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About this City Journal

A medium sized city located between 2 rivers and surrounded by rough hills.

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Hi, in this entry, we will go over the beautiful, historic CBD of Rockport.

The CBD as well as the entire region of Rockport was heavily inspired by medium sized maritime cities such as Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Very dense, old buildings, narrow roads, lots of W2W buildings and very few parking spots.

A few overviews of the downtown core


The Burton Bridge, the northernmost bridge was constructed in 1898 and served as the only way to cross the South Rocky River other than by boat until 1986. The newer and far larger Coverdale Bridge

was constructed in 1985 and opened that following year. It is also the beginning of the H-30 highway, passing near the downtown core, into the city of Burton and heading east.


The Rockport City Hall was constructed in 1852 and still serves as the city hall today!


Another key landmark of Rockport is the Richmond Stadium, home of the Rockport Lumberjacks, an Aurylian - Country Rockport is located in - hockey team. The stadium can fit 10,000 people.


The Oswell Park can be seen as well as the main rail terminal in Rockport.


Stratford Street, the street going horizontally, as well as Casey and Piers Street, the two going vertically is part of the infamous Uptown District as the locals call it. It is dotted with clubs, bars restaurants,

and small shops. It's a popular spot for the younger crowd who are looking for a good time.


A bit north on Casey St. you will find many small and medium sized businesses inside very old buildings.


The main Rockport Library on the right and the old Post Office on the right. Both were constructed in 1867.


The Rockport Convention Centre. Built in 2003, hosted hundreds of events since.


Government buildings.


Small shops in the Updown District.


The Aurylian Dominion Bank, the dark blue building is the tallest in Rockport at 30 stories tall.


Well, that's all I got for now! Thanks for viewing and let me know what you think!

Stay tuned for more!



Hello all and welcome to my new city journal!

In this CJ I will be showcasing the City of Rockport and it's surrounding towns, as well as all their attractions, landmarks, point of interests and more!

This particular entry will focus on the very basic information on Rockport. Many more entries will follow showing in detail different parts of the region.

So let's get started!

The City of Rockport



Coat of Arms


Region Satellite View


Rockport is situated on a small peninsula along the South Rocky River. The northern part of the city also runs along the North Rocky River. Both Rivers dump into the Rocky bay. Many smaller communities and towns can be found along the bay such as Averdeen, a town of about 3500 people, and the village of Merlot. The Metro Rockport Region currently has a population of 301 842.

Here are videos showcasing the highways around the region :

That is all for this introductory entry. More updates will come out in the following weeks so stay tuned!


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