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About this City Journal

Emerging settlements in a thick Pacific rainforest.

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Choal at 8 years


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Choal has grown to just under 3,000 citizens in just 8 short years of settlement. The building of the Annex Street Bridge to East Choal opened up a swath of valuable territory for development. A significant investment in industry has caused a boom of activity east of the River. As the drive pushes further towards the hills the growth matrix will be shifting to accommodate trends in the market. Agricultural land is in high demand and will take a high priority with the provisional government as the Second 5-Year Plan comes to a close.


The eastern limits of town are defined by thick rainforest. Manufacturing and some other medium density businesses have opened in the Annex and are helping to drive a population boom on the east shores of the Choal River. This area is known as the Industrial Annex, giving name to the Annex Street Bridge.

In the central Canal District there are many co-operative housing developments aimed at easing the number of vehicles using the Annex St. Bridge. There are no roads in Choal only low-density streets. Corridors for using bikes or walking are required by Landau County transportation and land-use bylaws. The areas surrounding the canal are beautifully kept and easy to maneuver.


The Beach Head District will eventually be home to thousands of residents when the 2nd Phase of SettCol Properties breaks ground. Beach Head is not expected to reach completion for another 15 years.



Choal at 5 years



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It took nearly 3 years for the Downtown Commercial District to attract sustainable investment. Many of the settlers had never owned a business before and so there were few who felt the courage to take such a risk. The business that have opened are low paying, but service the 1,000 citizen-settlers who live on the rise of Choals.

The boundaries of town have expanded and are steadily bringing in profits. Our margins are thin, but such is life in the colonies.


There is an extensive Bike Lane Programme in the master plan that will provide excellent thoroughfares for bicycles and other alternative transit modes throughout the entire city. The lanes connect to a network of Roundabouts that integrate the city's cyclists nicely with traditional vehicle traffic. The McNally Slope brings riders into town from behind Fedmore Ridge. Plans to extend the Downtown Circut to the south and east across the River are in the making.


The riverside has seen next to zero improvement with the influx of business in Choal. Two buildings sit opposite ends of town; the Fish House Brewery and the Old Canning House. The shore is littered with dead logs and debris. There is little municipal beautification being done in these early days.

Farming bylaws have been relaxed to allow for medium and small scale urban agriculture. All of the colonies are GMO-free and grow organically without the use of harmful pesticides or residues. Farmers sometimes subdivide their land or give parcels away to different organisations they might support. The Choal Orchard Company has donated a corner of their property to the First Unitarian Church.


The First Medical Clinic opened on the Rise to service the needs of the local population. Demand was so high that staff could not keep up with the flow of patients seeking attention. With no hospital E.R. in town the Clinic is the first and last stop for all sick people. With budgets low, staff members are the first big expense to be cut, and that meant less hands to do lots more work. The nurses and doctors walked-out on Strike. A negotiation settled many of the disputes and saw a pay raise for the Nurses Union, but it is only a matter of time before the next battle.

The Industrial Annex is the hub for local manufacturing. It was opened shortly after the Annex Bridge was built as the first access built to East Choals and has been providing great opportunities to the average worker. Industrial expansion will continue to the east, sparing the waterfront and the south lands for supportive residential developments.






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Choal is a newly commissioned settlement on the south western banks of Lake Washington in the Seattle region. it is under the provisional government of settlers and is administrated by Landau County with input and guidance from the Federal Bureau of Mandated Territories. This Settlement has the blessing and protection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Right of Canada and England.

The town is situated at the mouth of the Choal River and at a natural isthmus between two mountain ranges, allowing for direct connection to a river corridor that lies to the east. The initial expedition was with $100 000 and 600 Canadian Settlers led by Montgomery Landau, Deputy Governor of the Wardly Expansion Company. Leeroy Choal, Landau's Chief Surveyor, led the initial outing that established the town limits and it was named in his honour. Leeroy currently serves as Chairman of the provisional government.


The land east of the River has been opened for further expansion and resource extraction. Timber is the main profit driver for this local economy and many lands east of town will be opened to industrial logging firms. An impending western connection with Roos County will see civil jurisdiction between the two districts overlap.

Urban and suburban Choal will be jointly developed in partnership between the Federal Mortgage and Housing Corp. and SettCol Property Development. There will be an expected 5-10,000 new citizens moving into the Choal Regional District in the next 10-15 years and that means we must stay attuned to the demands of the community. On the shores of the River will sit the Downtown Choal Business District.


The highlands behind Fedmor Ridge will be reserved for residential homes and neighbourhoods, as well as large green spaces that respect the nature of the dense, temperate rain forest that surrounds the town. Extensive bike lines and alternative modes of transit will be implemented, as well as a unique mixture of zoning regulations that will allow farming within city limits. This will put a strain on our municipal services and management systems, but lands in East Choal are already earmarked for such public infrastructure investments.

East Choal is a much larger and offers much more flat, usable territory than city-centre. It sits opposite the commercial district on the Choal River. It is under lease to the East Choal Prospective Industrial Development Corp. (PIDC) and will be subdivided and developed into large and medium industrial parcels. A bridge will be needed before any ground can be broken east of the river.


New east-side commercial and residential districts will accompany this expansion mainly being built on the peripheries of industrial developments near the south townline and to the east near the foot of the mountains. The Coconico Foothills and forest district will provide an eastern boundary to civil development, but timber claims will continue eastward until reaching the border of the Donatello Gorge Regional Reserve.


The First 5-Year Program to be implemented by the provisional government of the Landowning Brotherhood of Settlers (LBS) will see modest growth and territorial expansion of Choal's eastern limits, currently the Choal River. Important municipal connections will be established with Roos County about a sister-community emerging along the border to ease territorial pressures and a particular focus will be on fostering a healthy commercial and industrial culture, while protecting the environment and discouraging the development of "dirty" industry within the living space of ordinary citizens.

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