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About this City Journal

Here's a first look at Cities Skylines! I'm starting from a blank slate and just playing around with it to see what happens. Feel free to ask questions and I'll try and get into the game and answer them for you!

Entries in this City Journal


Things are building up so fast, it's hard to keep up!


I'm at "Busy Town" now.


And that gives me lots more options.


One of the options it gives is tree-lined streets.


No time for messing around! I'm already at "Big Town!"


And it's a big upgrade as well! I have access to high density and office zoning now!


"Big Town" gave me the option to buy another tile. I have access to almost this entire island now. I wasted no time putting bridges on it.


I'm keeping this one a quiet little area.


Let's look around now! Here's a small area on the other side of the expressway. I have access to expressway tiles with sound barriers now, so I will be putting those in eventually.


I'm planning some good stuff on the other side of this river. :)


High density buildings grew quickly.


You can't just drag high density zones over the old zones. You have to erase the old zones first. This can be done by right-clicking or using the zone eraser tool.


Let's have a look at street level!


This line of retail commercial looks good on a tree-lined street. I now have access to subways, so I'll be putting those in eventually.


I put in residential high density as well.


So far, I've not been told of any traffic issues. That's good.


A hospital is now available to me.


As is a university. This is essential to office growth.


Next, I'll be connecting these roads together!

Until next time! :)


As promised, I am taking care of that interchange now!


Again, this is what it used to look like. All I have to do is bulldoze the old ramps.


Okay, we're ready to... wait a minute...


Houston, it appears we have a floating weiner over the expressway.


Bridges don't build automatically in cases like this. If you push the page up button, your road will elevate.


And it's done! That was pretty easy. :)


After I finished that, a building caught fire. I sat there and watched it burn. No fire trucks decided to show up, even though there is a fire station nearby and the road is green. There's no manual dispatch option either.


Anyway, after finishing the interchange, I can draw the road into the new territory over the bridge. Crossing the river gave me a nice bridge. :)


Okay! Time to load up the game again and...


...okay, I did not see that coming. :P


So, this happened almost immediately. More money in my account!


There's a fire! Seems that the fire trucks can take care of everything automatically. I couldn't find a manual dispatch button. All worked out okay in the end.


Downtown is looking good, now that I've widened the road. :)


Okay, so I decided to go ahead and buy a neighboring parcel of land. I thought that would give me a new city to load and play with. Nope, it simply doubled the size of the existing city.


I widened the road down to the industrial area, which wiped out all the buildings. What I discovered this time was that zoning doesn't provide power; only buildings do that. Since I used up all my money upgrading the roads, I had to take out a loan to build some electrical towers to cover the massive blackout that happened in the other part of the city. Fortunately, industry recovered quickly and I was back in the black very quickly!


And I reached yet another new level!


I've noticed that every second level is a big one. This one provided me with lots of goodies.


The last upgrade gave me the option of buying yet another block of land. Now I'm three times bigger than I started!


The next time I play, I will be completely restructuring this on/off ramp so that the main road goes through it. I've never done such a thing before, even in SC4. Wish me luck! Results will be shown tomorrow. :)


Okay, let's play a little more. I'm kinda curious at this point if there's region play at all. When I go to the region view, mine is the only city tile available. Hmmm...


Hey, I got a yakisoba joint! I'm totally down with that. :)


Yay! I reached "Little Hamlet" status! That means new things are available to me. I can now build a landfill, a school, and a clinic! I also got a nice, fat deposit into my city coffers.


New roads are available to me now as well. It's not easy to replace a 2-lane road with a 4-lane. This is going to have to wait a bit.


Wow, talk about not knowing what you need until you know about it. The instant schools and clinics become available, the residents get sick and stupid! I had to build these right away.


Same with the landfill. The moment it was available, the residents only then just noticed that the town was stinky and trashy. I had to plop this right away.


It is getting a smidge more lively out there. That's a good thing.


Residents will talk to you via "tweets." (The game has another word for it, but I forgot what it is.)


Yeek! Okay, upgrades are starting to be a bit shocking. They always come with extra demands from the citizens, but at least there's a bank account deposit.


This upgrade came with a lot of new goodies. I'm a little low on cash, so I'm going to just run the city for a bit to build up reserves.


Well, look at that! Once your reach "Worthy Village," region play is available! Now all adjacent tiles can be built up.


Hmmm... You have to buy the tile for 5K. I'll wait and build up my cash first. :)


I'm going to have to move this outflow pipe eventually. This is nasty.

Anyway... I need to upgrade the main road into town with a four-lane. Let's destroy the old road.


What the... Okay, when I destroy the roads, the underlayer becomes a mess of driveways and parking lots. That's kind of interesting.


Good news is that demolishing those houses and businesses for the four-lane road really wasn't as catastrophic as I figured it would be. Recovery was very speedy!

That's it for now! Ask questions about the game and I'll go in and try to answer!


Okay, so let's do it and be more sensible this time. :) There's no difficulty setting that I've noticed until now. You get 70K to start and a little bonus deposit when your city reaches milestones.


I started out much more modestly this time. Roads are very expensive indeed. Don't go hog-wild with the roads when you start.


The neighbor connection resembles the most recent SimCities. I'm not quite sure how to properly connect to the expressway yet. This is the best I can do for now. I reckon I'll figure this thing out eventually.


I had no trouble figuring out the zoning. By default, it's set to the quick-zone function. With the tools indictated in the screenshot, you can see that the zones are customizable down to the square. At this point, I don't know what the minimum number of blocks is for a development.


Your city will demand a sewer outflow almost immediately. May as well build one right away. It's also required that you build it downstream from your water pump, or else you'll start sucking up poo into your city's water supply. Ew!


Industry is growing!


Looks like I'm running short on electricity.


I have two choices. I can build a new wind turbine or I can relocate this one to a windier area! (Oh, and try not to laugh too hard at my stupid spelling error.) :P


Let's get started!

Okay, I found myself an attractive tile and I put a little road square on it.


So far, the only road available to me is the small, 40kph max, road. The tutorial tells me that as my city gets bigger, larger roads will be available.


Shades of SC4: Building water pipes!


I got some construction going on and... Whoops! I went entirely bankrupt. I always do that with a new city building game. Took me all of five minutes. Oh well, off to start a new city and try again! More entries will come today, so stay tuned!


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