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C:SL Bobsville

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Welcome to Bobsville

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Bobsville:Smokin Hot

Bob's dog pondered the fact of why no one listens to him, after all he is the only sane cimulated lifeform with any ounce of intelligence, but it was his lot in life after all. After sneaking into the basement he engaged the hyper time dilation device sending bob into overdrive. The mayor appreciated this as the city's budget bloomed and the towers grew...


Once time returned to normal bob decided it was all too much for him and he decided to take his pesty canine for a trek to observe some of the cities new developments.

The mayor had gone train crazy blowing most of the towns cash on new rail links and metro connections to augment the struggling bus networks . This had an effect of attracting a few tourists and hundreds of train spotters.


Bobs dog remarked that the local high school was smoking hot, bob began talking and fantasising about the new librarian Wendy Whistlestick, whom had recently arrived to start a new life after her home was destroyed by godzilla in SC2013...

Bobs dog smacked bob round the back of the head in frustration as he pointed with his paw towards the school and a flock of chirper birds fluttering around in a frenzy...

#School on fire... Brave fire fighters to the rescue.


Thanks for visiting Bobsville please visit again... Trainspotters please stay clear of the tracks.

#Trainspotters cause heavy delays on rail network

-Mayor lew1984



C:SL Bobsville: Spagetti Madness, pop 5,001


Welcome back to bobsville, it has been a time of continued expansion in Bobsville, though the city is experiencing a strange lack of demand for commercial. Bob and his dog have noted that the existing commercial sites have been greedly stealing all the demand. Bob hopes this isn't a strange bug that could afflict the population. Ever the wise one bob's dog cautioned his hypercondriact owner and the mayor that the town is still small and not in a state of hyper time dilation.



Bring on the Garbage




Strange blue chiper birds have been spotted arround the town, these helpful creatures have become the towns awnser to homming pigeons and twitter. The chirpers report continued outbreaks of fire in the city though coverage is adaquate and the services are responding accordingly.

New city bus riders observe a smouldering fire in the distance


Upgraded fire services


The main developments as the citys population expands to 5,001 Cims is the addition of bus routes throughout Bobsville and the construction of a new highway junction which has earned the nickname of Spaggeti Bettie. Bob and his dog where seen along with the mayor trying to hitch a ride on the new buses without paying for a ticket, though the chirpers can't confirm these allagations.

Spaghetti Bettie


Can you spot Bob and his dog? One of the new town buses arrive


Bobsville at 5,001 pop


Thanks for visiting Bobsville safe journey on your travels.

-Mayor lew1984


Welcome to Bobsville

Welcome to Bobsville, pop 1,458

I'm not prolific with these CJ's but I thought I would share a few screens of my very first city in Cities Skylines: Bobsville. I'll see how it goes with this city but so far Bobsville is doing better than expected so off we go into the amazing town that is Bobsville...


The Mayor transcends into a new digital realm

The new towns future looked strangely uncertain, the environment was similar to what has come before yet oddly different. Only one thing was certain to the mayor, this new world was a vastly superior one to that from which he came. The first citizens bob and his dog joined the mayor on this new adventure, they looked on as the mayor merely delighted at the surrounding scenery, and watched the traffic flow past the local highway in wonder.

Gateway to Bobsville


Finally after some orientation the mayor finally decided to lay down the foundations of Bobsville. The town was to be a test bed, a way to re-adjust to this new land of opportunity. Though as the town began to grow it was bizarrely going rather well so Bobsville began a slow gentle expansion into a smallish town of around 1,500 peoples.

Knocking about Bobsville




Bob and his dog were very satisfied with this new land, for one thing he got to keep the same house and didn't have the stress of finding a new job every day. Bob even looks forward to having a wife of his own and not bed hopping around the whole city. Will the town grow further most definitely :-).

Clumsy Citizens start fires in Bobsville:



Goodbye from Bobsville:



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