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About this City Journal

The Oraskan region first had pilgrims in 1200 S.C.B.C. (Sim City Before Civilization) It was here where the battle for Guinenburg was fought in 1598 S.C.B.C. Now the region provides new...

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Simcity player

You remember the day where the world saw evil. let me tell the tale of the Attacks on Ruyong hils. Remember on how I said the battle of Guinenburg was fought? Well they saught out revenge on Ruyong Hills and Oraska region. they planned to hijack as many as 12 planes and crash them into 12 targets. So far, only 1 managed to hit its targets. In Oraska City, Ruyong hills,  Dubai, and Dublinia were affected. Ruyong hills noticible PanPacific building was struck, the rest were car bombs. The death toll has rose to nearly 4,000. half, were trapped inside the tower.

planecrash.pngat 8:46 A.M. the plane strikes. now at 10; 25 A.M. the entire tower is completely engulfed in flames.

collapsel.pngat 10:35, the tower collapses.

results and investigation comming soon. 

Simcity player

Hello once again. I Have received word from POAR that Ruyong hills has been completed and is ready for construction comencement. Berore we can get to the construcion pics, lets see a preview.


Ruyong hills overview.


Ruyong hills current tallest building,Ruyong WFCruyonghillsfeb900124193.png

Little Hongkong District (downtown)


Ruyong hils PanPacific under construction. destined to be the next tallest building in the city.

Simcity player

Name the city that contains China's greatest cities( Hong Kong and Shanghai) all in one city. The answer is, Ruyong hills. Ruyong, in Oraskan, means battle. It was given this name 1598 at the battle of Guinenburg. From here, we'll see the progressian of Ruyong hills with images from POAR (Port Authority of Oraska Region) before we get into the details,lets look at it now.



Little Hong Kongruyonghillsfeb900124166.png

Shanghai Center

Simcity player

Imagine, a city, with skyscrapers as far as  the eye can see. Imagine Skyscrapers in every block. Imagine the smell of sweat in tight neighborhoods.(just kidding) Imagine living next to the second largest man-made marina with ocean view. If you guess correctly, your a special person. The answer is Dubai!

Dubai has seen rapid growth over the past 18 years.in fact, it took about that long to reach 1,000,000 residents. here are some screenshots.dubaimar8001240173110.png

Before developmentdubaidec9181240180222.png

After development

Simcity player

Okay, so how do you fit 1,593,000 people in a large city. The answer: districts. Oraska City offers more oppertunity of high-class buisness than any place else. So far proposision for the new and outragously tall landmark tower , Oraska City Tower, Are being approved and looking for a developer(BATter) to make the 2.5k tall tower. Before we get into more of Oraska Citie's problems, lets take a look at some screenshots and the approved Oraska City tower.oraskaisland1241309883.png

Oraska City Toweroraskacitytower.png

Whole City (Day)oraskacityjul1197124131y.png

Whole City (Night)oraskacityjul1197124131t.png

Downtown Oraska City. (note the burj dubai site is the future Oraska City Tower)oraskacityjul1197124131.png

Financial Districtoraskacityjul1197124131.png

New City Centeroraskacityjul1197124131.png

Airport Islandoraskacityjul1197124131m.png

Corporate Centeroraskacityjul1197124131.png

Oraska City Waterfrontoraskacityjul1197124131l.png

High-Class Suburban Areaoraskacityjul1197124131g.png

(p.s. I need someone to make the Oraska City Tower into sc4. must 11x12 landmark/nightlights.)

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