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Pegtopia - Peg's CJ

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About this City Journal

Reposted from SimPeg.Com... this is a fictitious journal not to be taken seriously.

Entries in this City Journal




Primary Occupants: Albacore, Mackeral, Cod

Once the regional cultural center and primary hub of inter-regional commerce, Peglantis was considered the 8th Wonder of the World... just barely beating Hoover Dam by 3 votes. Situated on an island 1 mile offshore from the mouth of the mighty Pegissippi, it was ideally located to harbor ships from the sea as well as river traffic from the internal regions.

Long ago, a massive earthquake submerged the island and Peglantis sank beneath the waves. However, through the creative use of caulk... the city was re-occupied 5 years later and remains a thriving community to this day.


Peglantis as it appears today.





Primary Occupants: Hookers, Black Jack Dealers

Located in a remote and rather arid area of Pegtopia, Las Pegas is world-renowned for its themed casinos and other recreational distractions. But what very few have received the memo on, is that this area of the region is also home to many of the region's most top-secret defense facilities.


Shown here is one of the many Air Force facilities in the Las Pegas area. An experimental ICBM (Inter Continental Beer Missile) is clearly visible in one of the silos. Air Force officials claim they are plying Congress for the funds required to complete the other half of the silo complex.

Tourists coming to Las Pegas are strongly advised to stay on the main freeway and avoid side trips on remote, unmarked highways.




Primary Occupants: Upper Middle Class Residential, Mediocre Actors, Commercial

The OC is located in the northern area of Pegtropolis. It began as a small, largely rural bedroom community but has grown absurdedly in the past 40 years. It is commonly believed that the "OC" once stood for 'Orange County' but to those residents who will be born, retire and die... all while stuck in the same traffic jam,  OC definately stands for "Over Crowded!"

The OC was once home to the majestic Orange Tree. For thousands of years, vast herds of Orange Trees roamed the sprawling plains of The OC... literally covering the ground from horizon to horizon. But in the past 40 years, they were all hunted down and killed by housing tract developers... and are now quite extinct.


One of the many postcards found in virtually every giftshop throughout The OC. The photo has obviously been retouched to remove 99.9% of the traffic from the freeway with the remaining vehicles altered to give the illusion of movement.


Pegadyne Industries Research Center... one of the few remaining large employers in the OC that hasn't outsourced

all its production to Kathy Lee Exploitation Services, Inc.

Many find it ironic that local defense contractors now use labor in 3rd world nations

to develop the very weapons systems that will likely be used one day to exterminate them.




Primary Occupants: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Arcodia is an experimental community near the northern border of Pegtopia. It was founded in 1986 by famed naturalist Peter Pinecone on the premise that it is better & more efficient to pack humanity all into one big structure than it is to have them sprawl all over the place and just generally muck up the natural landscape.

The massive structure is called an "Arco"... short for the combined words 'architecture' & 'ecology'.  Packed into one structure are all the residential, recreational, educational, commercial and industrial requirements of a thriving community. Its a lot like the concept of an enclosed moon colony... except no moon.


Aerial photo of the Arcodia community. It is rumored that the happiest trees in the region are in Arcodia because,

naturally, this is where all the Tree Huggers live.




Primary Occupants: Residential, Commercial Service

Extending north from Pegtropolis is the San Pegnando valley. With lovely views of the mountain ranges on both sides, this largely residential area is actually urban sprawl from Pegtropolis that has followed the contours of the valley.


As one of the primary residential areas adjacent to Pegtropolis, transportation & traffic congestion has always been an issue

in the San Pegnando Valley. Multi-dimensional mass transit, as pictured here, has been found to be quite effective.

With the Bullzilla Mod installed, correcting "Urban Boo-Boos" can be quite entertaining. This photo was taken by renowned

photographer Takanara Itchigumi right before Rodan & Mothra showed up, and he was crushed to death during the resulting melee.

Miraculously, his camera survived, found by Raymond Burr as he later combed through the rubble while looking for his contract

as evidence to justify firing his agent.



Primary Occupants: Industrial and Commercial

Located directly east of Pegtropolis is the bustling harbor of San Pegro. This active seaport handles the majority of ship traffic in and out of the region. San Pegro is also home to the regional Navy.


Photo of the Navy Sunmarine facility.


Photo of one of the Navy's fleet carriers in port at San Pegro.



Three of the more popular CDK facilities; the Coast Station, The Rubbish Relocation Dock and everyone's favorite...

The Pegasus Brewery and Beer Dock.


Primary Occupants: High Wealth Commercial Office

World famous for its distinctive skyline, Peghatten is the financial center for the entire region. Unquestionably the most valuable land in the region, it was once home to the Peghican native tribe... who in 1793 sold it to our government for $6 an acre, some beads and a 6-pack of Coors.


Peghatten is home to the tallest building ever built... the Pegabucks Financial Tower... which is the only Stage 10 structure in existance.

The upper 800 floors are pressurized, of course, and astronaut trainning is required to work in or visit floors 1200 and above.


Although Peghatten revels in the notoriety it recieves for its high skyline, it does have its drawbacks...

including its popular nickname... The Monkey Magnet.





Primary Occupants:  Commercial & Residential

As the capitol and primary trade center of the region, Pegtropolis is ideally situated on the banks of the Pegissippi River where it flows into the sea. Inter-regional  trade comes to Pegtropolis from up river as well as from the ocean.

From the tiny colony that was founded in 1620, Pegtropolis has grown to expand along the coasts and inland up to the mountains of the Pegquoia National Park. Pegtropolis is a very dense, urban center consisting primarily of high density commercial and residential structures.


Once the tallest building in the city, the now dwarfed BT Records building is still an icon for the music recording industry.


Pegtropolis is also host to several of the mega-towers that were all the architectural rage several years ago.


The regional government also maintains the presidential retreat, Camp Larry, on the northern outskirts of the city.


Primary Occupants:  Agricultural

To the northeast of the capitol lies Green Acres, the bread basket of the region. Remote from any urban center, this vast agricultural area is a clean & fertile area that is primarily occupied by large farms and collectives.


One of the many prosperous farms in Green Acres.




The year was 1616. The Mother Country was rife with religious prosecution and one particular sect was fed up and decided to leave. Filled with faith & conviction... and far too much rum say some, they decided to leave and head east for a " vast & wondrous land " rumored to be far to the east. They commissioned a sturdy ship for the voyage and loaded it... "over-loaded", say some... with all their worldly possessions. They departed Pegsmith Harbor on September 6th at 4:22 in the afternoon. Eighteen minutes later, in mid-harbor, the top heavy ship over-turned and they all drowned.


Exactly one year later to the date, another religious group departed for the new land... and arrived safely 65 days later on the fog covered western shores of what is now known as Pegalina Island. With much jubilation, they fell to their knees and praised God for this vast & wondrous land they had found.

But the fog on that day fully hid the mainland beyond the island... and the island was a tad on the desolate side. So their leader decreed, "This land is neither vast nor wondrous"... or words to that effect... and they all tore up their brochures in disgust and sailed home.



The following year... a third group set out for the New World. Missing Pegalina Island, they made landfall near the lush forests of the Modern Day Pegquoia National Park. Again, there was much jubilation... and as they were Hari Krishnas... there was also much prancing about and tambourine banging.

But there were no airports in this new land. So they just pranced about aimlessly... banging their tambourines and generally annoying the local wild life. Inside of a month, they were all consumed by wolves and bears.


This group was followed a year later by the next group to lose the Lottery. They left Pegsmith in a stout ship named the April Showers... and landed near Pegmouth Rock near modern day Pegtropolis. As Jehovah's Witnesses, they of course did not celebrate their good fortune... but quickly settled in and built a plain, but functional colony.

They soon discovered several nearby tribes of local friendly natives. But instead of befriending the local natives, they came by their villages everyday, banging on the teepee flaps and trying to hand out pamphlets. Although the pamphlets were far superior to the maize cobs they regularly used & were much appreciated, the natives were still annoyed with their neighbors, eventually rising up and killing them all.


And then, in 1620 aboard the good ship Mayflower (Mayflowers always follow April Showers), a more moderate group of religious folk took off and beached their ship next to where a storm had apparently grounded the derelict April Showers. They moved right into the already-built & abandoned colony... and burned all the leftover pamphlets to stay warm through the approaching Winter.

In the Spring, they made contact with the local natives, assured them that all the pamphlets were gone, and they have remained good friends ever since. Sorta...


The colony thrived, grew and expanded into what we know today as Pegtropolis.... the birthplace and capitol of our great region.


I've received many requests to publish my cities and create a City Journal. I've never before had the time and was always too busy to create a proper journal... and that still remains true.

But I had a few spare minutes and decided it was finally time to share at least one of the regions I have created over the years. And that region would be...


Pegtopia TM was started shortly after the game was released and uses the provided Maxisland regional map. Although many better custom maps are available today, at that time I felt this was one of the better maps provided with the game. Its a slightly smaller region than the other maps, has a interesting variety of terrain... and was not a copy of a real location so it made for better fantasy development.

Much of this region was created before the release of the Rush Hour add-on and retro-fitting it for RH was a major chore. Still, I think it was worth the effort and although I haven't spent much time on it in the past year, I still have no way of counting up the numbers of hours I have enjoyed developing this region.

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