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About this City Journal

Set in the aspiring sovereign nation of Cascadia in the Pacific Northwest

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hey zeus

At a population of 74,159 Chehalis is the Largest city in Gray's Harbor County. Manufacturing, R&D, and white collar office jobs are mostly clustered around the downtown area. The city is made up of individual neighborhoods, each with it's own flavor and mix of small businesses.



Downtown is home to several high-rise buildings clustered along the waterfront. While not as small and quaint as nearby Gray's Harbor, the city maintains a small town vibe with its compact, walkable downtown and mutual respect amongst all citizens.


Salish Square is in the middle of downtown and attracts business people from nearby offices looking to get a breath of fresh air during their workday.


Parks and community gardens providing free produce to neighborhood residents are common. Sense of community and a 'we're all in this together' attitude permeate throughout the city's neighborhoods.


Westminster College(named for my alma mater) lies south of downtown and has far fewer students than Pacifica University. The school prides itself on small class sizes and it's use of a non-traditional grading system. Classes in the spring are commonly held outdoors and the college hosts a year-round farmer's market each weekend. Of the two main institutions of higher education in the county, Westminster is considered to be a 'Hippy School' where students can frequently be found wearing hemp clothing and birkenstocks.


Gray's Harbor Regional Airport is served by Horizon Air (to Portland, Eugene, Vancouver, and San Francisco) and Air Canada (to Calgary). The airport bills itself as a convenient alternative to Sea-Tac airport in Seattle in an attempt to draw more passengers, but the airport has remained mostly small with most movements made by general aviation aircraft.


Lying on a peninsula to the north of downtown, the Port of Chehalis is the industrial heart of the county. Goods from around the county are shipped by rail to either the Port of Chehalis or the Port of Gray's Harbor to the northeast. With the high demand for more dense housing and office space, the city and county have been considering razing the industrial zone and port to make way for new development. Debates have been plentiful between business leaders, citizens concerned about the city losing its small town vibe, and the city itself. Consensus building is an approach commonly used in the city government, neighborhood input will be taken into consideration, environmental impacts will be filed, and an election on the issue will take place.

hey zeus

1st ever CJ entry

I've been a Sim City player since 1998 and up until now Simtrop has been a great resource for downloadable content. I've considered creating a CJ before but never really quite got around to it, or the idea entered my head once a region was completely built out or I got bored with it.

The region I've been working on for the last week or so is set in the Republic of Cascadia. The Cascadia Independence movement is an actual thing in Oregon, Washington, Southeast Alaska, and British Columbia; I've taken an interest in this idea recently and figured I would build a region set in this (maybe) future country.

The map I chose to build on is of the Olympia, Washington area. The region is fictionally referred to as Gray's Harbor(there's a real Gray's Harbor in Washington btw). I tend to build up one or two core cities in a region(depending on size) and fill in the rest with farms, forests, and suburbs.

The city of Gray's Harbor is the county's namesake and seat of government. The city is somewhat smaller with less of a business presence than the nearby city of Chehalis. Downtown is mostly made up of small businesses along a bustling waterfront.


Most employment in the city is at the publicly owned Pacifica University. The school has it's main academic campus west of downtown atop Lair Hill; while the research campus is located in the city's central quadrant.



Gray's Harbor is well served by a streetcar system. Transit use is high and residents enjoy short commutes. The system operates frequently during the day and late into the night. Most neighborhoods in the city were built with transit, walkability, and quality of life in mind.


Pacifica University is not only the city's primary employer, it's a boon to it's economy. It's programs in science and the arts draw students from around the nation, and it's prestigious research campus provides thousands of jobs to theoretical and quantum physicists, medical researchers, and scientists from nearly every discipline.

To end this first entry is an overview of the city.


Next up: the city of Chehalis


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