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City of Amshin

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The vanishing of Manshin

September 12, 2014 - Breaking news.

A massive earthquake has hit the region on Manshin, making the region vanish in the ocean. (Real world: massive computer issues/reformatting was required).

A loud cry was hear throughout the world, bringing chills to all those who heard it (Real world: I screamed so loud that I believe all my neighbors heard me.)

Today is a day of mourning (Real world - downloading). For all of you who praised the beauty of Amshin (first city of Manshin), thank you.

*sniff*. I bid you goodbye for now. Some survivors are now looking for a new region to rebuild their lives and hope to create a new Manshin (Real world: searching for maps and creating a new journal).

*wave hand while walking in the sunset"

Oh please......lol...even that is too much for me! lol


Farming city of Amshin

Hello all! I have been "playing" for about 3-4 months and I finally decided to get serious and to finally create a full region.

The following is the completion of one city within the Manshin region - Amshin.

It is a little farming and logging town.

Special thanks to 47ply, A Nonny Mouse and Ryan 123220 for sharing their knowledge with me.

And a big thank you to all the mod/bat creators who enable players like me to create beautiful cities.

Hope you enjoy my first journal.

Overall look of Amshin - still green. I guess progress is slow to come here...


Amshin Trail Park - one of the main attraction for the Amshiners...walking, drinking and drinking, and drinking....hum...


Amshin second main attraction - a stream under the bridge. Yeah...these Amshiners got to get a life..lol


Amshin South side of the mountain - you can swim there..but diving is not recommended...I could go on about Al's story...let's just say it involved a big branch and the consequence of landing on it...ouch...


Amshin Pond among the fields - most of the population was conceived there...popular "night spot"..lol


Amshin South logging area - there is nothing funny about killing trees...really, I am serious...this is no bueno...


Amshin small Industrial district - grid...grid...and more grid..."sigh"


Amshin Main Town - small downtown area, busy streets..yeah, they got it all.


Amshin Chapel within the main town- because you know, you got to have religion...


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