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AlejoEcheverry: Thanks glad you like it and glad I could help with your problem.

Mmyjp: It can get pretty cold up here so be careful in that bath alright. Glad your enjoying my story telling, I'm just suprised people actually read the text walls let alone enjoy them lol :D:P

Kim Sunwoo: Yup we have to get rid of it somehow and burning is always the best idea. Also glad you don't find the budget images boring.

Titanicbuff: Thanks glad you don't think its rubbish. Always a plus!

slickbg56: Thanks, I'm glad its looking lifelike as realism within the restraints of the game is what I'm aiming for (with a lot of tongue in cheap of course)

Entry 12: Burn everything burnable!

Only if it's trash of course because burning houses and such is just silly (unless your house in in the landfill in which case it'll also be incinerated for energy). Anyway as you have probably guessed we have the whole incineration electric plant thingy up and running now.

Below is the continuation of the last entry which we didn't actually finish because you know, stuff. Anyway when we last left off we had just decided where to actually build the power plant thing and that was on as island in the middle of the river (for safety reasons mentioned above). Anyway, one of the problems with building something on a island is that you then need to actually get stuff to it and given that shipping all the garbage from Central Garton via water would be entirely impractical and stupid we needed a bridge.

Below you'll see the proposed spots for this bridge to the island


Now all of them had up and downsides (well ok one of them didn't really have any downsides and was chosen but screw it I'm going to talk about why the other two blue arrows were bad ideas). Also it might be a good time to point out that despite all our brilliant planning, somehow as the gridded topography readings show, we'd managed to completely overlook the fact that the island really isn't very flat.

Anyway this issue kind of killed the bottom choice as the island was too narrow to actually receive a bridge and traverse the terrain (OOC: I may be using only Maxis stuff but I'm still going to have realistic bridges without insane slopes) which was a pity really as the mainland side was perfect.

Moving up the next one was thrown out due to the fact that we'd have to bulldoze and relocate a load of people in Sharbury and given that they weren't too happy with us building the damn power plant in the first place, upsetting them even more might be a silly idea (plus it costs more to buy purchase the houses then rehouse the people).

This then left the top choice as the perfect option. Not only was there room on either side but it offered the closest link to the Tipton dump where the majority of the rubbish would probably come from.

Fast forward a few months and construction on the bridge has finished with minimal damage (a couple of farms were made smaller but that was it). You can also see here that the dockside where the garbage brought by water will be transferred to the dump ready to be burnt and a small ferry for links from the mainland side of the river. (OOC: Also you can see that you don't need a slope mod to get decent slopes lol).


Anyway with the initial traffic thingy's laid out (network, that's the word), we got to work building the actual power plants and the dump. Fast forward a year or two and here is the, by now named Gull Island (on account of all the Seagulls that the dump has brought in. We would also like to point out that we try to make sure as few Seagulls as possible also get incinerated) complete with dump, a large incineration plant some recycling (was told it was good for the environment, got to put all those cookers back into use) and some industrial (hell the island is going to be a dump anyway may as well fill it with dirty industrial).


In the above image you can also see the new power lines to power the island side of the river. This then allowed us to demolish all the state owned wind turbines and with a few tasty cash sums buy and demolish all of the private ones as well.

On with the island though, as you can probably guess, it hasn't really stopped growing and with spreading population on the mainland side of the river meaning an increased workforce pool, this is currently what the island looks like.


Also while were at it here's the current budget after building everything and running the dump and incineration plant. As you can see although were still making money the schools and other services may now have to wait for a while. We also had to start yelling at people to recycle as the dump was beginning to fill faster than the incinerator was burning it (OOC: Enact some ordianances).


And finally, to actually finish this entry unlike the last one, lets take a look at the island and the growing mainland side of the river complete with overly long and obtrusive island labels.


Right till next time where I'm sure I'll find some other things to waffle on about (text wall for the win and all that).

Till then





NielsC007: Thanks! Glad your enjoying the growing region views and mosaics.

Kim Sunwoo: Thanks glad your enjoying it and I'll try!

TPB: Thanks and I'm glad your enjoying my retro CJ and and I'm glad I'm breaking the grid. Grid's are boring, fractal neighbourhoods is where it's at.

Mymyjp: Thanks and its easy. Just rename your sc4 folder in your My Documents folder and start the game and it'll create a vanilla file then you can just switch between the two be renaming them. As for the mosaics get GIMP (its a free photoshop) and then just paste sc4 images on top of each other making sure you line them up. Then merge the layers down and bingo you have a mosaic!

Entry 11: Another Rubbish Entry!

Just a small entry for you all today. Parts of this is what I wanted to show you and parts are events taking a hold of things again.

First of all we'll deal with the finishing off of the actual Garton Island area of the region (or at least the filling in). As the very astute of you may have noticed when I said that we'd almost filled up the island last time, we still had a tiny little spur of land at the harbour side of the river.

Well this is where the town of Tidland has been founded. As you can see in the below photo, its just a quiet little water side settlement with the usual stuff you'd find in a Gartonian settlement (yes ok, including illiterate citizens with interesting ideas on life like bathing in the backyard). It does have more of a basis on relaxation than industrialisation though what with having two beaches and all.


As you can see we even have a bit of commerce here to take advantage of the amount of visitors. Im pretty sure at some point though someone screwed up the whole concept of a commercial strip seeing as there factories here as well. Unless there just really really ugly shops, you never know.


Anyway leaving Tidland for now (because being honest there isn't actually all that much there) we move back onto the main focus of this entry. Now I don't know how many of you remember Tipton, the lovely place that recieves all the trash generated by the region but apparently the dump's manager has been going a bit mad lately raving about how the dump can't cope.

Now, with us all just assuming he was over reacting imagine our surprise when we saw this report handed to us.


What the? Where? How can a region of 35k citizens produce nearly 1 million tonnes of rubbish a month. I mean, do they just use their ovens once and then replace them or something? (actually thinking of the education levels out here this may be such a stupid statement.)

Either way it looks like we may actually have a problem arising here so we sat down to brainstorm.

Now before we go any further it would be a good idea to also point out that we'd been having some rolling blackouts in the River Crossing area due to the wind farms being a bit inefficient and all (also, not one to complain about enterprising enterprises and all but if these farmers keep building their own wind turbines were going to lose out on the government income for charging for the state produced electricity).

Anyway it was then that council member suggested we burn the rubbish (ovens and all) and generate a lot more electric than a wind turbine ever will from it. Well damn, I think he may just be onto something here.

So quickly having to come up with the plans on account of the fact that at this rate, the dump was going to be full in a couple of months we set about checking the budget in River Crossing (got to make sure we can afford it and all).


Well that's definitely all good (screw the proposed school who needs to be educated anyway). Now for a place to put it. Initially these three sites were proposed below.


Now understandably most of the, by this point already rather peeved, citizens of River Crossing has a majority vote in favour of site 3 being as it was the furthest away from anything. This was until they heard that it was to be designed and built by a Gartonian who's educational extent was a primary school and a local library to keep the costs down.

With this new information, the now more worried than peeved citizens quickly changed their vote to a landslide result in favour of site 1 pictured below. Mainly because if the whole thing went up in flames (probably fairly likely) at least it wouldn't spread off the island.


Anyway that's all for this stage of the development.

Now when you've all stopped cursing me for wasting several of your minutes reading all this for now actual results (or around 13 seconds if you just scrolled and looked at the images) join me next time when I promise we'll actually take a look at the new garbage burning thingy!

(trolling entry be trolling)





Myjmip: Thanks though this is just the base Maxis water, not a mod.

Titanicbuff: Thanks, glad your enjoying the good old vanilla!

Kim Sunwoo: Well care might be a strong word. It's really just a bunch of winding streets leading to housing that the RCI indicator said we needed while I was settling the various towns.

Jetty Jockey: Thanks! It's just like the countryside around me here in Devon, UK as well!

Entry 10: Garton Island finished (well almost)

As the title above suggests today we mark the almost complete coverage of rural spread around the Garton Island area. As such this entry will concentrate on the area where the island is separated form the the mainland by a river that runs from Pacific Ocean on the north coast to the large bay area as seen below.


Now as with the last entry this will concentrate on growth with a view from above but will also contain a couple of treats for you all at the end.

Right anyway lets get on with it. As you can see below settlements in the area had a sort of two pronged way of growing, though the initial settlement was the town of Riverton on the coast of the river connected to Ayreswater by road and the rest of the island by boat. As you can see though, it has begun to grow outwards and connect to the other inland settlements with more spread coming in in the south.


As you can see growth sprung out from the areas above and many new settlements popped up. Unlike the latest entries we've seen the main income and industry in this area is definetly farming and agriculture. It also has the biggest diversity in whole island in terms of the size of the farms, from tiny smallholdings to the large fields you'd find around Hayley and Glennington.


With all the fast growth it wasn't long before the north and the south settlements became joined by road and lanes as can be seen in the image below. Also you can see several settlements that have sprung up along the riverbanks with both of the largest towns in the area situated there in the form of Riverton and Millbanks.


As you can see in the above photo the land was slowly becoming swallowed up by farms and small settlements. So much so that growth has begun to spring up across the river. Marbey, seen below was the first settlement not located on Gatorn Island. However its still not located on actual Mainland Garton but rather Harling island, another island seperated from the mainland by the river Harling (this will make more sense when you see the regional overview below).

As you can see the only link between the two at the moment is a chain driven ferry system that runs six times a day.

Interesting fact: Currently the various ferries that leave and arrive at the 4 ports in the area number around 500 daily. Income from these 500 amount to about $2 a day, meaning that by a long shot this is easily the cheapest public transport in the world (in fact it may even be free and that $2is just dropped change picked up by the operators.)


Now before we take a look at the whole area developed wel'll first take a look at a couple of mosaics that we took for you all seeing as its the 10th entry and all.

This first one is a sort of riverside mosiac from the the tiny inland village of Arton to the slightly bigger riverside villages of Sharbury and Tinshore. As you can see factories really don't play a big part here.


The second one takes a inland look from Tanworth to Arncombe at several of the small villages here a long with the smaller farms and copse's of trees the area is abundant with. Also you can see the village of Lynhurst that's always packed every Wednesday and Saturday due to the farmers market held here.


Now that's about it for this entry. I will leave you with these two overviews. One showing the area that we've been looking at today, the island side completely filled


and the next is a overlie of the region as it currently stands (OOC: I can't help fiddling with the terrain as some of you may have noticed. Just pretend it was like it all along lol).


Join us next time where we continue to move onto the mainland and maybe even attempt to connect with the rest of the US via land.

(Oh... and maybe we'll actually finish off that bit of land on the island we forgot about)






47ply: Thanks! Living in the countryside, I'm a big fan of the farms as well.

Mymyjp: Glad you find it intersting lol. As for my naming methods there's at least 4 places in the region so far with names derived from usernames of forum goers and chat users.

Psycho_Teddy: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed your time spent reading it!

Entry 9: Ayreswarter Docks

Right well today we get back on track a bit with what we were trying to do last time before we got distracted.

To start with we'll head north of Glennington to the coastline on the opposite side of the spur of land where you can fin several smaller settlement's. One of these is the small coastal fishing port of Bakeley Cove where recently, thanks to the road upgrades has almost doubled in size.

Here you can see the settlement just after the road was upgraded. That large plot of empty land beside the road used to be some farmers field that we pretty much st.... I mean bought for a reasonable price and had to bulldoze to make room for the road. (We'd also like to point out that in NO way at all did the farmers on the other side of the road bride us to not build the roads through their farms. Honest).


So, with this land sitting empty it didn't take us long to realise that we would get much more money if we turned it into housing rather than sold to another farmer, and after all Bakeley Cove was a lovely, quiet fishing village so who wouldn't want to live there?

Anyway as you can see in the photo below the village has pretty much doubled in size. Which has apparently led to it losing some of its charm but oh well, I'm sure they'll get over it.


Right with that taken care of we can move onto looking at the rest of the surrounds of Glennington.

Seen below are the two photos that make up the areas around Glennington. Going from left to right in each image you you can see the village of Lowridge, one of the few villages in the region with a small industrial estate alongside the farming. Then you have the small town of Crossrows which is probably set to grow at some point as its on the main road into Glennington from Nielton and also has the connections into Lowridge and the small settlements you'll see in the next photo and finally Bakeley Cove which we talked about above.


Moving onto the next photo you can see the even smaller fishing village of Rowton Bay, now the envy of Bakeley Coveas as its still what Bakeley used to be. Next you can see the most Westerly and the highest settlement in the form of Cape Glenn. A lovely popular place with its large park overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Then above of that on the other side of the ridge you can see West Glennington.


Now with our tour of Glenningtons surrounds done we can move onto a new area of Garton Island. As you can see from the overview below the area is on the north side of the island and has the river which separates the island from mainland Garton running through it.


Now with the fairly shelthered and wide river mouth (remembering I've doubled the scale of everything in this CJ, so that medium tile is actually 4kmx4km not 2kmx2km) and the flat riverbanks this place made a perfect site for a larger version of Nielton-on-Sand. Below will be a series of photos taken of the town as it developed as well as the year it was taken and the population.

2nd year. Population: 1101

As you can see its small at the moment but already has a large industrial presence.


6th year. Population:1926

Steady growth over the past years had promoted upgrades to the docklands in the form of a couple of piers and straightened docks.


10th year. Population: 3327

Further growth for the town has left prompted more improvements to the docks to cope with the increased traffic. Also you can see the wind-farm that has been struggling to keep up with the growth of the town and some unemployment issues. Also as ever in the region we can now see some encroaching farms.


18th year. Population 3997

And here's the town as it currently stands today. As you can see it has continued to grow and the farms have surrounded the town now. You can also see how the growing town outpaced the wind-farm by so much that we decided to replace it with another coal power plant (the regions third, I guess its safe to say were not all that environmentally concious lol) replacing the wind-farm with a lightouse to help make the area safer for ships. Also the docks have been redeveloped to make the port safer and easier to use therefore increasing traffic into and out of (it actually now rivals Glennington in terms of volume and has all but killed the shipping in Nielton-on-Sand).


Right, now as your all probably a bit bored with the text wall (provided you actually read it all and if you did then well done with sticking with my ramblings), we'll wrap it up with a couple of close ups of the town. Firstly with a view of the dockyards where you can see the new power-plant and its docks and the other commercial shipping piers.


The second close up is of the commercial strip on the upper level of the town. As you can see lots of shops here where you can buy anything provided its a car or a truck. God knows why their so popular here but I suppose its easier to ship them in here with the docks.


Right now I will actually shut up and stop talking.

Hope you enjoyed this entry.





rubberduck3y6: You may be entirely right there good sir. A number of slaughterhouses did report a annoying amount of people trying to buy cars from them.

Titanicbuff: Yup there rare, thanks!

Map Guy: Thanks, let's hope I can continue to make you lol!

Tandini: Not sure I would call it courage. More likely stupidity but we'll skim over that. Glad your enjoying both the narrations and the ruralness of the region. Lets hope it can continue for a bit before the citizens realise that factories are much more profitable than farms and build them everywhere!

Entry 8: Were on the road to somewhere!

Right lets see. Were back in Glennington today for some more growth starting right here in farmer Johns field.


Now, as you can probably tell farms aren't mean to look like this and farmer John had been struggling for a while to make money off of his farm. This is when he got wind of the state trying to fund a fair type area for recreational purposes (or some such jazz, he wasn't really sure, edumacation came to late for him unfortunately). Anyway with the state struggling to find suitable land to buy for the project Farmer John decided to re purpose his farm and beat the state to it.

So with dollar signs in his eyes he set about bulldozing his land, buying up attractions and generally preparing the site.

At which point he realised that he hadn't budgeted for the large amount of landscaping needed to make the area suitable for the fair. Unfortunately for him this realisation came a bit too late as he'd already bankrupted himself.

In stepped the state and offered to buy the land and everything on it for a reasonable amount of money (ok, they practically stole it off of him but John didn't realise this) . Anyway several months passed and the people of Garton now have a lovely fair to spend their weekends at (even if the balloon rides mean passing through a large cloud of smog)


Right what's next. Well Glenningtons growth stalled by the surrounding farm lands its time to look at some of the other sett.....

What do you mean we have a problem?

What sort of problem?

Oh for the love of god can't they just walk to work, stupid traffic issues!

Right change of plan, apparently Glennington is gridlocked in most places. I'm pretty sure their just being picky lets take a look at the data vie....


Ok maybe we don have a problem. Right I have a plan. Were going to turn that road from Hayley to Nielton-on-Sand (grit) into a ring road. Fast forward a few months and we have a finished ring road. Now lets take a look at it shall we, seeing as I've already forgotten what this entry was meant to be about anyway.

Starting in Nielton makes sense, so here you can see the new road branching off towards Schulman Bay.


Moving into Schulmans Bay you can see the upgraded hairpin road leading from the cliffs down into the town. Makes a pretty nice road to drive on as well which fits in well with the holiday town that Schulmans Bay is.


Next we move into Cape Glen and take a look at Hayley's Gap, the only place where the ridge was suitable enough to cross, connecting Glennington to Schulman Bay and Nielton-on-Sand.


Now with some of the new roads looked at we can see what affect these changes and the many intersection improvements had on the traffic issues in Glennington.


Ahhhh much better, now they'll hopefully stop moaning. Anyway while were talking about traffic networks lets take a Ariel look at the whole ring-road that snakes its way around the island. Here you can see our data view of it with the roads in white. I'm not going to lie though, I'm not sure what some of the traffic planners were doing with some of the route that they took but hell it seems to work so lets not complain.


Finally for this entry, despite warnings from my financial advisor, someone requested a look at my personal bank accoun.... I mean town budgets. Arranged from highest to lowest monthly income.

As you can see there all making a profit apart from Sepen Head but their not losing that much so they'll be fine.


Right that's all for today. Join me next time when I may have remembered what the hell this update was meant to be about in the first place.






replies from entry 5:

ultramegatiny: Thanks, glad you like the small village work opportunities are fairly high even if quality of life isn't lol.

replies from entry 6:

Mymyjp: Yup that it does. Much to Hielton-on-Grit's annoyance.

Schulmanator: Thanks, glad you didn't mind me butchering your name for a place name lol and happy that you like the resulting settlement.

Glenni: Well I hadn't planned that at all if it makes you feel any better lol. Don't worry things do get a little better in this entry, I promise you.

Tonraq: And entirely unintentional/accidental as I hadn't realised that they did until you pointed it out.

Entry 7: Edumacating Glennington!

Right lets see where were we. Oh yeah screwing up Glennington. Oh well lets carry on then. Right now I'm not sure this entry is going to be easy to introduce so screw it, were going to dive right in with this residential and commercial expansion to Glennington based on absolutely no real reason other than the fact that we thought as Glennington was quickly overtaking Garton Bay as the most populous town, that we should probably copy most of the other towns in the world and create some sort of commercial business district.


Brilliant, lots of residential plots surrounding what were sure will be a a thriving and successful business area for the growing town.

So several months later

Ta da!


Oh for the love of god not again. Well as you can clearly see something went hideously wrong (not my fault I'm sure). Don't worry though I'm sure some new Industrial development won't harm the citizens any more than the existing industry and might help with all the unemployment and increasing the harbour always helps the state.


Anyway this still didn't really help the whole development issues that we were having with our new CBD so it was back tot he drawing board.

Fast forward another couple of months and some further research into successful town planning shows that maybe we should edumacate our citizens. (because obviously this wasn't obvious at all).


So anyway here's a image of our states first centre of education, including a school for the kids, a library (Strngely enough given that I'm not sure most of the citizens can read the library has a lot of books checked out. We can only assume it has a large stock of picture books). and a town administration centre (yes I know architectural similarities again). no longer do you need that rather dodgy home schooling, well ok, at least if you live in Glennington anyway. If you live elsewhere your a bit screwed.


And by jove what do you know, it worked. Now you can see our bustling centre of commerce for the whole state and also some nicer housing popping up. You can also see another farmers market similar to the one in Hayley, reports have shown that customers who shop regularly at these farmer markets have improved health. God knows how that works but apparently it does.

Anyway, with edumacation beginning to help balance out the large amounts of pollution generated by the town (hey, you can't have it all) life in the continually growing Glennington was beginning to look up.

So that's it for this entry. We'll leave you however, with this rather random image of the small village of Adbury which if you can't remember is just north of Mt Hayley.


No one seems sure what happened here as it was the only settlement in the entire area (OOC: Central Garton/ Mt Hayley tile) that seemed to get a boom of middle class housing which never seemed to have sold and instead, has turned it from a nice wealthy village into a perfect example of class divide, with crammed in lower classes occupying half the buildings and the middle class that did buy the houses, occupying the rest. Still, their paying taxes so were not really that bothered, it was just a bit of a weird development.

Till next time





From Entry 2:

AprilAero: Thanks glad you like it!

From Entry 5:

Tonraq: Don't worry I'm sure hes fine. At least he doesn't have to worry about sand getting everywhere now.

Mymyjp: Thanks I'm glad you like the narration and that it makes you chuckle.

Nielsc007: I'm glad you think so. Would hate for you to be disgruntled in any way


Entry 6: Schulman Bay's delights and then Glennington

Right well today we have a bit of both loveliness and then some not so loveliness. Starting off continuing in a westward direction from Nielton-on-Sand (or Nielton-on-Grit (thanks Nielsc007) as it's locally called due to the distinct lack of actual sand), where we come to this lovely little valley and cove.


Needless to say, with residents streaming in form out of the state of Garton it wasn't long before a small settlement sprung up here. Completely the opposite of Nielton this small settlement sprung up as a place of relaxation and fun. Below we'll see some of the images of the small oceanside resort and what makes it such a nice area.

First off we have what is probably the most obvious and striking feature of the area in the form of Schulman's Stacks. Several stacks of hard rocks just off the headland above the town.


The town itself, as you can see here is nicely nestled between the steep sides of the of the valley with winding roads up the sides of each leading to the farmland above.


The other local landmark is the states first proper hotel in the form of Schulman Cliffside Manor (ok we really need more architects). Also up here you can see some amazing views from the watchtower located next to the hotel. Just try not to fall off the cliff. The traffic into the area is pretty gridlocked and I'm not sure it has its own ambulance.


Anyway before we move onto taking a quick look at the next settlement we'll take a look at an overview of Schulman Bay which as you can see, due to the terrain isn't a patchwork of farmland like the other places we've visited.


Anyway moving on from Schulman Bay we come to the large spur of land at the end of Garton Island known as Cape Glenn. The north side of the mouth that leads to the huge natural harbour that Garton is situated on. A place of distinct change between the rugged north side, constantly bashed by the strong waves of the Pacific Ocean to the smooth and calm south side sheltered from the waves.


This smooth sheltered and mostly flat land was perfect for an area to house an increasing population and quickly a sprawling town was formed.


unfourtunately as you can see this quick growing sprawl did have a couple of issues. First was that with so much land available we needed to make sure we could power the damn thing so a coal plant was built. Then on top of this rapid growth mean that we need to provide jobs and the most efficient way to do that was to continue to expand the industrial waterfront. As you can also see this continued industrial growth still isn't enough to stem the tide of unemployment and is causing a large amount of pollution to be thrown up above the town.

Still I suppose you can't make a omelette without breaking a few eggs (plus coal is cheap and produces a nice amount of power unlike them useless wind turb... what do you mean I'm not meant to say that? Not my fault its more cost effective and means more money comes into my... I mean the towns coffers

Alright I'll shut up now.)

Anyway join me next time when we continue to screw with Glennin... I mean develop Glennington and its surrounding areas.






Mymyjp: That's going to be one expensive tab but ok, we'll notify you when a property becomes available or we can find a suitable tenant to boot out.

NielsC007: Thanks this entry may interest you .

Entry 5: Nielton-on-Sand

(OOC: Just a quick note. I've decided that in my CJ distances are double that of the normal SC4 normal. This menas that I'm treating my large city tiles as 8kmx8km (instead of 4kmx4km), my medium ones as 4kmx4km (instead of 2kmx2km) and so on.)

Right lets see, last time we left off we had expanded south creating Sepen. Well today we head north and look at the founding and growth of Nielton-on-Sand.

Situated north east of Mt Hayley (above Tipton) along this rugged coastline Nielton-on-Sand was settled in the small bay in the centre of the map.


Initially founded as a small port for the north side of the island the fact that unlike Garton Bay, where its sheltered , Nielton-on-Sand took a pier based approach to its dock to try and minimise the amount of wave power that will be hitting the ships by having it dock alongside a pier rather than alongside the dock.

In the next picture you can see what I mean along with the small industrial area and housing that make up some of the town of Nielton-on-Sand.


Now over time as is normal with a settlement the town expanded and more and more people arrived and moved into the region. Unfortunately, some idiot got carried away with housing all the eager new residents arriving by sea and decided not to expand the industry in the area and seeing as no one seemed to want to buy food and stuff at all, this happened.


Yer oppps, we may have a issue. No worries though I have a solution, not like anyone's going to actually want to use that small strip of beach that's left anyway. I mean I'm pretty sure there's signs restricting swimming, well probably, so we'll turn that into more harbour and increase the farmland throughout the area. That should help (ironically enough though Nielton-on-Sand is now no longer anywhere near any sand. Go figure).

You can also see the newly formed Garton Shipping Administration building just above the harbour. Apparently though when you have a total regional population of around 12k you don't have much choice in architects as the building looks exactly the same as both of Mayor Poppins houses.


Well at least the whole unemployment's fixed. Pity no one can actually get to their jobs anymore to make use of the whole employment options. Looks like I should probably fix this traffic problem too. Not like linking this town to Garton Bay via Welbourne and Hayley's Descent (it'll also shut them up. They've been moaning about the fact that Hayley's Ascent has a road and they don't for a while now).


Anyway some time passed and with the connections to Garton Bay finished, the area around Nielton-on-Sand finished filling with rolling fields. You can also maybe just about make out the tiny village of Linsand, where you can find a nice beach regularly used by the residents of Nielton-on-Sand to unwind (seeing as it actually has sand and all that).


Right well that's it for now though seeing as its the 5th entry I've decided to show you all a updated regional view showing the tiles that have been started so far. The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that the map has changed a little in the bottom left corner and this is due to me wanting to have the choice to expand the region size later if I want to while still retaining it as a coastal region. I also changed some other small bits but nothing that affects any tiles that have already been shown.


Right so that's all for today's entry.

Till next time





Mymyjp: Thanks I'm glad your enjoying watching me try and resolve problems as they arise. As you said a lot of things are plop and show which look great but I prefer looking into a growing region and its issues.

indecisive_compulsive: Thanks and I'm really glad your enjoying the farms. I too love watching cities grow surrounded by farmland (probably due tot he fact that I live in the country without a huge city by me).

ffstg24: Thanks, I'm glad you like the small town look. Hopefully they'll grow soon enough but don't worry there's plenty more room int he region for more small towns.

JP Schriefer: Glad your enjoying it and the traffic issues are probably due to having no roads int he region and mostly only single routes into places lol.

Entry 4: Goodbye Hayley, Hello Sepen.

Right well today, with the problems from the last entry behind us we can safely move on to continuing to spread our small community out.

First things first though here's Hayley all farmed and ready to go. Unfortunately the area is pretty large so I had to do it in two pictures (useless helicopter couldn't fly any higher.) but it should still give you an idea of how the area looks.

Firstly we can see the the East side of Hayley (facing South) showing the towns of Pendrington, Hayley's Descent, Wellbourne, Tipton and Kilinton respectively (from top to bottom) surrounded by lovely open farmland (apart from Tipton which has a dump outside it).


Moving to the West (again facing South) you can see the towns of Hayley, Hayley's Ascent, Tineaton (pronounced Tiny-ton and the smallest settlement in the region that we've actually bothered naming so far), Adbury and Shore Regis with the two halfs of the area divided by Hayley's Ridge. Also Adbury woods can be seem to the North-East of Adbury, another attempt to please the hipp..... I mean environmentalist's.


Anyway with Hayley done and dusted we can move onto arguably the most pleasant place to live in the whole region so far, Sepen Head. Immediately west of Garton Bay (so south of Hayley), here's what it used to look like when it was even more pleasant.


As you can see the area has several interesting features. Namely the 'head' of land that gives the area its name, the spit of land that helps to create the Garton Bay area and the sandbar formed behind the rocks just off the head.

Anyway it didn't take long for us to capitalise on the nice surroundings situated in the area, with what could probably just about pass as a resort town springing up.


Now as you can see, despite the emphasise being on a relaxing place for the residents of the Garton region to visit we still didn't skimp on wasting space that could be used for farming so that's still relevant here but unlike most of the region so far this place has usable and nice beaches and a lean towards commercial ventures over industrial (though again there is a small industrial estate as the town is fairly large and needed the jobs).

Probably easier for me to show this in a closer photo rather than try and explain it with words so here's the photo of the main town of Sepen and its sand bar and headland. As you can see the commercial areas can be seen in the centre of town and down by the beach. Also of note is Mayor Poppins holiday house (the one thats surrounded by trees on the hill behind the town) and the park behind it with its lookout tower allowing you to see the surroundings area pretty well. The small bay at the bottom of the photo and the shallows between the mainland and the sandbar also make lovely places to take little ones for swims as the waters are fairly shallow here. Just please be careful of the rather obvious shelf as it gets a hell of a lot deeper on the other side.


Other than this, the last photo I have to show you today is one of the spit of land that forms Garton Sands. With house prices here being almost double pretty much anywhere else in the regions its not surprising to find that the beaches here are almost always busy and thriving and a very popular form of relaxation for the residents of Garton Bay. Of course all the popularity isn't very welcomed by the homeowners of Garton Sands who generally think of themselves as above the rest of the region but screw it. If they weren't intelligent enough to realise that it was going to be a busy place then that's their fault not ours.


Anyway that's it for another entry from Garton and now were back on track lets hope we can continue the wave of expansion for the next few entries.






Abrams: Thanks glad your enjoying it. I like creating rural areas in sc4 too.

Mymyjp: Thanks glad your enjoying the vanilla style of the CJ. I determined to see if we can get a nice looking city with it.

Eclipiticalstorm: Thanks and we can only hope so but I think at the moment that's a little way off lol.

mb1.0.2: Hey MB glad to see your still around here as well and I'm glad that your enjoying it and finding inspiration even with just vanilla content.

ROFLyoshi: Thanks, I'm really enjoying being back!

cardiomonkey: Thanks, glad you consider it worthy of the front page and hope you continue to check back as we develop!

Casper3141: Thanks, got to get the sims some food from somewhere!

Entry 3: Gridlocked rubbish

Well were back and this entry will show that, even with a good plan in place, sometimes things can screw that up for you.

So what was this plan?

To fill up the rest of the tile of Central Garton.

What actually happened?

Well it started off well, with more farms and snaking streets continuing to fill up the area. In fact, it went so well, that the local farmers decided that they needed some central place to sell their produce leading to a farmers market being opened up in Hayley (yet again proving that Hayley was a more sound idea than Hayleys Descent and Hayleys Ascent).

However as this following image shows there was a slightly rubbish problem building up in town.


Yup rubbish.

Now, seeing as, (despite the stupidity of some of the residents of Garton) someone was probably before long going to realise that the rubbish they were leaving out wasn't actually being collected by anyone and that might lead them to get a bit annoyed.

Mind you as you can imagine, they didn't really want the proposed tip on their back door so we had to find another place for it.

This was the solution


Welcome to what is probably quite literally the most rubbish place to live in Gaton, Tipton. Originally just a landfill, the small amount of factories sprung up next ( because screw it, the area already has a landfill a little more pollution isn't going to hurt) and then slowly housing inevitably followed.

Now we did try to make it a little bit better by adding the recycling centre but by and large it obviously isn't the best place to live.

Anyway with that problem out of the way another one arose. Apparently 4,000+ people and lorries trying to use basic streets doesn't exactly cut it (go figure huh?) as this data graph shows.


Yes we have problems.

So, before the traffic ground entirely to a halt we replaced the route between Hayley and Garton Bay (the town in the other tile) with a nice shiny new road which as you can see definitely helped.


Also while we were at it (and also because not everyone likes data maps) here's a look at the general traffic lighted crossing improvements that took place all over Garton in an attempt to stop everyone trying to use the intersection at one, in another new town called Killinton.


Right so them problems mostly solved for now. Sorry the entry was a little bit on the boring side but I wanted to show you how were tryign to cope with issues as they arise in the game.

Hopefully next time we'll actually finish Central Garton up.

Till then




Entry 2: Mt Hayley


vallamir: Yep, very small at the moment uope to see some steady growth throughout this CJ.

jmsepe: Thanks and lets hope it follows its start.

cardiomonkey: Yep I will definitely be expanding slowly and steadily as, seeing things grow naturally is my most enjoyable element of the game and others CJ's

Schulmanator: Thanks and I'm glad to be back.

Mymyjp: Thanks and I hope you enjoy the growth of the region.

Entry 2: Mount Hayley

Right, welcome back. Today were heading north from our small town to take a look at the centre of the island, which as you can see fromt his image is dominated by a very obvious landmark.


This would be Mt Hayley. Named after the local resident Hayley Keaton, when she decided to drunkedly make a bet that she could easily be the first person to scale it. This, she amazingly enough (given that she still very drunk when she set off) managed to do leaving a very impressed Mayor Poppins to name the the landmark after her.

Rather ironically however Hayley had sobered up considerably by the time she'd reached the summit and upon looking down remembered she was terrified of heights and had to be rescued by some more experienced climbers before she could make her descent, hence why you can see emergency flares in the above image.

Anyway, as the area featured a large amount of relatively flat terrain, farms popped up like daisy's and have so far spread around the entire south side of the mountain and its adjoining ridge.

As for actual residencies there are four named ones in the area.

To the South East of Mt Hayley, Hayleys Descent, which is the sister and rival town to Hayley's Ascent with both being settled by people who coudlnt agree on whether the point where they drunkedly cheered Hayley on at the start of the climb or the point where they worridely greeted her on her return trip down was more important, can be seen here alongside the small town of Pendrington


Whereas, to the South West you can see the aforementioned Hayley's Ascent and the town of Hayley (founded by people who were more intent on founding a town in a sound geographical location rather than on some local woman).


As you can see the area around Hayley and Hayleys Ascent seems to have spread a lot more successfully than the area around the other two towns but this is mostly down to the town of Hayley rather than Hayleys Ascent being the right place to celebrate the local Heroine, despite what the residents of Hayleys Ascent might tell you.

Anyway other than that the only real other thing of note is Pendrington Woods located just south of Pendrington as a attempt to appease environmentally minded residents by Mayor Poppins after building the coal power plant (interestingly enough you can see the Mayor had no qualms about placing power pylons throguh the forest though so that energy could be supplied from the coal power plant rather than the area having to provide their own. You can also see farmer Maggues radio tower converted from a old power pylon that used to help provide energy to the otherside of the forest before farmland surrounded it. Its also the first radio station of the whole area).


Anyway that's all I have for now so here's a image of some lovely rural spread for you all till next time.







A look into city building without any fluff


Right lets get the important bits out of the way first.

This is a vanilla CJ. (no, not even NAM). I just want to see what sort of city you can get when you don;t use any mods or CC at all, while still making (or at least attempting too) it look nice. Other rules include these:

-Each city started on hard

-No cheating (exception below)

-Can use God Mode cheat to replant trees because, despite trying to leave gaps in my farmland it still deletes all the bloody trees when they develop and like hell I'm waiting for the damn trees to grow in mayor mode.

-Must attempt to grow the region naturally without being like: Yay here's a flipping huge city with absolutely nothing around it for several hundred miles for no actual reason (unless of course I decide its going to be Las Vegas which I won't)

Anyway rules out of the way lets get started. Oh and please don't expect a massively thorough storyline to it. Sure I want to make the writing enjoyable and actually give the city some life but I don;t want to be restricted by the storyline either.

So, for the 2 people who are still vaguely more interested in this than what's under their fingernails. Welcome to Garton!

Entry 1: We found a city!

(not to be confused with the found in lost and found, as that would be cheating)

Or we'll at least a small bayside town by the end of this entry (a city would be pushing it a bit)

Right now, for reasons that no one seems to quite know about this piece of land appeared several years ago somewhere off the coast of America (I thinking maybe up north on the West side not that it really matters.). Now humans being humans it wasn't long before they'd explored the new area and decided, for no real reason that makes any sense to settle the area and claim it for their own.

This is the area in question:


Now, despite many of you probably thinking that the big bay in the middle of the map would make a nice place to settle along, what with the easy transport connections to the edge of the map and all you'd all be wrong.

Of course the best place to settle is on the big island in the north-west with connections to the rest of the country via a small ferry so that is what they did, under the leadership of a bloke called Mr Garton (who ironically enough, quickly decided that most of the township were idiots and promptly left to find a better life elsewhere, leaving a Mayor Poppins in charge (OOC: Basically I screwed up with naming the Mayor)).

Anyway I'm getting ahead of myself so here's a aerial image of the area the first town has been built in..


As you can see, the choice wasn't completely idiotic with a nice sheltered bay to ship in and out of as well as realtively flat ground to build on and as such a small town quickly took root, mainly focussed around agriculture with a bit of processing here and there. This is what the town looked like as the population hit 1000, shortly after Mayor Poppin ran out of excuses as to where the excess money from taxes was going and decided to appease them with a clinic and a fire station.


Fast forward a couple more years and as people slowly filled the area surrounding the bay a need to improve the infrastructure was decided upon. Now, with the town making a fair bit of extra cash Mayor Poppin in his infinite wisdom decided to splash out a bit of the town funds on a nice new, not in any way at all shiny building to help it grow.

Let's see if you can see it from this overview of how the town currently looks.


Did you see it? The not so shiny coal power plant. Yup Mayor Poppins a genius. Power too last the town a fair while given that suddenly, thanks to the black fumes belching from the power plant and an increasing industrial harbour, people aren't finding it the most inviting place anymore.

Anyway in case you couldn't see it in the above image, here's a closer look at the town.

Despite the above problems though south of the bay isn't too bad a place to live with some nice beach-front property (just don't swim in the black water ok).


Anyway, if you don't want to live next to the power plant you can always move into on the many small farming communities popping up all over the place. Provided that is you can understand a single word anyone that live in them say.


Anyway hope you liked the small introduction to our little town, join us next time when we jump ship and abando... I mean spread out and further explore our surroundings in an attempt to continue (hopefully) growing our community here in Garton.





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