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The Most Magical Cities EVAR!

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Metal Magic

Metal Magic

The Most Magical Metal ... EVAR!


Today we take a look at my first entry ... Metal Magic. This is a city I designed for a Reddit Region, with host Queost (the goal was to invite Redditers to come in and share their stuff, and then join Queost for a video to share their thinking, their reasoning, and their designs. In typical Regional play fashion though, half the people left after an hour of play (if that). Here's your shoutout Queost!)

Metal Magic was once a quaint village by the name of Chicken Crossing, due to the large amount of chickens which were sent across the main highway to be processed in factories of neighboring towns. In many ways, Chicken Crossing was barely a subburb of the much larger cities neighboring nearby, especially the regional hub city of "HQ central" (mayor: MayorEMP). Though it started as merely a small village, it quickly grew into a small town quickly grew, it became a center of learning for the region's smartest and brightest. This required a major diversion of the main highway to loop around the back of the University of Magic Metal, and become sunken below the ground level.


*Here's we see Route 216, the "Chicken Highway", as it stands today. It use to be filled with only trucks freighting in chickens to be chopped up in the other town's factories in the region. Today, it has been re-routed and sunken to accommodate the construction of UMM


No one questioned why a university was being built in such a small town, nor how it was funded, and only a few in city hall knew that it was thanks largely to donations by the word renown Metals Inc. Prospectors discovered ore and coal very early on, and plans were laid long before the highway diversion or the university broke ground. Metals inc. and the mayor planned to turn Chicken Crossing into a hub for Metal production for the region. As the highway near completion, ground was broken on 3 key projects. First was the University, which had yet to be named. Next was a pair of mines, one for ore, and one for coal. Last was the city hall, and with it, the village was renamed into the township of Metal Magic.


*Apartment buildings began to spring up (above), and once Metals Inc. established their HQ (below), a small business district soon followed.


As the mines and university grew, residents quickly multiplied, and small apartment complexes soon followed. The river was bridges, industry flourished, businesses grew, and soon, Metals Inc. moved an illustrious HQ into the young city. The tower soon rose prominent above all other town buildings, and Smelting factories were established across the river in the bustling industrial sector of town.


*As the cities port grew, the traffic along the Reddit River quickly congested with cargo ships, passenger ferries, and eventually cruise ships (above)! This city could even be mistaken for a small metropolis when views from the steps of city hall on a busy day (below)


It soon became apparent that transportation of goods needed much more than just trucks. Soon, Ports were added, ferry docks, Freight Train terminals, and Passenger stations. The city's infastructure was so great that it was able to support the raw materials necessary to build the region's greatest work - The Arcology!


*Here we see some of the town's main smelting factories, and across the river, the mighty Metals HQ seems to rise higher than the eye can see, but may soon be rivaled by the great Arcology building in the distance!.


With the city full and bustling, it wasn't long before Tourists flocked to visit the famous Magic Theater, where all the best magic acts of the region would play, along with the old windmill, a quaint reminder of quieter times when chickens in trucks zoomed fields of wheat and corn. Fancy futuristic buildings began to spring up as well when Agents of OmegaCo began shipping in their mysterious substance from some of the larger metros nearby.


*The City's famous Magic Theater (above), began attracting tourists along with the old Windmill (below). The tourists weren't the only ones who came in from neighboring metros, as the wonders and technology of OmegaCo soon followed!


Thank You for visiting Metal Magic, the first submission in MagicChicken19's city journals. Check out the complete collection, along with two bonus shots (including and overhead shot) in this Imgur album

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