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About this City Journal

A tale of woe from some poor banished souls

Entries in this City Journal


Sadly due to computer problems I lost all my savegames so I will not be able to continue the story of Cherryblossom Hill.

On the plus side, looks like modding for banished is close so I may start another banished tale sometime in the future

and yes, I know keep backups and all that, and I do keep backups of important data. I just dont really consider savegames important data :)


This might be the last update for a couple of weeks, as my work schedule ahs me out at sea till the end of july as it stands now, so depending on the time I have, and the how the internet is I may not be able to update for a while.

Anyway, onward with the town, which is why you are here. There was some slight remodeling done, one of the fisheries got removed to make place for a new Dockyard, wich will hopefully atract traders. Construction has also begun on a town hall, with a nice open square in front of it. And a new fishery.



after a few years, a trader finaly lost his way and found our little settlement. He was carrying sheep, wonderfull little creatures that you can use for a lot of fun things. Allright, so maybe not so many fun things, but theye are tasty, and the wool is nice to make coats to keep warm in the winter.


Luckely the sheep trader found his way back and managed to get word out of our town so we can expect more traders to come and visit us, a good thing for sure!


It is a joyfull winters day when the first tavern finaly gets opened! With the prime location overlooking the cemetary it quickly got named "the tavern overlooking the cemetary". I guess it's not the most original name, but it is still better then Arbrydstochina.


While atracting less of a crowd then the new tavern, over at the town square a hospital got constructed, and there is work being done on a church. And one of the traders brought wheat and cherries! To celebrate this occasion(and beacuse no-one could pronounce the name) a voting was called to change the towns name to Cherryblossom Hill.


With the wheat proper ale can be brewed, and not some weird stuff with foraged berries. This calls for a new tavern!


With more traders finding their way to our little town a new trading dock was required, and the storage area got expanded as well


Someone decided to build a big, creepy house next to the graveyard, but he died on the first night he moved in and now everybody is scared of the place, no-one dares to move in. On the bright side, theye didnt have to drag the poor soul far for his burial.


The town is growing nicely and the people are hard at work tending the fields and ochards as well as with the construction of another church and further town expansions







That's it for now, I'll try to make an overview on next update, though in worst case that might be end of july


Scottis labours on

Scottis and the rest are still labouring on, and managed to survive the first 2 winters as well as finish construction on a gatherers hut and forresters lodge, and are still working to complete a storage barn and hunting cabin



A bridge was needed to gather more stones from across the river, to be able to go on with the construction of new homes and a well, and even to pave the roads. The children however are distressed because the foundations of the new schoolhouse are in place, and soon theye wont be able to spend all time playing anymore.


The schoolhouse is completed but with so many trees cut down for construction, it was decided to build a new forresters lodge to replant the trees.




Sadly, some people were concerned about Scottis walking around with an axe all the time, so someone else took his place at the woodcutters shop, and Scottis became a hunter instead. Yes, much better for him to be walking around with a bow. Guess Scottis isnt the only one who is a bit mixed up.


It was a sad, dark autumn day when Scottis passed away. And with the lack of a cemetary, and how passionate he was about his job making firewood, he got cremated, warming the peoples houses one last time. He wouldnt have wanted it any other way.


But not everyone wanted to be cremated, so construction on a cemetary started in all haste.


And while the tale of Scottis may have ended, the story of Arbyrdstochina has only just begun


First off, after playing Baished for a while I decided to try for a CJ, so I hope it wont be too clumsy.

Anyway, meet Scottis and crew, gang, posse or rag-tag band of poor souls who got run out of town for whatever reason.


Being the oldest of them all, or rather the most vocal, Scottis found himself in charge of this group of down-on-their-luck wanderers and decided this spot was a nice place to found their new settlement. Or rather, he was just tired of pulling that cart along, oculdnt theye have banished some mules along with them? Or maybe theye did, right Scottis? Anyway, he decided to name their new home Arbyrdstochina.

Scottis probably has some mild(or not so mild) brain damage.Anyway, whatever the reason theye decided to settle here, it IS a nice area, next to the lake with a river flowing in, lots of trees


So the happy crew set to chopping down trees, gathering stones and build a fishery, some houses, woodcutter and what not, jsut to be able to call the place home.




The winter set in early this year, but luckely the first house and wood cutter to make firewood were done just in time, so no-one had to freeze to death this year, even though the little house was a bit cramped full of people.




But Scottis was happy, he could go back to his true passion, Chopping logs into firewood


That's it for now, but the story of Scottis and his oddly named town will continue soon

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