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About this City Journal

どうも!ユミです!This city journal will look on re-creation of the real Japan in which I live in and was born in. (I live in Hiroshima). As well as re-creating Japan, I will also have a few fictional regions too. Hope it's enjoyed by many!

Entries in this City Journal


I am so sorry that I haven't been posting recently. My last update was in March, right before April, the start of my College years. Since then, it has been much harder to find a proper balance between school and SimCity 4. But anyway, I have been working on a little something, and I think it would be good to show you.

But before that, I must reply to the comments:


Tonraq: Thank you for telling me that. It really is great advice for one who is going into new environment with all sorts of new things.

jmsepe: Thank you for commenting.

Ultimate727: I know! It seems like they're coming like, every day now! :)

tankmank: Thank you for your comment and for your sympathy for the people of Tagawa.

kschmidt: Thank you for your comment.

Kim Sunwoo: I know, right? It really will look cool! I hope that you are entertained by this Teaser, as well.

Sexysark: Thank you for commenting here.

Mymyjp: Thank you, Mymyjp! Thank you for cheering me on!




1. The next update's downtown area, along with train station. The small city's name will be revealed in the next update!

Hopefully, I'll be able to get the next update down soon and be able to deliver a proper update. Thank you for viewing and Sayonara!

Comment, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from!

I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.


There has not been an update in about a month. I unfortunately have not had much time, as April is coming up very, very soon, which means the start of my college years, so updates will probably be even more sporadic...


pinkindustry: Thank you! You may not consider yours Japanese, but real Japanese cities actually look quite similar to yours. But anyway, great job on your cities too!

Mymyjp: Thank you for your comment!

Tonraq: Yeah, you're right. It's not good to worry. あなたの日本語が良いです!頑張れよ! :D

nas786: Ha ha, quite funny! You have a good sense of humor! And also, thanks for your comment!

Paulobergonci: Don't worry, you'll be able to visit Japan one day. :yes:

jmsepe: Thanks for your comment!

NMUSpidey: Thank you for your comment!

Tonraq: That's what Kisa Atsuko (on SC4Devotion and here on Simtropolis) said as well. I'll work on it. :yes:

Kim Sunwoo: Thank you for your comment.

89James89: Cheers, and thank you for your comment!

tankmank: Don't worry, it'll come in the next or the one after next update.

Ln X: Thank you for your comment.


Now, on to the update for today! It is going to have a ton of pictures, to make up for my inactivity lately.

This right here is a high-up view of the city of Tagawa (田川市、ローマ字:Tagawa-shi, which I think translates to, "Rice Field River City" in English?), a fictional city located in the fictional Tagawa prefecture (田川県、ローマ字:Tagawa-ken). This city was made for the monthly challenge, but however, I did not have enough time to complete the city, as it was only half-way done. So when I got back on a couple of months after the fact, (March) I filled in the remaining space on the 1.8 kilometers of low-level flat-space in the Southern part of the city. However, the Northern and far-eastern parts of the city have yet to be finished, so we may just have updates on those too :yes: . Here is the region-view picture now:


1. Here is the first area I will show you. However, the photo right here was taken a few years ago (not real years, as I said above that this was started in January) before the major Tagawa flood, caused from an earthquake in the ocean in the Tohoku region.


2. Another moment from before the disastorous flood came. You can see the rice paddies and the small farm houses off to the side, completely unaware of what is about to happen.


3. Even the citizens of southern western Tagawa who are up on a raised plain are not completely safe from the disaster that is about to happen.


4. Something terrible is about to happen, especially on this low level floodplain, which is closest to the wrath of the water.


5. The disaster that is about to happen is especially bad news for the industry and the powerplant, which powers up the whole Tagawa City area, of many people, who most are on 1.8 square kilometers on the raised plain.


6. The flood has reached land fall! The power lines which lead out inland have been completely submerged, cutting off power to those up north.


7. The flooding has reached the houses. The sirens in the city are blaring. People are fleeing from the home of theirs, and the power plant workers have been evacuated.




9. While the power plant workers survived and the people near it survived, isolated small villages like this got left behind along with the people in them...


10. This small village, which was closest to the river and on the lowest elevation got the worst of it.


11. The water eventually began to take over the whole village. The water begins to seep in toward the dense urban area up on higher land.


12. The water come onto the elevated land, destroying everyone that is in its path.


13.Tagawa Police Officer Tomioka on the horn: "Citizens of Tagawa City, Minami ku (Southern ward), please remain calm and evacuate to the northern parts of the city in which the elevation is higher! Evacuate now to the safe places, Denshi ku and Kita ku up in the north!"


14. Tagawa News: Tagawa News Reporting! Today, on March,11, A huge tsunami has come to the Tohoku region flooding many coastal towns, such as Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Motoyoshi, Kesennuma, Rikuzentakata, etc. The one that we are covering today is the Tagawa tsunami, in Tagawa prefecture. As you can see, Minami ku is flooded, with the water rising at around 4.5 meters high, up here. Below on the floodplain, water levels reached almost 56 meters high.


15. Tagawa News: Despite all of this catastrophe, a man named Tomioka Kazuhito was a hero on this day, giving warning to those farther from the tsunami. He saved many lives on this day.


16. Tagawa News: The waters seem to be receding back in. Debris and other trash is getting pulled back in.


17. Tagawa News: Now some areas of the flood plain have become dry. The water is receeding quickly, taking all the debris it can with it.


18. Tagwa News: The waters have receeded to their normal level. Out of the 66,284 people in the city, there were 4,692 casualties, 2,314 people gone misssing, and 7,456 people injured. Due to water getting inside of the Tagawa powerplant, Tagawa has completely lost power.


19. ...So, 4 years after the tsunami of 3/11, Tagawa has rebuilt some of what has been lost. Slowly but surely Tagawa and other towns like it have been rebuilding what they have lost. Unfortunately, however some things can not be regained...


20. Tagawa now is good and well, and recovering from the incident. The grand re opening of the pedestrian mall just happened today.


21. More re development.








25. Sakurano, Tagawa's second indoor mall to open up.




27. An area near downtown.


28. Tagwa's major train station which sees countless numbers of people each day, and Tagawa's downtown along with the SOGO Mega Mall. There are always tons of people walking around here.






31. An industrial area in Kita ku.


32. Tagawa's new water filtration plant, along with industry.




34. The black and brown building is Tagawa's news station, home of Tagawa News!


35. Another train station in Midori ku.


36. A somewhat new residential area of Tagawa.




38.As one first enters the city from the south, the things that they will first notice first is that there are 3 big, major buildings here: The Aqua Research Institute, the Kitamura Major Art Musuem, and the Tagawa City College. There is also a hotel nearby (pink and gray building) for those who want to stay near it. Located in Minami ku.










43. The major highway, leading into and out of town.


44. An urban park.




46. A view of Minami ku (ward) (south of highway) and Midori ku (north of highway).


47.View of Minami ku (South of avenue/highway) Denshi ku (All of downtown, it is the electronic and office industry ward) and Kita ku (north of highway/avenue and of the downtown).


48. All of Mizutagawa ku (Rice paddy river ward), basically the whole flood plain.


That was the update. It was quite long, but well worth it for me, and for you guys! Comment, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from!

I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.


B.A.T Work

For those of you who've have not seen my SC4Devotion MD, then this is new to you.If you look there, you will see some of my B.A.T. Now I have enough knowledge to make better B.A.Ts. Happy looking/downloading!

I'm back! With new B.A.T work! (The update will be coming later this week, as it is almost done)

The B.A.Ts that you saw previously are now up for download!

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Link:


TOTO Mall (Will be updated very soon) Link:


I am also working on brand new housing set! (Like Kori, Nekopanchi, Kei, etc.) I just started yesterday. The house are mainly based of off houses in Hiroshima. Here is the first house that I have modeled thus far. Here is the first house, modeled:


I am hoping to make at least 50 houses and 50 apartments (There is a very big lack of japanese-style apartments, so I will be filling in that gaps.) Please, tell me what you think of it. Don't be afraid to criticize, as that will help me improve. ;)


Hello, I'm Yumi-chan! This update is about my work on Osaka Prefecture. Yes, I am still working on Hiroshima, the city tile is almost done. I am going to start numbering my pictures, from this update and on. This will be a large update, with 22 pictures. The style here will be a lot different from the style in Hiroshima, as the Osaka style quite a bit different from. Enjoy!


1. This right here is the city of Sennan, Osaka Prefecture(泉南市、大坂府). The city population in real life is 65,315, while my Sennan has 86,804.

WOW. I exceeded the population by over 20,000! But then again, I had to fill in all of the space. So now comes the statistics.

Density (Urban): 22,257 people per square kilometer.

Density (All): 5,425 people per square kilometer.

Land Area (Urban): 3.9 square kilometers.

Land Area (All): 16 square kilometers.

Enough about statistics, on to the city!

2. Right here on this intersection, you can see the Nogami Hospital. I chose the Maxis hospital as it looked very much like it.


3. This right here is one of Sennan's lakes.As you can see, there are people canoeing in lake.


4. This is a small commercial center with a post office.


5. This right here is one of the really nice roads. Very pretty!


6. NITORI HOME FURNISHINGS (The building with the big light blue sign and the parking lot) HAS ALL OF YOUR HOME FURNITURE BUYING NEEDS!


7. This right here is the train station in a large commercial area. This train station sees 1,694 people every day! (Would this be a lot of people? If it is, then I will let you in on my tips to getting your Mass Transit used more. Say in the comments.)


8. This is another large train station. It sees 1,060 people every day! It has a lot of commercial around it.


9. Here is a nice area of town.


10. A few restaurants, offices, and shops.


11. This is the tallest building in the city. It stands out a lot.


12. A dense urban area.


13. Here is Sennan's major seaport, next to it are some factories and houses.


14. This is an area surrounded by forests.


15. Here is an Overview of the middle of the city.


16. Now the left side of the city.


17. And the right part of the city. (Part 1)


18. More of the right part of the city. (Part 2)


19. Now night pictures! Yay! (Part 1 of right side of city)


20. The right side of the city at night. (Part 2)


21. The middle part of the city at night.


22. The left part of the city at night.


So that was the update! Phew! That was a lot of pictures! Sorry, no real life pictures (Because I've never been there. The information for this city was gotten from the internet) :D Well, I hope you enjoyed! Comment, and feel free to ask about what mods I use!

I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.


Hello, my name is Yumi-chan, and I am from Japan! This is the first update on Simtropolis. I have just come over from SC4Devotion (link to SC4Devotion). I do not natively speak English, I speak Japanese, so I make make some grammar mistakes, and I am sorry if I do. This update is an overview of Asaminami-ku. In this City Journal, I will be sharing some of my daily life experiences in Hiroshima, Japan, and some other places that I have been to as well.

126,538 people in this update.

Hiroshima Statistics:

Total Population: 126,538 ppl.

Urbaniztion Promotion Zone Density (Gray): 13,319 ppl. per square kilometer.

Total City Density (Whole City): 7,908 ppl. per square kilometer.

Total City Area: 16 kilometers.

City Area: 9.5 kilometers.


The area I will show you in this update is the Asaminami Ward. It is near (North to be exact) Higashi Ward, the ward in which I live.


I usually go here to have fun and relax with my friends. Especially at the resteraunts and karaoke place. (Real life pictures are ahead!)


This right here is the cafe I go to after a day at school. It is called Hanabi「花火」。It is a great cafe! I Love the food!


Now the exterior:





A small Commercial Center.


The bowling alley is there. A large park for the kids has been constructed.


A few hi rises.



A commercial strip


The Aoyama Store (The Building with the two big blue signs) "The World's No.1!"


Now the real life image:


I really hope you like the update! I had to go around and take a lot of pictures for this! I hope you enjoyed this, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from!

I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.


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