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An Adventure in Cities Skylines

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Welcome back! If you stuck around this long then congrats! This is the update where I finally get really good!

Just kidding, I'm mediocre at best. I'm entirely relying on good looks and humour.

Anyway, look at the industry!


Trees help with pollution, right? Well I put trees in the middle of all the factories. Fire hazard? Maybe. Looks alright? Sure!

Also, I'm pretty sure these doughnut trucks are going to eat the dude on the scooter. He should've gotten a motorcycle like all the cool kids.


THIS MAN HAS A SANDBOX! As does his neighbour. I want to play in it.


Do kids go inside the high school? Everytime I look they're always chilling outside. No one ever goes in. Ah well, at least I still get to see all the high school girls.


Sorry... That'll be my only Mathew Mcconaughey reference ever. I promise.

Quickly look over there! It's a new residential district!


I could probably use some work at taking screenshots. I'm sure there was a better angle to take it at. Stick around and I just might learn something.

And finally... Farmland! Because why not?


Burning down buildings, building farms. Ahh, good times. It's just like when I used to play SC4 and shared it with all of you.

Until next time!


Welcome back!

So after playing around with the game for a little bit I can safely say the Kitty knows a little something now. So naturally I had to throw my hands up in the air, give up, and start a new town on the same map.

Welcome to Trident!


This is what the city currently looks like, but that's no fun. I'll show you how it grew!

So the basic layout was basically the same as the city from my first post. Basically.


Open spaces are designed for future road expansion (if they need to be made wider) or trees. Unless a kitty gets stuck in a tree. Then definitely roads.

The only problem is that I spent so much time planning, deleting, and redrawing that I ran out of money... before even pressing the play button. Oops. I had to sell roads, pipes, and windmills to be able to afford power lines to the residential area so houses could grow. They all constantly complained about the lack of water until the town hit 460 cims and I could take out a loan. It was an interesting experience. The following picture is shortly after taking out the loan, I was in debt like $12000 before that. Again, oops.


This was the first time Trident made money. Yay!


And this is Steve the garbage truck. One day I'll try to find him again. Wish me luck!


Totally forgot about fire stations for awhile. I guess I just like to watch the world burn. Or at least sims burn. I did win a Trixie for chaotic city journals... better defend my title!


This picture's kinda nice. A little bit?


That's it for now, there's definitely more to come. And by that I mean I cut out half of the pictures I took and I'll share them next update.

Until next time!


Step 1: Make a City

Hi! I'm Chptrk! You might remember me from city journals such as That Really Awesome Roman SC4 one and various hilarious comments on other people's CJ's. If you don't remember me then you're too young. Sorry for your loss.

Anyway, if you've stuck around then you might as well enjoy some pictures of the awesome game Cities Skylines.

So I picked the Riverrun... Riverwood... Riversomething map to start on, here's what it looks like.


It's pretty! I think.

I really don't know what I'm doing. I haven't played a lot of city building games in a long time so I'm probably just going to mess around with this for awhile. Maybe I'll make a new city once I get some kind of a hang of it. So this is how this city started.

Yes, the industrial area is really close to everything else. I know what I did was wrong but I did it anyway. I'm sorry.


But things grew anyway! Look at the little houses! Aren't they cute?


The first industrial buildings grew too! They've got scaffolding and everything! This is so exciting!


Dogs walk around this game. The game has dogs. Dogs are in the game. You just lost the game. Dogs are awesome. I followed this dog around for way too long. Anyone who plays the game should do the same. Find a dog, follow it around, be happy.


This picture is okay, but look at that sandbox! I want a sandbox.


Remember that mistake with the industrial so close to the residential? Plant trees. It makes up for the pollution. Just don't get stuck in a tree. Oh, I finally named the city Stoneheart. It took me half an hour so don't make fun of it.


Some more views of the city. It's little but growing.


Finally, the first fire. My fire department really really wanted to put it out.


Well that's all for now. This first post is totally lame, organized, and mostly made up of rambling comments. I've got some bridges (yay!) broken interchanges (boo!) and some nicer buildings (yay!) already going, but those will have to wait till later. If anyone's interested I might post more. If no one's interested I might post more. It all depends on if I remember to take screenshots or not.

Until next time!

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