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The city of Recife

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About this City Journal

Daily tales from a colorful, ever-evolving city in Ládice.

Entries in this City Journal



Recife is a large agglomerate of cities that became one city of its own to make things easier. Things aren't that easy, however. The city is divided by a long wall that separates the east coast from the west. Inequality is rampant and only those lucky enough to be born on the east get to live in comfort. Those on the west end up having to live with high crime, inequality and uncertainty. The city is divided by 15 more-or-less autonomous regions that were the previous cities that "came together". For the past 15 years, the division has been in effect, and its consequences are clearly visible. In a country still in development, having such a large city's society being separated could only mean disparaging differences.

This City Journal will tell the stories of people living in both sides of Recife. A lot needs to be built, a lot needs to be written, but slowly and surely I will come here with Recife's progress.

I hope you like this idea and whatever I build.


Moving up

Josh was confused. The interview went well, everyone seemed pleased, and then he was hired. But he said he wanted to be close to his house... Why would the zipcode be in Rockport? Even the damned building was named Aurora. "No matter", he thought, "the pay is good".

Turns out Josh was only two subway stops away from the Aurora building, part of Aurora city but still paying taxes to Rockport. "Ugh, this place is confusing", he said to himself.

Rockportians weren't only famous for being confusing, there was something else Josh would soon learn about this city: parking is hell.


The price of fortune

Liam never thought getting through the wall would get him here. He imagined great opportunities, affordable education, a thriving society. What he found seemed a little harsher than that. If you're in, you're in. If you're out, well, you shouldn't have come in the first place.

His job as waiter would have to do. Maybe he should've kept to being a doctor on the west.


Hightown traffic

Linda was now definitely thinking of a divorce. After repeatedly pleading that his husband wouldn't move them from the island to Hightown, there they were, with a stunning view and nothing else. With little money left, that beautiful new apartment just seemed empty and depressing.

Now, that normally wouldn't concern Linda. She's always enjoyed some dinner parties with their friends in Hightown, where the balcony lets you see the mountain and the docks. The thing is their daughter was only 5, and would now have no parks to play in. Rob would have his job right next to him, but she would still have to go to the island every day to teach. He had asked her to just quit, but not working would probably make her crazy.

But the worst part... The worst part was traffic. There weren't enough connections between Hightown and the old center, and every day Linda would be jammed trying to get past that useless highway to finally get to downtown and drive down the express way.

Little did Linda know, along with many of her neighbors, that the highway wasn't that useless after all. The few who realized the right entrances would take five minutes to get to their workplace while thousands of others squished themselves together in small avenues and streets.

Life in Aurora can be frustratingly stressful sometimes.


Hello, Aurora

And after a month of struggling, Tony finally made it to paradise. The golden Aurora region. Leaving from Novak hadn't been easy, and at some moments, he thought he wouldn't make it. At some moments, he questioned if leaving was worth it. Maybe Novak could get better too. But all of that didn't matter anymore. He'd made it.

Tony met his uncle, John, and settled in the city. What a view.

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