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About this City Journal

My first crack at a City Journal: Can I make a realistic city without any unlock/game-changing mods?

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EP1: It Begins!

Hey guys, first time taking a crack at this whole city journal thing...

Goals for this city: try and play the game as it was meant to be played, but still make a nice, (semi)realistic-looking city. The designer side of me would love to play with everything fully unlocked, completely sandboxed, and spend hours dealing with alllll the little details. The gamer side of me would want to mod the thing to hell, make it super difficult, and just try and keep the thing from burning to the ground completely. So I've compromised - no game-changing mods, only aesthetic ones. Can I make a reasonable-looking city?

Been working on this one for a few hours, it's already coming along nicely. Population sitting at just under 8,500.


Above we can see the original residential district, looking out to commercial/industrial sectors to the south. You can also see the new residential expansion across the interstate. Below is the main highway entrance into the this district (called Central District because, at least at one point, it was the center. Not so much anymore, as expansion has been mostly south and east).


After the central district, expansion moved south along the river, with industries sprouting up near the new power and water facilities. Eventually the main road (Rt. 4) continued even further south to the large interstate suspension bridge, with multiple commercial sectors sprouting up along the way.


With the booming industry and now commercial zones, new residential space was needed, necessitating multiple crossings over the freeway to the large open fields across the way. Two new residential districts were created, Florence and Maple parks.

Florence Park, with its close proximity to the main highway crossing, quickly increased in population, with multiple apartments springing up (and soon a third commercial district to the south).


Maple Park, meanwhile, stayed at a lower density, as the alternate main road (Rt. 4a) snaked up around the hill to the north, along the highway. A second overpass, connecting Maple to the Central District, was soon added, in an attempt to ease the traffic along the main overpass between Florence and the now rapidly expanding Commercial and Office Districts along the river.


As Florence Park grew, the citizens of Severen decided they needed a proper cathedral for their worship (read: I found an asset I liked), resulting in the construction of St. Augustine's Cathedral (and connecting park) just to the south.


The ever-increasing traffic between Florence Park and the Industrial/Commercial sectors also necessitated in the construction of an additional overpass, along with a second entrance/exit for the freeway to accommodate the increased freight traffic (alleviating the heavy traffic burden through Central). Given that the rotary to help feed traffic into Rt. 4 was only recently constructed, an interior park has yet to be constructed, although the town is searching for funds to build a properly-suited Modern Art Sculpture to both intrigue and confuse the populace.


The increase in traffic through Florence also necessitated transferring many of the roads to one-way streets, allowing for some fun playing around with the road systems to make it all work smoothly.


As Florence's population increased, the city's two landfills became over-burdened with the amount of trash out-put, even with the newly constructed recycling center and incineration plant. In a bid to move the landfill sites out of the residential sectors and away from the city, new landfill sites were built across the river to the south.


Gotta love that pollution.


While the city did not have the funds to properly implement a new, modern waste-water reclamation facility (read: I haven't unlocked it yet), they were able to secure the funds through a Federal Grant for Renewable Energy Sources and construct a new windfarm across the river to the west, as you can see above. Looking out from the ridge where the new turbines are located also creates a nice view of the city.


Want the great location and amenities of Florence Park without the density? Then come take a look at the new development in Orchard Heights! These new, more rural houses are located just to the east of Florence Park, and offer some great views of the city. There are even plans to construct a new university up on the hill.


Some infographic views. Traffic has been pretty good, although there are some key points that will begin to see heavy loads as the city's density increases. There are a plethora of recently implemented bus routes, as well as a metro system on the drawing board, to help combat this though.


A clearer look at the districts:


And the zoning levels:


And finally a cimtographer mapping of the city.


Also, if you're looking to try out this map (of my own design), here's the workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442530395

Any and all comments/suggestions/feedback is welcome!

--Augwich/Curvaceous Mite

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