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About this City Journal

An unwinding story of politics,despair and communism

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28th May,2014



After taking part in weapons and jamming tests TNS Genghis and TNS Taipei head for Teiko to engage the Teikonian navy in summer naval drills and exercises.

-(Static) This is Taipei over

-(Static) This is Genghis over we are refuled and ready to roll over

-(Static) Roger that over

-(Static) This is Taipei we have received some orders from the Peonyeng RS station saying it's an emergency.

-(Static) This is Genghis over copy that so i think we should head for the exercise while you guys take care of the problem over

-(Static) This is Taipei copy that we would join at the Paulindorf islands over and good luck

-(Static) This is Genghis copy that over and good luck to you to.

23 minutes earlier


Xian :"How are we doing hear Hamza ?"

Hamza :"Everything looks fine so far comrade."

Xian :"You know the procedures and the protocols aye?"

Hamza :"Yes comrade i remember."

Xian :"Then we are good to go remember one thing we are doing it for the

freedom of the people never fear death embrace it"

Hamza :"Yes comrade i have nothing to fear i have you by my side."

Xian :"Good i am proud of you my friend."

(Radio static)-Commander i have notified the authorities 20 mins till contact we need to hurry if we manage to make it the we

could have a 10 second escape window."

Xian : "Copy that get the weapons ready."

28 Minutes later


Xian :"Is evrybody okay ?"

(Radio static)-yes everything's alright

Xian :"Good job brother good job we are right on spot."


Pilot :"where are we heading?"

Marine :"2 kilometers from here according to the Radar station they have received an SOS call from a

container ship called Mortimer Goth Registered to Panama shipping company.

(Radio static) -:"Sir we have contact target approaching here in 5 mins"

Xian :"Get everything ready we can't mess up now everybody be ready we have been waiting for this moment this is it."

pNdPeXF.pngCaptain :"Get Ready to send the chopper we have the ship in sight and also notify Genghis that we would be joining them ."

GzChgHv.pngGzChgHv.png Captain: "Why are the doors opening?"

Weapons officer : "Sir we have a massive spike in Emp activity!"

Captain : "Get the Dragon Combat system.................The poor captain before he could complete his sentence everything fell silent The ship shook twice in the mean time no one knew what had struck the Mighty Taipei, It was chaos everywhere.............


Few hours Later


Phone ringing.......

Mr.President -"Hello."

General Yang -"Hello good morning Mr.President sorry i am disturbing you at this time but there is something that we need to discuss."

Mr.President -"General Yang what it is okay and what is it that you want to discuss."

General Yang -"Mr.President we had an unfortunate event a few hours ago and it threatens the national security."

Mr.President -"General what is it (cough...) oh my god this disease is eating me up sorry what is it general."

General Yang -"It's okay Mr.President we can discuss it tomorrow morning at the meeting."

Mr.President -"Okay General thank you for notifying me."

Lin thought -"What is it what happened General seemed pretty worried i don't what happened."


Lin -"Mariko oh there you are see those flowers are growing you were right."

Mariko -"Mr.President that's all right but you shouldn't smoke you are not well ."

Lin throwing the cigarette away ,"Well can't help it.I'm sorry i won't."

Mariko -"You better not."

Lin -"Mariko i wanted to ask you something.Would you like to .......before he could finish his sentence he was

interrupted by the agent, "Sir everyone's here you are getting late."

Lin -"Okay thank you." walking towards the main building


Good morning everybody i have called this meeting.........Doors close

After a few mins

Mariko was waking past the Library when she stopped for a second she was able to hear.........

General Yang -"It is very unfortunate that this happened."

Mr.President -'How it it even possible i mean we didn't have intel on this attack ?"

General Yang -"Well the ship responded to an SOS call who thought that something like this would have happened ! "

Mr.President -"Can you explain what they were exactly attacked with ? i am a bit lost here."

General Yang -"It was an Emp bomb or electromagnetic pulse bomb something like nuclear bomb but minus radiation and all that fuss its clean and safe to handle doesn't leaves an electronic trace well as soon as the bomb exploded the ship's defense and radar and the weapons system went off-line Helicopter crashed which was in air at that time as its computer got fried making the ship vulnerable to missile attacks it was a sitting duck there and it happened it was attacked with 2 Styx anti-ship missile from a distance

destroying the living compartment and killing 78 sailors and 4 marines and 2 officers."

Mr.President -"How did the attackers got their hands on an Emp bomb and cruise missiles?"

General Yang -"Black market but no information about the Emp bomb."

Mr.President -"General i fear it is time are we good for the invasion?."

Defense minister -"Mr.President you have my full support enough is enough."

General Yang -"We are good as we speak things are happening at the Xaipeng airbase."

As we speak the officials there are conducting massive day and night exercises to prepare our troop for the invasion

We are having live-firing exercises,Para-Deployment and special forces unit training. Everyday we conduct various types of exercises to make our soldiers prepared and ready to fight anywhere.oRTA0yx.jpg






Mariko moved away as soon as she heard footsteps ...................

General Yang -"Mr.President why don't you visit the airbase and maybe bolster the troops and address them and encourage them i am heading there this evening?"

Mr.President -'General that's a brilliant idea i would love to this evening then what about you minister?"

Defense minister -"Well i would love too but my wife she's not well so it may be not possible for me today but later."

Mr.President -"It's okay minister by the way i would like you to brief me later about the current issues?"

Minister -"Yes sure President as you say okay then i would see you later President Good afternoon."

Mr.President _"Good afternoon to you too."

General Yang -"We have another issue well i hope you remember about Stepford Island and the United Sim nations where they invited Taoyuan to become a member they are asking for Humanitarian aid and military intervention in there country as they are fighting some kind of biological enemies what do you say Mr.President."

Mr.President -"Well i can't deny humanitarian aid no matter what the cost is and well i can't say anything about the military but tell them they can ask for humanitarian aid whenever they want i need some time."

General Yang -"As you say Mr.President. Well meet you in the evening."

Mr.President -"Have a good day!"

General Yang -"You too !"

A few hours later

Lin said to the General,"You remember the stadium,The Lenin Stadium the day i got sworn in ??

General said,"Yes i do Mr.President,Yes i do."


(thank you guys for those encouraging comments and thank you for liking my cj and im sorry that my update is late as i encountered certain problems which delayed it.And, your comments were replied to in the last post. Hope you like it and i have a surprise for you guys in the next one till then cheerios !!!)

(Visit http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4824-%E5%B8%9D%E5%85%89-teik%C5%8D/)

and http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4972/entry-24042-welcome-to-the-united-simnations-featuring-member-region-teddyland-capitol-city-teddy-city/)


27th MAY,2014


The Peonyeng island a beautiful,deserted well not deserted occupied by the taoyuanese naval intelligence unit since 1998.The year the guerrilla uprising started.Since that day the attacks have grown from simple protests to cyber attacks and plane hijacks.Well as time goes by so does the people and the promises can't keep pace with.

The TNS(TAOYUANESE NAVAL SHIP) Genghis and TNS Taipei both heading for the Teiko as invited by the Teikonese navy for summer naval games.Till the Peonyeng islands the ships are being escorted by elements

of the Taoyuanese naval air arm THE 32nd FLYING DAGGERS a single Mig-29 escorting both the ships till the

Peonyeng islands from there the ships would engage in aggressor training with TAF (Taoyuanese Air force)


-(static) this is Genghis over.

-(static) this is Taipei copy over

-(static)beautiful weather eh? okay then we are heading for Teiko where we would engage the Teikonese navy in series of exercises

Let's start with those radar test and notify the the Peonyeng RS over.

-(static)roger that

-(static)This is wasp-3 hope you have a good journey heading out over

-(static)this is Genghis roger that and you too


Here we can see the Peonyeng Pulse Doppler radar system which helps the the Taoyuanese military to trace and track all kinds of missile launches.


Here we have the base HQ of the Peonyeng island


These are the barracks and behind them you can see the power plant and the water station powering and watering the island.


Here we have the dining hall for the officers and the soldiers


and here we have the communications and a small armoury


This is the naval school which trains our young men and women to become a part of the one of the best navy on the planet


A picture of the whole island taken by one of the T-130J Super Samu


-(static)This is wolfdog 1-3 over

-(static)This is Xian 2-8 roger

-(static)This fanbiou 1-5 copy over

-(static)This is anvil 4-4 roger......Welcome to OPERATION SURREAL VIPER gentleman today we can gonna do some recon and jamming practice so gear up boys let the show begin...


more to come on the next update of OPERATION SURREAL VIPER!! :)

(sorry i had to lock the entry as i had problems uploading the images ty.)

and a big thanks to bluelightning and _a and roman_samundra for helping me !!


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