town of Westport (more on that later) Here is the 11.25 to A Central leaving West Bank Road station. HSTs are highly popular on this route


A lot of people seem to be using the public transportation


The outside of Arkfield Central


Some of the roads in Arkfield Heights are really steep you know. Trucks are advised to use low gearCities_2015-07-14_17-31-26-32.thumb.jpg.

And now, a journey to Westport! Isn't that Central Park wonderful?


They have their own harbour too!


Such a picturesque neighbourhood to live in!



Beware of steep roads here too though


Away from the hustle and bustle this is a dream town for the abstract mind


Then again so is the architecture back in Arkfield but the traffic is a real off-put


Something needs to be done before elections next week...


Thanks for visiting! Your feedback is welcome :)

Cities 2015-07-14 18-33-06-16.jpg


Welcome back to Rockfield! The region capital of Arkfield is currently at a population of 10000 people, 3 years into the term of office of Luke Johnson. However elections are 12 months away and what occurs between now and then could be crucial in determining if he gets a second term. One of the crucial things that must be resolved is the huge debt that has been acquired through the construction of the airport and logistics hub on newly named Southward Isle.

Meanwhile, the Westward (South in the picture) expansion of Arkfield's commercial centre has begun adding 3 new streets of shopping options for citizens.


Besides this two new train stations have been constructed and are set to have their official opening within the next couple of months. The first is the Arkfield Central Station, consisting of ten rail platforms and a coach center. It is projected to be the rail hub of Rockfield.


The second is Arkfield North Street, and is a crucial interchange station for towns to the North and East of Arkfield. This station has Four platforms and a short bus line is expected to connect it to the city centre once opened for business.


Beautification of the coastline has also begun, via several walkways


The biggest news however is the completion of Rockfield University! Complete with 30 dorm rooms and state-of-the-art sports facilities including an olympic size swimming pool


The institution remains functional for several weeks but, gasp catastrophe strikes!


The Science faculty building is on fire. How will this look for Luke Johnson's term in office? (to be continued...)



Today we get to see the completion of the airport! It is complete with a coach centre to various destinations in Juraland as well as a train station, which will be connected with the soon to be constructed central station back on the mainland.


Meanwhile, the local village is growing! The hills are flooded with new suburban inhabitants


While the town centre may still be small, new businesses will be flocking to the region to obtain the new capital from this huge airport.


Perhaps a new university is also on the horizon, town comittees have been looking at this site for the new Rockfield University


The future looks bright!



Welcome back to the region of Rockfield! The main town in the area is Arkfield, which is growing steadily and now has a population of 3000.Cities_2015-07-07_14-49-18-37.thumb.jpg.

However, regional elections have just concluded, with Luke Johnson becoming president of the region. Within months of his term in office, he has started to put his plans into motion of developing the region into the major transportation hub of the Juraland region.

He arrives in Arkfield in his Lambo to scout the site of the new logistics hub.


Once complete, it will have a major international airport with two runways, a passenger harbour terminal, as well as main industrial hub, with several factories, cargo centre, and goods shipment via 3 cargo harbours and 1 main cargo train terminal


It is expected to cost the government 760 million US $. But Mr. Johnson states that the long term economic profits will outweigh the short term debts that this investment will cause on the Juraland economy

Only time will show whether his prediction will be correct...



New beginnings

Behold, the region of rockfield! Currently a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Juraland's main city Harrowfield.  Cities 2015-07-04 21-50-07-60.bmp

A small supporting village of around 300 people is present in the area to support the small tourist industry that is present. From a plane above, it appears to be a small object on a vast landscape. Cities_2015-07-05_11-04-03-97.thumb.jpg.

However regional elections are around the corner, and one of the presedential candidates, Luke Johnson, has huge plans for this area. It a main shipping network and he is looking to exploit the economic benefits from this situation. In addition, numerous ore and oil deposits are scattered throughout the region. Perhaps, there are better times ahead for this area?Cities_2015-07-05_10-54-23-79.thumb.jpg.

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