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The multicultural peninsula of the European Union

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As pretty much everything is still under construction, I thought I'd show you a small collection of interchanges. Highways/Freeways/Motorways seem to be quite popular on this forum. The express road network in Wermland consists of Expressautobahnen, abbreviated as EAB. They are all under the administration of the Federal Ministry of Transportation (Bundesministerium für Verkehr).


2,0 An urban "Anschlussstelle" (German: Connection Area) in the special ward of Yannick. It could also be referred to as an Autobahnkreuz (German: Motorway Crossing). This motorway is part of the City Ring in the Capital Region.


2,1 The large Autobahnkreuz of Yannick, this interchange marks the start of the EAB towards the new international airport and Nordland. The other two "arms" belong to the City Ring.


2,2 Urban Development along the City Ring in Yannick. Due to lack of space, a lot of residential areas have to be built next to the autobahn itself. Sound walls are added as protection against noise. This particular particular strip has six lanes because it is close to a entry/exit point. Usually the autobahnen in Wermland only have four lanes due to lack of space.


2,3 The "Dreieck" (German: Triangle) is the most common form of interchanges in Wermland. This one is located in Takeda-Shi, Midland and forms the lower part of the City Ring in the Capital Region.


2,4 A major interchange located in the suburbs of West-Carlstadt prefecture, Midland. This junction is the crossing of the Autobahn towards the airport and the City Ring.


2,5 This interchange connects the eastern suburbs, the new international airport and the state Lestaria. It is located in the city centre of Nico. The city hall is the building on the left side. A future densely populated urban area, hence the many sound walls and little space. It is the most compact four-way interchange in the country.


2,6 An "Anschlussstelle" in the suburbs of Carstadt, also located in Nico prefecture. Due to low visibility (due to lack of space), on and off ramps play a vital role in such areas, they are usually very long which enables a safe exit and entry.


2,7 An Anschlussstelle in Goetheburg. The messy network here is a product of a large seaport, hilly terrain and a narrow land area towards the sea.


2,8 Sometimes the interchanges get interesting forms in urban areas and where land is scarce. This is the junction at the port of Yannick, part of the City Ring.

Next time I will post built up enviroment!


2,9 Current overview of the Capital Region. All the Mayor names ending with "Von Carlstadt" belong to the Capital Region, and represent the nine Special Wards. As you can see, there is still a massive amount of work left, and I name every school, street, park, hospital etc., to make the areas more unique, so it takes a bit of time.

Thank you for taking your time! :)

/ Johan


Happy new year and Welcome to the Federal Republic of Wermland

(Bundesrepublik Wermland, Förbundsrepubliken Wermland, 連邦共和国ウェルムランド)

I decided to delete the old Journal and start up fresh and publish more continuously (it is a new year after all). I will give more explanation about its history, culture and politics and tell the stories of this state as time goes on, but first let us take a look of what will be presented in this journal.

General Data about Wermland

  • Capital City (and largest city): Carlstadt
  • Official Languages: German, English, Swedish and Japanese
  • Area: 1600 km² (618sq miles)
  • Divisions: Four federal states, one capital region and special administrative areas
  • Current population: 100 000 (projected ~ 4000 0000)
  • Drives on the right
  • Metric System
  • Head of State: President
    Head of Government: Chancellor


1,0 The Flag of The Republic


1,1 Coat of Arms of the Republic. Motto: Concordia (lat. Harmony/with one heart)


1,2 A topographic map of the country and its prefectures


1,3 Political Division of Wermland

- A prefecture is a 'large city tile' and the special wards are the divisions of the capital city Carlstadt.

- The boroughs are the subdivisions of Carlstadt and designated cities (the large ones)

- Kreise area rural areas within a prefecture and a city is a larger urban area within a prefecture.

- Quarters are the smallest subdivisions of a borough and towns and villages are the smallest subdivisions of the "Kreise"

The Special Administrative Areas are collectively administered.

The states have their own ministries regarding local transport, education, security, utilities, taxes and local laws etc.

The federal level administers federal roads, railways, airports, major laws etc.


1,4 The central square in Christinerhaven, the capital of the northernmost state of Nordland


1,5 Central areas of City, Special Ward Mitte, Carlstadt, Capital Region

Thank you for your attention!

/ Johan

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