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Durrow County

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About this City Journal

A fictional region in Indiana, with a failing economy and industry.

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The City of Sulisbury


Our next journey takes us to the City of Sulisbury, which is the second largest city in the Durrow County region. It's recovering from the recession and is slowly becoming a business hub with many businesses changing from Durrow City, the capital and largest city to Sulisbury. It's without a doubt the city that has managed to handle the recent downfall the best.


The railway station is located in East Downtown. Across the avenue lies the Sulisbury Library and Sulis Park.


Heading west we see an array of government buldings. Both the headquaters of the Sulisbury Police Department and the Durrow County Department of Finance are located here.


Following the tracks we see the traces of the recession. The nearly abandoned industrial area and the old, depressing houses. In the top left we see Sulisbury High School.


Going back and past downtown we head back onto Highway 36. The big white building is the highest in Sulisbury and is called the Sulisbury Times Building.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!


Replies & Teaser I


I'd say lovely...but that seems rather insensitive given the plight of the city! Very well done. I grew up in the Midwest and as such have often spent times in small towns much like this...they survived on manufacturing and industry, but the jobs have long since dried up, and now the city is just left to decay.

I completely get the vibe you're going for and you've hit the nail on the head for me. Nice job! :)

Wow, I am glad you enjoyed it and geniuinely surprised I managed to make it as accurate as you say, being Swedish myself! Thank you! :)

The lifelessness of the roads, the grey tone, the decaying apartment buildings... everything is just right. Everything here tells the story of a city and a population left behind...

What a great entry. :)

Thank you very much!

Nice rail network and industrial area.Shopping area looking neat.

Thank you very much! I will try to include alot of rail in this one ;)

The city shots really represent the message you're passing on the story.

Great job. I want to see more!

Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to live up to the expectations!

It really captures that tragic vibe that is felt in many deindustrialized towns across the midwest, heartbreaking yet authentic feels.

Thanks, that was what I was going for! Detroit is an inspiration :P

Needs more rampant crime and crippling depression.

Atleast we're not Detroit!

Some great shots that nicely capture the essence of your journal. Looks like it's off to a great start. I'll follow this one, for sure.

I'm glad you liked it! :D



Welcome to Durrow County, Indiana!

The lazily made map from the train seat pocket says. Today we're on Durrow Express, approaching the quiet town of Dullamore Creek. With 30.000 inhabitants the town was once a major Indiana hub for industry. But with the failing economy much of the industry stands abandoned. Not only was Dullamore Creek a major Indiana industry hub, It even used to be the home of Indiana's biggest factory!


The first thing you see upon entering is the rail yard along with the small hospital right next to the railway. Alot of railway tracks heading off in different directions shows the memories of when this place sparkled with enthusiasm and belief in the industry. Now most of that feels gone.


Here we see the official city centre, and that red brick high rise you see is the largest in Dullamore Creek. It used to be the HQ of Amerifood and from where they controlled their massive factory north of Dullamore Creek.


Further west we find ourselves along Highway 34, the highway connecting these small town to the Durrow City. We also see the Dullamore Creek Church and the Dullamore Creek Catholic School, a private school which used to be in the nation's top 100.


Heading further south you see the most clear evidence of this town's decline. The old industrial area stands abandoned and scrap is scattered along the depressing concrete ground.

I hope you liked this first little preview, thanks for reading!


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