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Cities XL edition

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Mr Saturn64


North of Downtown Saturnia lies Chinatown, the quintessential of such. These are dense districts with similarities to those of... wait for it.... China!


The place is dense, but one can find peace at the castle that towers over the district.


Another essential of the neighborhood is the Chinatown Gate.


The Zen Garden is another popular place amongst Saturnians. It is peaceful, serene, and as quiet as this place gets.


At night, this is Saturnia's brightest district, emitting light visible miles beyond...


Mr Saturn64

Aside from the center of the city, most of Saturnia consists of residential neighborhoods, and the Chinatown and Harborside areas. In the northwest of the city, there's the large sports complex, boasting four five stadiums.


Olympic Stadium is easily the largest of the bunch, with a massive capacity of 110,000 people. There is no full time professional team here, but tournaments from around the world compete here in various events. It was completed in 1997.


The football stadium is the second largest, holding up to 67,000 people for one event. It is the full time home of the Saturnia Titans.


The Soccer stadium is the third largest. For one event, 48,000 can attend. It is the full time stadium for Saturnia United.

The sports complex also holds an Olympic pool, a hockey arena, a hotel (dubbed "the sports geek" by locals), a small hall of fame, and a medical facility. Saturnia also has a baseball team, but it does not play in the sports complex.

Combining all the stadiums, the complex has a total of 260,000 seats.


The complex is wonderfully illuminated at night.


Mr Saturn64

Saturnia City Hall stands magnificently over the center of the city, being one of the city's largest and most prominent buildings. Grand Avenue stretches north of here, containing a vast selection of historic museums on various aspects on life.


Stemming north of this house of governmental power comes a series of museums dissecting the culture, science, and history of this world.

First off comes the Saturnia Museum of Art, which is the largest and most prominent museum in the city. It boasts over 2,500 works of art, including a large Impressionist and Renaissance collection.


While the Saturnian Musuem of Art has a diverse range of art, across Grand Avenue is two cultural art museums, the Museum of Islamic Art and the Museum of Indian Art, both of which reflect the traditional architecture of those regions.


Farther north is the National History Museum, which contains historic artifacts of over 300 years of National History.


Last but not least is the Museum of Natural History, which contains original dinosaur skeletons among its relics.


Mr Saturn64

Saturnia. The largest city in the nation. A city of culture, architecture, food, entertainment, arts, and more. Here is a brief introduction to Saturnia, this magnificent city.


Downtown Saturnia is the most vast office district in the nation. Skyscrapers such as these loom large above the rest of the city, and the people around them.


The University of Saturnia is a vast center of education, including many classrooms, dorms, and a large library.


The Sports Complex in Northwest Saturnia is shown here with the large stadiums with capacities of 56,000 (soccer), 67,000 (Football), and 80,000 (Olympics)


The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist looms large over the gardens neighboring and the ritzy neighborhoods that have developed around here since the Cathedral's 1853 completion.


Houses on stilts are seen off of the southern coast of Saturnia. They make for popular tourist attractions near Saturnia's warm beaches.


Chinatown sits north of downtown, adding a vast Asian culture to the area. An castle based on those of Ancient Japan stands above this area.


In many poor areas of Saturnia, row homes like these stretch far and wide around the area.


An area designed like medieval villages in the area is a popular destination in Northeast Saturnia. However, the modern skyscrapers are a constant reminder of the current time period.


The Saturnia Museum of Islamic Art is one of the three main art museums in Saturnia. Next to it is the Saturnia Museum of Indian Art, one of the others.


City Hall's magnificent dome is a symbol of the amount of power held in this city, in economics, culture, architecture, and all around.

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