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Manifest for Asian City Journals

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Coffee Break


Welcome, to this Coffee break you all! I've got Rem Koolhaas here with me, we'll be soon enough discussing skyscrapers in Asia, but for new enjoy!



1- Current Progress on City Tile 2


2- Rural Scenes (non linked) I've been doing more "rural" cities, one of which located in a foggy valley.. it is crossed by the "Jade Line"



Have a great weekend Simtropians! See you soon with "Skyscrapers, or how I stopped worrying and love the image"




Sexyshark;P : Thanks a lot!


Jmsepe : Ahh you see! I told you on skype!

NielsC007 : Thank you!

Sunwoo : Thank you, actually it's an old city from last year I went to modifiy :P

TekindusT ; Yay! Hopefully this will also please you

Tankmank : Thank you!

Carl : Yeah, I had them in mind, but what is done in Korean suburbs aswell

Asyk8er : Thank you, it's mainly about designing your city, then coming back to it, and wondering what may have changed given it's situation.









Rating and comments are really appreciated! especially if ther eis anyone who read the first updates but didn't get it, let me know if this is clear :)




LnX : Well In the update there, it was fairly similar, but the city doesn't change much when it comes to pictures, you could put the same comment on this update if you wanted, it's more about what you do with th e picture, what they mean and show, what I've tried to explain in the first update.

Tonraq : I'll try to do a thing about Rem Koolhaas and asian cities on here

Mymyjp : Thanks a lot! I'm happy you liked it! well now we shall see what did happen to that city

Tankmank : Thanks a lot! well you won't see it in this update, since this is more of a case study of a suburb! but other updates will be very explicit

JP Schriefer : Nice! thank you

And to all you reading! Happy New year!! :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:









Hope you liked this update, comments, advice etc are more than welcome


1.0 Situation



KonstantinII : Yes, more of an urbanist view

Jmsepe : Thanks!

Mymyjp : Thank you, here is the beginning

elavery: Thank you for your comment, for me LE gives a fake appearance of life, it seems to all be set up, it lacks the authenticity I am searching for in my experiment, now don't get me wrong your lotting is beautiful, and I've done tons of lotting for this, Lotting creates an atmosphere, but you can't lot a whole city, it's a totally different in scale, part of the uncertainty with this, is that everything may be "coherent" but without atmosphere..we shall see ;).. and concerning the grid I totally agree with you!








Hope you liked this first update, comments, advice etc is more than welcome to set the CJ up!


Discussion & Construct


Discussion & Construct

Before I even begin, let me all wish you a merry Christmas to you and your family, may this be a golden week for you all!


Thank you all very much for the response, I am flattered by the informed responses I've received, and I'm happy that we can lay this for an interesting discussion

:) rather than answer you one by one, I'll make a grouped answer that will (hopefully) answer your questions!

I do get that the way this is going to be done is certainly special, and some of you have questionned the feasibility of such an operation.

In a comment LnX said "Look at Japanese highways and innercity highways, they are curving and weaving stretches of tunnels, elevated roads and overpasses. Or complicated intersections and buildings curving around one corner of the intersection." Indeed I am all to familiar with the complexity of the infrastructure these countries have, in my work for Hong Kong getting to the essence was an important part, a sort of abstraction. The idea being to represent that this area is complex, rather than represent it, in all it's complexity.

This brings me to a definition or realism in Sim City, how far can realism go, what is the limit? The question of realism was asked by many, and to say realism in Sim City will be conditioned by essence that I've noted about above.

In my Hong Kong recreation realism was symbolic. Not all the streets where correct, nor where all the buildings, to say it was an approximation would be a lie, but the element of compromise is central, I take for example Connaught Road in Hong Kong, in Sim City I operated an abstraction, on of putting 2 NWM roads and an elevated avenue.


About the grid in a comment by Kisa Atsuko the question of the grid is central, I hope my answer on essentiality in an uban approach in the game made it clear. Apropos the grid the grid is a urban condition and relation to nature man has. the grid is a dominance of cartesian thought. Cities in Europe aswell as Asia use the grid, Beijing and old Edo as Carl pointed out. And I am a fan of Kisa's attempt at breaking the grid, but I don't think the answer to the question I posed about "character of the city" lies i whether the grid is used or not, nor in the BAT's as Tankmank pointed out.

I can imagine the concept is fluffy and somewhat confusing, I do think after a few updates on my approach with actual made content will be understandable

However if I had to resume my concept in one phrase, it would be "An apporoach to a SC4 city based on analysis and inspiration of existing urban forms and history with an essential approach to create a coherent and structured lively city, with making that structure easily identifiable and understandable."


So without further explanations, let's get dirty! I'm a masochist, yes! I'm an architect, and architects are masochists? yes! of course.. all this to say I would like you to impose me certain elements, in order to create a situation to start the work from, a sort of context..

Nothing more than a map, with only water and maybe mountains, I will look myself, but I will gladly go with a map you propose as long as they can be built on and seem natural (Islands, bays, creeks, peninsulas etc...)

Stay tuned! and I hope you will find this an interesting point of view on an Asian CJ! I leave you with this representation of underground flux in Beijing





Manifest for Asian City Journals


Asian City Journals are in a critical state, one in which they seem to be an endless suburb cities without structure, cities with no soul, cities built by certain builders seem hard to distinguish from others.


Facing Asian cities, the Asian city journaler has trouble to find common ground, the Asian city fascinates as much as it troubles us with it's scale that is often hard to recreate in our game. And laying the claim that the cities are « chaotic » is a simple answer, if we are to create a coherent city journal, we must tackle the Asian city and what it stands for and it's reason for existence as contradictory as they are.

Between seemingly mundane district titles, a proliferation of buildings by similar builders ends in repetitiveness and a lack of soul by the cities the creators intended to design, this surely goes against their original meaning of their work, although their execution sometimes near perfection. The Cjer must connect their city journal with outer spheres, and images from a world that is outside of the one of their city journal, and inject this imagery in it, needless to say context is key


Extensive analysis of the cities that are posed as models must serve as a basis and understanding of the cities as a precise clockworck that result from socio-économic causes. The Cjer should make the clear the formation of his city, aswell as it's history and functioning.


Asianess will make the invisible become visible indulge the city journal with identity and wit and authenticity, we must not build the city with scenes that are obviously fake, but aim to a structured element, even if realistically impossible to finish, such is the goal of Asianess, imagination is part of the construct of the city, in a relation the reader has with the CJ.

Technicality with little soul is not acceptable for Asianess, nor is a city that proliferates the image of the typical japanese suburb or stereotypical « asianess » with temples, high-rises etc.. Asianess must neither be a form of mimic, one in which we imitate a city, or create a collage of existing urban forms, facing such complex cities, creativity is key.


I pose Asianess as a turning point in the way I have played Sim City and how one may publish city, it is the result of my recreation of Hong Kong and over a hundred updates on diverse other asian CJ's aswell as personal interest in cultural theory and urbanism, it is the fruition of concepts I have tried by the past.

Asianess will follow the design of a key city in my past CJ "Okatabawashi", it will follow the Okatabawashi-City greater region and aim to reveal the clockwork one may find behind a city of many millions. The City Journal as a tool.



Feedback on this concept is more than welcome



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