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Yep. Sure is. The multi city region of multiple cities. Yep.

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Thin White Duke


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Hudson is probably one of the least known places in the world that could actually be referred to as somewhat known. Although it may be cute, safe, clean, and idyllic, none of said things is the reason why. but we'll get to that soon. First, let me show you a few pictures of what makes a perfect hick town.

To start off, there's the main street. Like so many other main streets in the world, this main street is called Main Street. It span across a whopping 80 meters and is the home of such businesses as Ellard and sons, Auntie Mabel's bakery and Pat's Pawn Shop. Fancy, I know, but that's nothing compared to the breathtaking town hall. Three stories high! And it has a bell! Found residing on the best lot in town, right on the eastern end of Main street.


Since Hudson is a shoreside town, it would be foolish not to show off the magnificent shoreline. Filled to the brim with cattails, rocks, and man-made garbage.


The reason I chose a picture with the only apartment building in Hudson is this very building is where, in 2006, a security camera captured one of the most viral videos on the internet of all time. See, there's what makes Hudson kind-of-famous. If you want to see the video in question, I'd kindly advice you not to. If you want to know why, I'm not sure I'm allowed to tell you, so let's move on.

This is just what it looks like. A weed farm. A small part of why Hudson is kind-of-famous. I know what you're thinking. It's not like this is the only weed farm in the world? Well, then, let me ask you this; what other up-and-running weed farms do you know about? And there you have it. It's a weed farm that everyone knows about, even the police! They don't really seem to mind, though. Police in this town would probably rather protect it then make a weed bust. Welcome to rural america.


Thin White Duke

tonyr: Thank you! It's what I was aiming for. :)

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The US Capital Tourism Board proudly presents


Welcome to Playa D'Ariana! A sprawling metropolis

in the beautiful wine territory of Sylvester County.


A green city in the center of the great Pueblo Valley that boasts an impressive history. Founded in 1814 and incorporated in 1854, Playa D'Ariana features a perfect harmony of sleek, modern architecture and beautiful Victorian houses, a sprawling nightlife and, for those of us who sometimes just want to get away, natural parks are always at close reach. In short, Playa D'Ariana is a city where there is something for everyone.

For example, why not visit McKellan park? Its deep blue pond and dense tree bunches saves the city from becoming a center of pollution, while at the same time bringing some natural beauty to the downtown area. Well worth a visit, according to most!


If and when this oasis becomes boring or just ceases to impress, there is the picturesque victorian neighborhood of Concorde. The original center of Playa D'Ariana, Concorde is the oldest preserved neighborhood in the city. established in 1834, it functioned as the political and commercial center in Playa D'Ariana up until the early 1940's, when the city underwent an extensive overhaul in order to recover from the great depression. Since then, Playa D'Ariana's political and commercial center is located half a mile south, but Concorde remians a cultural hotspot, attracting many tourists each year.


2014-10-05, state of Maricopa, USA. All rights reserved, because that's how we do it.

Thin White Duke

Bet you thought I was gone, but you were wrong! Hah! :lol:

No, but seriously, I bet no one's missed me much. "Oh, hey, it's another CJ that wasn't kept alive. We see it every day. -.-" - Everyone. Sorry to disappoint you.

Anyway, let's get that stuff away. WHat really matters is how Colburn is growing and growing every day. From being founded in the late 18th Century, Colburn has risen to near megalopolis status, boasting an impressive set of architectural masterpieces, efficient transit solutions and a strong economy. Also, there is no lack of electricity. :lol:



Well, maybe these are not exactly picturesque tourist hot spots, but residential areas like these house a large percentage of the population in the entire state of Maricopa, and for good reason. They're calm, quiet, safe, and despite all this, centrally positioned, with equal proximity to the downtown area, the airport, the habour, and the interstate alike. :)

But, there is no escaping the fact that they are very boring. For example, an average workplace for residents of areas like these are business parks like this:


Just a normal, boring, 9 to 5 job. Looks like they're doing it the wrong way now, though. 9 pm to 5 am in this case. :lol:

But, like any other city that means something, there is an actual downtown area. Yep! That's right! It's finally here:



About time, isn't it? Yeah I know. I don't know what you think. I won't blame you if you're disappointed. Despite all the nightlights, it doesn't exatly look sprawling, right?. Hmm. :/

Anyway, that's it for now. :)

What would you like to see in the next update? Leave a comment, and I will see what I can come up with. :)

Thin White Duke

TerkindusT: Thank you! :)

Luiz P. Romanini: Not sure if you thought Ronald Grump was funny or revolting, but thank you! :lol:

Benedict: Thank you! :)


Well, kinda. Actually this isn't really Colburn. It's the surroundings of Colburn. What would a city be without the countryside? Useless, actually. Food comes from the countryside. The countryside adds to tourism values. I'm losing track of the topic. :lol:

Anyway, like I said. The countryside. Bet you expect some farms and things, but no! Pure nature in this entry! Apart from the roads in some pictures. no time for talking, here goes! :D

To start off we have an insignificant junction that's kind of just outside town. Really, just outside. It's in an area with no buildings or anything, but it serves as an important connection between a residential area (Birchwood) and an industrial area (Pewter's Landing).


Here's a shot of a road that connects Colburn to an insignificant little redneck community of 1, 237 called Pierre. The railway that passes over it leads from Colburn to Lorient, passing Colt and Levine on the way.


And just a random picture of a dirt road slap dash in the middle of nowhere. Kind of picturesque, though, right? :lol:


Finally, the Sheridan rapids. A daredevil hotspot less than a mile outside town. Look! There are some jackasses there right now! Let's just hope they don't die. ;)


All for this time. Remember to rate! ;)

Thin White Duke

Yep. That's right. Colburn. Still good ol' Colburn. That's good, though, right? We're starting to get to know the city better. Or at least parts of it. We're still not in the epicenter of this megalopolis, but we're making cracking progress to get there.

Look! It's the eastern shore of Raffles Quay, right south of downtown Colburn! My god, are we getting there? :lol:

Anyway, in this picture we can see the Colburn Hyatt hotel, next to the bridge. It's a pretty popular four star hotel among middle class tourists. No wonder, considering it's location slap dash in the middle of it all. Tourism is booming in Colburn right now. :)

In the lower left is the theater district. While not too big or impressive, There are some good shows there, and it is praised, if not else by the locals, for being cozy and picturesque. :)

Finally the tower in the bottom right is the Grump Raffles Highmark tower. Standing as Colburn's tallest building south of Raffles Quay, and the fifth tallest residential building in the world, no wonder where it got it's name from. Also, it was erected by none other than world famous city development big wig Ronald Grump. Colburn should be proud. :lol:


If you go a few feet north, you reach Raffles City. Has anyone else noticed how everything located by Raffles Quay is called something that includes "Raffles"? I have. I guess it's not that strange. Still, sounds funny. Like Scooby-Doo trying to say "Waffles". Heh! :lol:


Raffles city is not particularily big. There are some mid-rises housing companies like Philips and Honda, but nothing particularily impressive. Unless you like ferris wheels. Because there is a ferris wheel. So if you like ferris wheels, welcome. If not, you're still welcome, but if it gets boring you better not whine about it. ;)


Finally, the residential areas. People who go to places like the above ones are either sad housewives who can't pronounce "tortilla", or people who actually have the money to go there. Let's focus on the latter. :)

The latter, being the rich people in case you somehow for got and is slightly brain damaged, live in places like these:



Fancy, I know, but it comes with a price. These are million dollar mansions, you know. In case this area (which by the way is called "Sheffield") is a bit too expensive for you, fear not. You could always try Concorde! :thumb:



People living in this area are equally fancy as those living in Sheffield, but they're mostly younger, so they seem even more stuck up and annoying. Seriously. They're twenty five years old, and use words like "adequate" instead of "okay". -.-

If somehow I haven't lost my sales pitch completely and you still want to live here, the apartments are spacious and bright, the commute times to downton Colburn are not too bad and it only costs about $700,000 a year. Dirt cheap. Just grab your bags and walk right in. Micro transactions not accepted. :]

Thin White Duke

Sorry. :P

I'm sorry about my short hiatus. Soon after making this entry my computer caught a virus and I had to reset it, after which I reinstalled BeamNG.drive and let that consume most of my free time. Anyway, thanks to the wonder of the memory stick, I still have all my mods and cities, so I can continue on with my CJ without a problem.

In fact, just to redeem myself, here's a little teaser. :thumb:


I will be back soon... ;)

Thin White Duke

Aaah... Colburn. So green. So hilly. So mediocre. So perfectly middle class. This might just be the most exceptionally ordinary city in the world. Maybe even the entire universe. Or multiverse. There really is nothing special about the city itself. It's surroundings steals the show. As long as you stay in the suburbs, that is. :lol:

So I guess it's too bad, but staying in the suburbs is just what we're going to do. :yes:

I, Johan Karlsson, mayor of Colburn city proudly present suburbia! Feel free to look away. :lol:

To start off, here's a typical residential neighborhood. This is where the boring people who's only goal with life is to live until they die are lurking around. It's actually kind of sad. Good thing the neighborhood itself is nice. :thumb:


Here's another one of those neighborhoods that's filled with young teenagers who swear never to live in a neighborhood like this one again. The kind of people who end up living in areas like these after they get sick of the big city life, you know? :lol:


"Oh, what's this? It's a shop lined street! Surely this must make all those teenagers happy! What more could they ever want than a cheap restaurant, a shaggy bar and a grocery store? My, my, have we done it this time. Those bloody little thugs cannot possibly resist. There's even a pawn shop!" :thumb:


It gets even worse. Look over here! Nature! And an elementary school! And even worse, it's west of the highway! That's about as boring and uncool as a place could posibly be! Yuck! :lol:


Of course, since Colburn is a coastal city, there are people living along the beach. The people living here are naturally more executive. It's one of those places, Those that average people abhorr until they have enough money to move in themselves. The inofficial headquarters of all the city's "Sir Colin Stuckup III" kind of people. >.<


Of course, all these people need something to do while waiting for death to slowly creep up on them. What better place to do so than a typical uptown business area? They go there, sit at their desks, tap their keyboards, answer their calls, silently try to overcome the midlife crise, go back home, eat dinner and fall asleep. Only to do it all again the next day.


"Oh well. Maybe I don't live the dream. Maybe I'm a nobody with a dead end job and maybe I'm doing the same thing over and over again every day. But that's okay. I'm happy with it. My wife is happy with it. I have two wonderful childen who love me. My parents are proud of me. There's a '65 Mustang in my garage. The neighbors are nice. We have a safe economy... Yeah. I do love my life." :)


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