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About this City Journal

Just a collection of neighborhoods made by 1131989

Entries in this City Journal


As you may be able to tell, this city journal is set in an alternate universe. In this universe, the geographic distribution of wealth is much more equitable and countries like Somalia are much more affluent than they are in the real world.


For instance, this is a typical town in coastal Somalia. Notice the lack of poverty and pirates.


Here is another historic old town.


Here is an affluent suburb in the northern part of the country. The gated community at the top of the image uses houses similar to these:



Lastly can be seen the historic Zeila mosque, claimed by some to date to the lifetime of Muhammad. Although in our world it is a ruin: PIC_lavilledeZeila11.jpg

in the world of the nine digits, it has been restored.

Disclaimer: I know little about Somalia, but after seeing this (http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4948/entry-23969-dar-es-salaam/) from Tanzania, I decided to give a crack at capturing the feel for it.


The ongoing European debt crisis has had a substantial impact on Bassa's economy. Thousands of southern European Sims, mostly Portuguese and Italians, have flocked to the area's outer fringes in search of a better life. Many of these new migrants have brought a new industry with them: tomato cultivation. Homes in many suburban areas now have tomatoes and grape vines over their driveways and rear yards.


Cover photo: A cute Swedish-inspired small town in my region.

Attachment: There are no tapas bars in my city? I don't believe you; either you need to work on your disguise or I've encountered the SimCity 4 edition of Schrödinger's Cat.

Second attachment: You like the angles? I had a bit of fun trying to put a new "perspective" on one of my screenshots.


The Federal Principality of Bassa (FSB) is a SimNation of 2.7 million inhabitants located somewhere in the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico. Founded in 1763 by exiles from Louisiana, the FSB is a highly integrated nation with a strong national culture combining African, European, Latin American, Asian, and Near Eastern cultures. Its official languages are Pretentious Latin and Haitian Creole, although English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese are understood by varying segments of the population.

Few early pictures of the Principality survive; the image below, from Sierra Leone, was used to help reconstruct the historic city of Ferrovia (Spanish: Railroad) as a tourism attraction. Today, Old Ferrovia (attached) is a thriving tourist attraction consisting of green, grey, and white townhouses and an open-air crafts and produce market.



Villages?? You want 'em, we got 'em.

American great plains village with half of its land area vacant? Why, of course.

Louisiana bayous? Yup. The cover pic is actually based on the Louisiana bayous, which had Filipino settlers who built similar floating villages in the 1700s (they are the fictional founders of my region). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Malo,_Louisiana#Etymology Their descendants founded this community in Louisiana (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Lafitte,_Louisiana#History), which won an award for its "New Urbanism" plan (http://www.cnu.org/cnu-news/2014/06/2014-cnu-charter-awards-announced) that includes a proposal to develop a new Filipino floating village (http://issuu.com/cpex/docs/jeanlafittetomorrow)

Glitches? Yes.

Outlet "villages" with a Finnish flair? Perkele delivers! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perkele


Swedish Fish

There comes a time in every SC4 player's career when he or she has to build a city with a specific national theme. This week is Nordic week at my seven-digit journal, with an emphasis on the grittier side that belies many of the romantic American cliches about these nations. The template for my Nordic city is mostly Malmö, southern Sweden, and the BATs used are a mixture of German, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Dutch, and Slovakian. In the title pic, everything is grown except for the mosque (I believe).


Tourism Week!

This week's theme is...tourism! Let's see some of the Seven Digit Lands' top tourism attractions and quaint neighborhoods. We have...

1) The picturesque agrarian village of Alhambra.

2) The famed "floating villages" of Siete Aldeas, which contains over 26,000 Sims on less than half of a small tile (the rest is agricultural...its population peaked at roughly 40,000 mostly low-wealth but I decided to soften it a bit because of too many housing projects.

3) The hotel and villa resort of Soufriere, which has a markedly Caribbean flair.

4) A collection of charming thatch huts.

5) Colorful Mexican houses that are a mixture of residential and guest house uses.

6) Just a nice shot of my compact region.


My next city is named Chateau Lafite, after the famous French winery, and even has a chateau surrounded by "vineyards" (see entry image). It replaced a previous, rather ugly city that I had been using for BAT testing and is my attempt to create a pretty, less amateur looking city. It is organized around a grand central park surrounded by mansions but also has some scruffy working-class areas (I particularly like the one ending in 1802.png).


A million!

My region's population has cleared 1m sims. Now that I've built up a regional economy, I'm struggling with how to fill in the gaps between my villages. (I like compact urban neighborhoods as a matter of planning and am going for a Hong-Kong-on-the-Pains feel.) Please give me any suggestions; I'll continue working on adding suburbs and filling in gaps. I've attached a couple images of my non-sprawling suburbs below.


My next city is intended to have a mild Southeast Asian feel to it. It is entirely low-density and overwhelmingly low-wealth thanks to prohibitive taxes on R$$ and R$$$ development, and consists of a mixture of red-tile roofs and Japanese houses with a few pagodas sprinkled in for good measure.


Hi! I am one of the thousands of people who heard all the chatter about SC2013 and jumped to download the re-released Aspyr port. I don't really have much of a story or narrative, although I have followed some principles (I am an urban planning/real estate professional and often build a city or two after work):

-New urbanism: mix of housing types and zones within neighborhoods. Although I have suburbs, I have no sprawl, regional malls, or cul-de-sacs and most of my communities are compact.

-Little cheating: the only "cheat" I use is a money park that I only use during construction. Almost all of my cities are currently in the black.

-Flat terrains: with one exception, none of my cities have been terraformed because I want my planning, not the landscape, to be the focus.

-Multicultural BATs: I use buildings from all over the world, although I try to pick buildings that are harmonious with one another. My loose "theme" is imagining that the Filipinos of 18th century New Orleans (no lie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Malo,_Louisiana) got their own country in the American great plains, so I have a mixture of European, Asian, Yankee, and Latin American architecture with some Near Eastern and African influences. The city above, Fouye, has a Haitian name and is intended to have a mild African influence.

I don't just do rural, though.

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