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Golden Hill  / Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway

Note: Welcome back everyone, its been awhile since I uploaded my progress, and as soon as I was ready the whole site went down so now that we are back I will try to began to update regularly again.


To start we will be looking at 25th Street at F Street in Golden Hill.  I have indicated on the map where this location would be by placing the gold star.  This is directly next to the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (California Route 94) looking west towards what is so far completed of downtown San Diego.  I recognize there is a fire going on now that I look at the picture but I suppose I was not paying attention when getting the images.  The Golden Hill neighborhood is directly next to downtown and is one of the first neighborhoods established in San Diego.


Not coming far from the last picture, this is taken from the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (California Route 94).  Because of map limitations I will only be able to go to about as far as 28th Street.  I may be able to go as far as the 30th Street bridge but the map is cut off way before the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway meets the California Route 15 (which turns into Interstate 15 further north).


I do not have much knowledge of the Golden Hill neighborhood since I think I have only driven through it once.  Because of this I had to look at many street views through Google maps.  As said in a previous post, I will try to recreate the city as good a I possibly can, but am not going to even try to attempt to create a fully scaled model of San Diego.  I realize Broadway, C Street, and B Street all go over Interstate 5 into downtown and I will eventually make a connection but with the current ramps coming from the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway, I could tell it was going to be an extremely large hassle.

Aerial Views of Central San Diego/Coronado Area

The rest of these images are just going to be aerial views of the area and what has been completed so far.  The next neighborhood I am planning to work on will be South Park and the southern part of North Park.  If anyone has any good ideas for the zoo area and Balboa Naval Hospital in Balboa Park it would be much appreciated.





Seaport Village and the Embarcadero


Keeping with tradition in that Seaport Village is primary a touristy place that people go to shop at I decided to download a mall as well as plant many of the parks for the Embarcadero Marina Park North, I want to be able to find docks to place in between the north and south park but as of now have not found any that are downloadable.


This is just a repeat of the last picture but at an aerial view. As you can see I was able to place many of the buildings such as the Manchester Grand Hyatt towers as well as the building at 700 West Harbor Dr but was unable to find any suitable buildings to replicate the San Diego Convention Center (which will be hosting Comic-Con soon).


Up next is a picture of a few places shot from an aerial view. Here we see from left to right: the cruise ship terminal, the Broadway Pier (which normally has a building that I am assuming is a restaurant but could not figure it out), the USS Midway which CSL currently does not offer anything to replicate in the workshop, and the fish market. Not sure if anyone works with the workshop on Steam but I would love to be able to place a aircraft carrier along where the USS Midway normally is.


Here is a picture of downtown in which many of the buildings if looked at from an aerial view appear to be a set of tools and so I was told this part of downtown is commonly referred to as the 'Toolbox'. Luckily I was able to find a file in the workshop of Emerald Plaza however for the rest of the buildings I am going to be improvising heavily.


This image is from the exact same location except facing the exact opposite way (southwest). Although you cannot see the bridge, parts of Coronado are visible as well as North Island NAS (which I am still currently using as a dump among other things that I didn't want to have placed in residential neighborhoods. Let me know if anyone finds any DLC that would match some of the skyscrapers in downtown, and have a great week!


Little Italy/Mission Hills


I have placed a map so you can see some of the neighborhoods that I have been working on. I did not realize how hard downtown would be to create so even though I have uploaded a photo for it, downtown is far from done. I was able to get a file for the Emerald Plaza but most of the other buildings (Petco Park, Seaport Village, Convention Center) I will place when I can find something very similar (suggestions welcome).


I could not find the actual California Tower replica in the downloadable content but was able to find this Annunciation Cathedral by AleX_BY which does have many of the elements I was looking for when looking for searching. I do want to find other things to place around the tower since the tower itself and the surrounding area is mainly composed of museums and gardens as well as the Old Globe Theater.


This image is taken from Goldfinch Street just as it turns into Reynard Way. The hills along Mission Hills and Bankers Hill I am finding extremely difficult to replicate, and so I will not be replicating most of it however I did want to make sure Goldfinch Street/Reynard Way was placed so it could provide an alternative route to taking Interstate 5 or one of the primary streets in Bankers Hill and Hillcrest. At the top of the picture you can see the heavy density residential buildings placed along 6th Avenue at Balboa Park.


This is taken from India Street in Little Italy. Although India Street is actually a one way street I decided against it and make it go both ways to ease traffic congestion on Interstate 5 which runs adjacent to India and Kettner Blvd. You can see downtown in the background however as mentioned earlier it is still an extremely large work in progress. Little Italy is typically comprised of smaller bars and restaurants so I wanted to keep the density much lower than in downtown.


I don't want to go too much into detail about downtown since I am currently just trying to make sure that the road system makes sense. This will be the spot though that downtown will be laid on and if you look in the background you can see the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge as well as the island of Coronado to the far right. Instead of doing one entire post about downtown I have decided to work on other neighborhoods such as Hillcrest instead while continuing to shape downtown in the meantime. Suggestions are always welcome.


Balboa Park and Bankers Hill

Hello again. I have been working the past 6 hours on the Bankers Hill area to include Balboa Park. Additionally I have also started working on the downtown area however this is going to take a lot more planning then I thought so I may postpone that until I am done with other areas. Bankers Hill is just north of downtown San Diego and just south of Hillcrest. The area is primarily residential with a few small businesses on the main streets running north/south. It gets its name 'Bankers Hill' for its reputation of having many affluent residents. Balboa Park was host to the 1915 Panama-California Exposition which is when many of the (now older) Spanish Colonial Revival architecture was built. Although this post will only show parts of the park on the west side of the SR-163/Cabrillo Freeway, on the eastern side is the San Diego Zoo, California Tower, and the Air and Space Museum.


First off is a picture looking north on 5th Avenue right after it has crossed the I-5 Freeway. Bankers Hill is a mix between small houses, medium apartment buildings, and large condominiums. I have placed the roads heading north/south (6th Avenue to Front Street) in their correct places however I am still working on the roads going east/north.


In another shot of Bankers Hill, this time at 4th Avenue (again looking north) we can see many ambulances in the neighborhood. This is likely because I was forced to place many medical clinics in the area because of the poor health status. Although San Diego hosts many hospitals, there are none in Bankers Hill. The closest hospital for these residents would be to the north at Scripps in Hillcrest, which I am unsure if I will be able to build because of the current map restrictions.


Balboa Park will be an ongoing project for me since there is so much to do in the park itself, as well as planning the roads and park lots. I am still looking for a mod that will actually work in the game to replicate California Tower as well as mods that will replicate the Old Globe Theater, Air and Space Museum, and the San Diego Zoo. This image is taken from inside Balboa Park looking at 6th Avenue.


Juniper Street is one of the few streets that actually lead into Balboa Park from 6th Avenue. I am unsure if the placing of it was correct so this may be moved eventually. This road is towards the end of Balboa Park and is an exit (being a one way road) out of the park area and back into Bankers Hill.


The Cabrillo Bridge is the only road crossing (as for as I know) across the SR-163/Cabrillo Freeway. This picture is taken from just south of the bridge looking west towards the large residential buildings bordering 6th Avenue in Bankers Hill. Directly across the bridge heading east is the Museum of Man, the Old Globe Theater, as well as other attractions.

As said before I will be looking for working mods to replicate many of the buildings in Balboa Park, especially of California Tower. This city is obviously using a few mods which without otherwise would make the city inoperable. Suggestions are always great and till next time.


South San Diego

Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, and Grant Hill (South San Diego)


Starting off is a picture just above the Coronado Bridge and I-5 junction. Just under the interchange is Chicano Park. It is hard to detail this park as I have only driven on top of it on my way to and from Coronado Island. From what I do know about the park, different murals of important Hispanics (Frida Kahlo, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara) are painted on the highway structural supports (which was impossible to place in the game).


Picture taken from Logan Heights overlooking the Coronado Bridge and Barrio Logan. The Barrio Logan neighborhood on the bay is primarily consisting of Naval bases and Naval support with companies such as BAE Systems and General Dynamics, additionally 32nd Street Base / Naval Base San Diego is also in the Barrio Logan neighborhood.


There is obviously still work to be done in the Barrio Logan neighborhood. I am reluctant to increase the industrial area because of the negative effects it may cause on its neighbor Logan Heights. I will be searching the DLC of Cities: Skylines for something that could be similar to military structures to instead be placed instead of industry.


So this is where I am at so far. As I stated in the previous post, I am currently locked to the original 9 tiles but once I am able to get the game on a better computer or somehow expand the laptops capacity I will expand past these which will make it possible to construct from the I-5/CA-15 exchange (in the south) up to Mission Valley (to the north). Suggestions always welcome.


Coronado Island

Coronado Island

This initial entry is of Coronado Island (specifically the city of Coronado) across the bridge from San Diego, California. Currently I will be starting with the 9 tile in-game maximum (because of the limits on my computer) but plan on upgrading soon, however because of this Coronado Island is cut off to only the residential section as well as North Island Naval Station which I will use for sanitation and industrial purposes. If you are familiar with the area, the map currently cuts off at Spreckles Park to the west and the middle of North Island Naval Station to the north.


This pic is taken from just across the San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge in Coronado. The horribly cropped skyline is of downtown San Diego which I should start working on this week.


Next is of the major intersection in Coronado, 4th Avenue and Orange Avenue. Orange Avenue is apart of the business district of Coronado and also is the street where the Hotel Del Coronado is located. Continuing on Orange Avenue, the road will eventually turn into Silver Strand Blvd and lead into the south bay area of Imperial Beach and into Tijuana, Mexico.


The San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge is the most direct link between the cities of Coronado and San Diego. Although it is possible to take Orange Avenue all the way to the south bay and then up Interstate 5 it would take a substantial amount of time longer than taking the bridge. Due to the current map limitations I am unable to change the bridge at theis time but would eventually like to redo the middle portion of it where it seems to dip and then raise again.


Taken on 3rd Street leading north towards North Island Naval Station. Coronado is an affluent city in San Diego county with most of even the smaller homes being worth over a million (US dollars). Because of the affluence of the residents of Coronado I plan on adding more parks and services to attract better homes, however many of the homes depicted in this picture seem similar to those in Coronado.


Aerial view of Coronado Island development so far. I will not be developing much in the area covering North Island Naval Base until I find a more military-naval like idea for the area.


This is the current city limits cutoff for Coronado Island.

Alright first post done :). I had been working on this San Diego map before but unfortunately the game crashed and the save file did not retain itself. I decided to start on Coronado since it has the easist map of the region however I will next be working on the south downtown area to the San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge. I realize the graphics are very blurry and am still trying to work on it (the graphics are all set to the highest possible), if anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated.

Next: South Downtown San Diego to San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge (west of Interstate 5)


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