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A middle eastern city journal with an interesting story

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After losing all my work and my data due to a damn virus i gave up on making or posting an update of this journal but after some sure encouragement from my friends and my favourite city journos and a lot of people i decided to work and post an update well i decided to start afresh and it did helped. This is just a something which i would like to call a raw update as i am working on it and i wanted to remind people that my city journal isn't dead its just there's a lot of things that i am going through :(

Islamic Republic Of Al-Kaled

This is the flag of Al-Kaled It looks kinda that of Lebanon I don't know why did i got a one way ticket to Kaled or why did i leave Canada and applied for a permanent citizenship in Kaled ..........


etihadairwaysethiopia2012.jpg I have never been to any other middle-eastern country except Afghanistan and Iraq. Before coming back to home by home i mean Montreal and yes i am a Canadian i was posted in Shah-i-kot valley i was serving with the Royal Canadian Regiment. I am amazed to the fact that i am still alive and breathing after what i have been through over the past few years.

I came back from Afghanistan in the year 2013 and due to a knee injury i was discharged Honour

no longer being physically fit to serve the army i decided to join an architecture firm since i have a (B.Arch). I resigned from the firm as my health was not at its best. Well after months of rest and later finding that the firm has been closed down due to bankruptcy i was devasted i didn't knew what to do the economic condition of Canda was not really good.So, After trying to kill myself countless times (tried once) and failing i decided to give life another chance. Although i wanted to go and find a job in Dubai or Al-Kaled as it was a developing middle-eastern country although i had a better offer in Dubai i decided to choose Al-Kaled booked a one-way ticket with Ethihad Airways to Al-kaled's Capital Al-Helm applied for a permanent citizenship with a month i left Canada and Montreal my home for good. So where was i yeah the Flag .


I decided to do some reading about the country i am going to stay so yeah the flag well the red color in the flag signifies the blood lost during the creation of the state and the white circle signifies the equality and the star stands for the faith and friendship and the united provinces (5 provinces).The flag also reminds me that i need to go to the Canadian embassy first and yeah i found it where it is in the book


Oooo!! Nice that's how it looks during the day :O its quite uncanny this kind of architecture in middle east well its middle east after all you can get any type of buildings.....

mbaE3Ic.pngAh!! a night shot hmmm...interesting its an irony that my new office and the embassy where i am going to live for sometime are very close to each other oh gosh i found another pic its interesting its of the architecture firm i gonna be working for

wrpubWm.jpgIt says that the Heywood Architecture firm made the first skyscraper in Al-Kaled and has one of the most beautiful adn futuristic buildings in Al-Kaled.....

OQcOUsq.jpgOh my god Al-Kaled is amazing i am excited i just can't wait to be there but unfortunately there's still time lief around

14.7 hrs out of 16 hrs has passed i better get some rest oh yeah i forgot letme introduce you to myself My name is Arden Belhn from Montreal and i am 25 years old and i am gonna take you on an journey of lifetime !!! Till then cheers !! :D



Elavery -Thanks for the comment :golly:!!

MilitantRadical - If you liked that one than you would love this :thumb: !!!

Jmsepe - The game was paused :P :D thanks !!!

Ln X - I am really happy that you like it :yes: :thumb:

Fan o sc4 - Its an irony that i was working on an Asian cj at the same time lol well even i do ! :P :D

Neto Dari - Thank you!!!

Timmy tams - Well its a canal mod i forgot what's the name of it i'm gonna keep on searching for it !!!

Tonyr - Thank you !! :thumb:

Airman15 -Thankyou bro !! :thumb: :D

Scriefer -Well thank you but this one's gonna be much better !!! :lol: :D :thumb:

A note - If you guys have a cj and want to do something interesting with it i am going to do an economic conference and if you guys want to take part in it you are more than welcome to!!PM me the details of your nation/cj/city !!


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