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About this City Journal

Join Juan dela Cruz in his journey in the country of Elementia

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nice city indeed

Thanks, mate!

Very nice city. Also instagram :P

Thank you! I can never think of anything else. Hope you like it!

Instagram. :P

Thank you, mate! I got the idea from your CJ's Twitter style.



#ThankYou #HopeYouLikeIt!

These are the accounts of Juan dela Cruz from the day he was found in the banks of Rio Primera del Hyderabad.

Some ordinary day in Litia's 2nd Geothermal Power Plant. The issue of the Elementian Harbinger was thrown at my desk by my boss. Uh, I hate newspapers. I'll just read the front page.


Oh, I need to know more about this Royal Family. I need to know more about Elementia!

-Juan dela Cruz

That's it for now. I'll be having a study hiatus indefinitely. So, the next update maybe delayed and will only feature the boring day of Juan in the Library.


These are the accounts of Juan dela Cruz from the day he was found in the banks of Rio Primera del Hyderabad.

Day 4

Padre Isko bought me an action cam and a mini drone when he went to Magnesia. Thank you, Father!

After a few days. maybe 15 days, of some boring stuff, nothing much happened in Day 5 to Day 19, really! Church duties, cleaning duties, school duties.

Day 20

With the knowledge bestowed by the priests in Hyderabad, and from the teachings of the High School, I have decided to look for greener pasture.

But sometimes, I wanted to stay here for good, become a farmer and live life as it is. But then again, I need to know more about Elementia, to search for possibilities of going home, maybe. Or maybe I can help in developing some undeveloped towns in Elementia. As far as I know, Elementia is just east of the Philippines. Maybe I was washed ashore when I was surfing, or swimming or fishing? But then again, I don't remember the day I left home. I really don't.

I packed my things, and now, I am ready to go. blogentry-675589-0-34836000-1407365478_t

To the valleys of Litia!

11:30am, I arrived at Hyderabad Train Station, I missed the second train to Litia! I have to wait for 30mins for the next train to Litia.


Found this at Hyderabad Train Station in the wall of the Platform 1. I asked someone from the ticketing office and said the agency will just contact me through social media.


The train arrived at 12:05pm, I boarded and then after 35mins we arrived at Bajada, Litia

Bajada and Puntod are barrios of Litia. Politically and geographically part of Litia, but in 'Maxis' geography, part of Helios.


Apparently, Padre Isko speaks Tagalog. Nothing much in Bajada, to Puntod to Ride the Bus to Poblacion, Litia.


1pm, I did visit Elli Iyum's aunt! Mrs. Lilia Iyum even served me lunch for free. After hours of talk, I decided to bade goodbye. She said, "I'll be going to Poblacion today, do you wanna come?"

OF COURSE! As someone who doesn't know the route, it was a blessing in disguise that she asked me. We rode the bus at 5:30pm.


Well, because of the #LTA, they have found me. There agents in Helios will attend to my questions, daw? But I'll be going to Litia, might as well check this agency myself.




Well, goodbye Elli's aunt! I'm all alone now. She had even given me money to check-in at the hotel. [The medium skyscraper in the pic]

Well, that hall near the church in the middle is the Municipal hall.


Day 21

Morning walk!


Breakfast and Lunch in the Hotel! I don't take pictures of food.

9am, I went to take a pic of the big barrios.


10am, time to make some productivity! I need to find a job! Maybe here in 1LIE?


Uh they have no vacancies. I'll go back to Heotermia later.

Oh, that is Heidi Gener, the Barrio Chieftain of Hyderabad, or in her terms, Mayor of Hyderabad. She's a well-known environmental and social activist. And Gov. Patrick Iyum is the governor of Tierra del Norte, the northern province of Elementia


How about here in LMCIE? Oh, they need a high school graduate.


That is General Magnus Iyum. As what they say, the City Mayor of Magnesia. I am seeing a political dynasty here.

Oh yes! I got a job at the 2nd Geothermal Power Plant in Litia as a clerk! Praise the gods!

The powerplants are situated at the foot of the Vulcan de Litia, a dormant volcano. Well, typical geothermal power plants. I thought this was pollution, it was steam!


Sto. Niño I, Sto. Niño II, or Esperanza. Just a few choices but still I really don't know what to choose. Well, thank God for Mrs. Lilia Iyum to offer me help!

Brought all my bags from the hotel and searched for a place to rent here.


I adhered to her suggestion, well, Pedro's apartment was the cheapest really, but not cheap enough. But I have no other choice. So I gave in to Mr. Pedro's gesture and gave the money.

WIth the ba


Though I hadn't unpacked my bags, I strolled around the other Barrios.

Here is Labrador, with the Provincial Hall, just part of it is the Provincial Library, my mistake.


That's it for the two days! Maybe, I'll be reading more about Elementia, and I'll share it with you!

-Juan dela Cruz

Due to the Limitation of his camera, he can't take pictures farther away in the air, so here are the aerial shots of Helios, Litia and its barrios

Main Litia


Main Litia!


Barrios of Litia in Helios Map






[Political divisions is not based on 'Maxis geography' but on real life geography, where towns are separated by mountains, rivers, oceans, etc.]

Project Elementia

Map: Ulthuan by Reishi.

Terrain Mod: Italia + Rock Mod: JRJ PEG Limestone

Water Mod: Brigantine


Unexpected Visit

These are the accounts of Juan dela Cruz from the day he was found at the banks of Rio Primera de Hyderabad

Bought a new phone. And look, they have internet connection in Elementia! Goodbye diaries!

Instead of visiting the valleys of Litia, I visited Neodymia Isle together with Father Isko, my employer, to celebrate mass there. It is an island 4km from Hyderabad.



That's it for now!

-Juan dela Cruz

Juan dela Cruz is the character which represents the Filipino people. The picture of Juan is copied from a government site in the Philippines. Rights reserved.

Sorry for the delay of the Valle de Litia update.


A Trip to Helios


yo pal your images are all broken

says they've been moved or deleted

dont use photobucket imo either, imgur or minus are more user friendly

Thanks again, pal, for your help regarding that matter.

A Filipino city journalist? Yay. Mabuhay. Nice first entry. :)

Yes. Mabuhay ang Pinoy! Thank you!

cool city i like

Thank you!

These are the accounts of Juan dela Cruz from the day he was found in the banks of Rio Primera del Hyderabad.

Day 2

I woke up inside the train, as I looked outside it was dark. Looking for a clock, It was still 5:30pm. I realized, The tree branches are covering the tracks making it dark inside the train. As the train moved further, I can now see light.


Finally, the train arrived at Barrio Helios. It was already 6pm when the train arrived. Maybe I can find dinner in the barrio center.


Wow. Helios is a richer barrio than Hyderabad. The seat of the municipal government of Tres Rios is seen near the clocktower. Maybe there's free food there. Yes! There is free food. Today was a special day in this municipality. The birthday of the municipal mayor. Who then is Heidi (The "mayor" of Hyderabad)? I asked someone and She is just a barrio captain. Separatist movements of Hyderabad is a high concern of the municipal government.


Maybe there's a reason to why they want to secede. But let's not talk about it. I miss my home country.

In the municipal hall, the mayor, Elli Iyum, also welcomed me to the dormitories for the homeless. WOW.

If only there were homes like this in my country. I'd be damned, the homeless would have free lodging, instead of sleeping in the sidewalks or even wooden carts.

Good morning, Helios! Good morning Tres Rios! The mayor invited me to breakfast with her. Nice, omelets and some dried fish. I feel like home.


She talked about how bountiful this municipality is. Tres Rios, was named after the tree main rivers rivers that divide the municipality: Rio Grande de Hyderabad, Rio Grande de Helios, and Rio Chico de Helios. Rio Grande de Hyderabad is traversed by the tower bridge, built in the time of King Justin I, the last King of Elementia, the King who made Elementia a Presidential Republic. Wow, Elementia is like my home country, without the king-part of course.





South of the municipality lies the mountain ranges of Sierra Norte. Near Tres Rios, that in Maxis map geography still part of Helios, were some barrios of Litia, the industrial city in the valleys of Sierra Norte. Next to Litia is the capital city of Elementia, Magnesia [We will visit these cities on the next updates]


I need to go home! I have a class scheduled today! Hoping the bus is faster than the train. I said goodbye and thank you the mayor and rode the bus home.

Apparently, not only the rails have been lined with trees. Even the highways, the branches also cover the highways leaving only little light to pass through the canopy.


Bye for now, Helios.

-Juan dela Cruz

Maxis only provides the option to make quadrilateral cities, as opposed to reality, where cities are bounded by mountain ranges, rivers, seas and oceans. I plan to update this journal by dividing the country into municipalities, where we have visited the Municipality of Tres Rios. Next update, we'll be seeing the industrial municipality, Valle de Litia.




Hello! This is my first ever city journal. Let's follow the journey of Juan dela Cruz in the country of Elementia!

These are the accounts of Juan dela Cruz from the day he was found in the banks of Rio Primera del Hyderabad.

Day 1

I woke up to the sound of a tractor above the limestone cliffs and the crashing of waves in my face. In my peripheral vision were men, maybe farmers or fishermen, rushing towards me. They lifted me up and I passed out.


Shocked, I again woke up in a clinic, maybe? A woman was talking to the doctor, asking where have I been found. Oh, she's the mayor. As the doctor addressed her as mayor. They saw me with wide opened eyes, and went near me. She's Heidi Gener. She welcomed me to the small town of Hyderabad, in the Northern Elementia.


I was brought to the mayor's house after I was discharged from the clinic

The mayor welcomed me with lunch as it was nearing noon when I was discharged. She even offered me a house and a job in Hyderabad. I refused the job, but I couldn't refuse the house as I was overwhelmed as I don't know where and what this place is. Praise the gods they speak the common tongue.

The house was also near the mayor's. A block away maybe. I then strolled the town center searching for a job and the local church was searching for an errand boy. I accepted.


This maybe the start. I also enrolled in the local elementary school, though I have finished high school in my hometown, it's all gone. I need proof of my educational attainment. To my surprise they offer an accelerated program by giving an assessment exam to test where do I need to start. Yes. I graduated elementary school in just an hour of an exam. Praise the gods. Now to the local high school. To my dismay, they don't offer an accelerated program, nevertheless, I enrolled as a freshmen.


I need to see the town. I rode the bus up to where it would stop. It took me to the Isla del Hacienda Luisita, to Isla de Lingin, to the Peninsula del Bungtod, and back to the Poblacion del Hyderabad.



But it was not the last stop though, it moved on up to the ferry terminal and I alighted, rode the ferry to Tisa Island


With the money the mayor gave me, I left the house, locked it of course. And explored more, I rode the train station to a nearby town.

Bye for now, Hyderabad.



- Juan dela Cruz

Project Elementia

Map: Ulthuan by Reishi.

Terrain Mod: Italia + Rock Mod: JRJ PEG Limestone

Water Mod: Brigantine

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