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The City of Falshin

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Hello my dear friends and welcome!!!!

A new city has been created: Falshin (in order to preserve the little bit of sanity I have left).

The mayor, Frida Cakubara, is a baroness and she is a wild one. Since she doesn't like to attend the nobility court at the royal palace, she asked her cousin (the King) to give her something meaningful to do (with the passing of her husband, she needs to keep busy).

He therefore gave her the responsibility to establish Falshin.

And so it begins...

The usual overviews...As you can see, it is truly just the beginning...



Construction of some of the residential homes. Not much to see, but I thought it looked cool...lol


Chapel and cemetery..question: why so many tombs for a city of less than 8k? reply: that is a good question...I will get back to you on that one...


The main interchange at the entrance of the city. Not massive, but efficient!!!


SUBURBS GALORE!!!!!!! Let the frenzy begin...





Now, if you love fishing and canoeing, this is the place for ya!!!



Celebrate good times COME ON!! Let's celebrate...


Now I know, this is the regular, city stuff...but let us face it...It it so much fun to create!!!!!! LOL

Hope you enjoyed my entry!

A big thank you to all our creators of bats, textures, mods, etc.

A very special thank you to all who continuously follow my journals and provide encouraging comments that allows me to continue this awesome hobbie!!!

As always, feel free to comment and share your comments with me! It is always appreciated! :)


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