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River oaks SC4

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About this City Journal

This is my first city journal. My city's name is river oaks, because the city is on a river with a lot of oak trees on its shore.

Entries in this City Journal



Well, looks like this is it for this city! I have accomplished my goal, 500K (597.983) That's more than my goal. I'l try to get 3000 sims in my city so it's 600K! Well that's in for my first city journal! Hope you stick around for more!



Alright, i have done some improvements, and i have finaly got to 400K sims again. Just 100K more! Sorry if my grammar was bad in this whole journal, English is not my primary language.


I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we reached 400K! The bad news is that i went bankrupt. Yes, i was just playing simcity when my wife said we need to go get some groceries. I forgot to close simcity, so my city probably grew to 500K or more, so they needed power. I had no power, they abandoned the buildings, i started to loose money, and yeah. So now i need to start over from the place i saved, and that's 150K. This is a chance to make some stuff better.



My city has gained another 100K sims! Just 200K more and i'l reach my goal. If i reach it, the next goal is 800K! I am making 10K simmileons per month, so i still shouldn't be afraid of bankrupcy. But anything may happen. Maybe i'l go bankrupt right now when i continue. But that's impossible. (for now). I also got High density commercial office demand, so i got some skyscrapers! Sorry for the small picture. Again,my imgur account is F*cked




I've hit 200K people in my city. That was my first goal to reach! Now i set my next goal - 500K!There was some ups and downs in this first journey. Once i lost 45K people due to no jobs. It was from 197K to 152K ! Just 3K and i could reach the goal a bit sooner. But nooo, you see what my luck is, hahaha. I hope i can get to 500K before i take up every tile on the plot. It took me 6 hours (evening yesterday and morning today) to reach this goal. I hope it doesn't take 9 hours to 500K. I have 4,6M simmileons, so i shouldn't fear bankrupcy (for now). I didn't take a picture 'cause i realized that my pictures are a little too small, and i should rely see what's with my Imgur account. Hope you stick around to 500K!


My city so far

This is how my other side of the city looks like so far. I've got a couple of high-rises in it. Mostly high-wealth and low-wealth. Medium-wealth are in the shorter buildings. Commercial office is not a success so far on the other side, but commercial service is!




I have reached 100K people in my city! That is a big milestone for me, who has bough the game 1 month ago. I didn't install much mods. Just some parks and highway signs. I've downloaded a building or two.


Other side


I have started to expand my city on the other side of the river!

Sorry for the small picture, i had some problems

with my Imgur account. This will be the industry and suburb area. Maybe.

I still don't know.


80K !

I've hit 80K people! (87,543). They are all living in a kinda small area. And i don't have much building mods installed.

I am lucky to have that much demand!

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