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(SC4) A Christian constitutional republic

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Capitol: Beaumont, Texas

National language: English(and Spanish in border areas)

Demonyn: Christian Unionist

Government: Christian Constitutional Republic

President: Jacob Willis(interim)

Senate President: Marco Rubio(R-Florida)

Speaker of the House: Victor Harris(L-Texas)

Legislature: Congress

Upper House: Senate

Lower House: House of Representatives

Independence from the United States

Declared: March 9th, 2012

Recognized: January 20th, 2013

Population: 149,573,480

Largest City: Houston, Texas; 2,145,000

Currency: Christian Dollar

Time Zones: Eastern Standard Time(EST), Central Standard Time(CST), Mountain Stadard Time(MST)

Drives On The: Right

Calling Code: +1

The Union of Christian States, officially the Constitutional Republic of the United Christian States(or the UCS), is a constitutional republic in North America bordered on the North by the United States, West by The United Pacific Territories, East by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the South by Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. The UCS is a federation of Fourteen states.

By 2012, most American living in the Southeast, also know as the Bible Belt, had had it with D.C.'s oppressive laws violating their own Constitution. When the American Senate passed a bill to confiscate all private firearms, 13 states and two territories seceded from the US to protect their citizens' rights. 12 of these states and the territories(gaining full statehood) joined into the Union of Christian States by delegates sent to Beaumont to sign the Christian Constitution, signaling the official formation of the nation. Though the United States did not recognize the government for another year. The Virgin Islands, together with the former British(then Provincian) Virgin Islands, formed an independent republic with close ties to the UCS socially and economically.







New Mexico

North Carolina


Puerto Rico

South Carolina



Virgin Islands



The UCS is a Constitutional Republic with a three branch government. The Executive consists of the elected President and his/her appointed cabinet. The legislature is the bicameral Congress consisting of the Senate and House of Representatives. The Judicial is the Supreme Court, led by nine justices. All of which are based in The city of Beaumont, Texas, the national Capitol

The President

The president is elected to four year terms with a limit of two terms. A new president is elected in November and takes their oath of office on January 21st. They have the power to veto or sign into law legislation passed by Congress. However, Congress can override a veto with a 2/3 majority.


The Senate is made up of two Senators from each state. Making 26 in total

The House of Representatives is based on population. Each state receives one representative for each 500,000 people residing in the state.

Supreme Court

Nine justices are appointed by the president for the length of his tenure. The Senate must uphold the appointments. They hear case over the constitutionality of laws and the impeachment of the President.

You can find us on Nationstates here

Updates soon to come. Until then, here's a teaser of the capitol area in Beaumont.


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