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Just, keep driving....

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Celica City

Hello everyone!!!

After the closing of the Fairview Region City Journal, now I present to you brand new CJ!

I dedicated this CJ to WRC, the sport that I really gotten into.... ;)

This is also means that most of my cities will be named after famous rally cars, and being mayored by the drivers that make the car famous....

Okay, for the very first city, I'll begin with.....

Celica City !!!

blitar-aug._17__361400169134.png(it's only half the city, sorry :D )

and, this city named after this...

Toyota Celica 1994 WRC


and, the city is mayored by Didier Auriol, its own Toyota Celica driver in 1990's....


YAY!!! Okay, back in the city.....

Celica is the very first settlement in Rallie Estele Region (yeah, you can see the name, Rallie ;) ), and it's began as the very first big city in the region....

Quit talking let's review and take a look at the city...

Residential :

Well, Celica City does provide some basic stuff about residential, school, hospitals, and other civilian services, including police, fire station and plumbers....

As you can see below, this city has been grow rapidly, and the races of the apartments began....

Condominium here, apartment there, offices here, so rapid that some buildings just outgrown...


I like this area personally, not that tall and not that abstract and scrambled as the North-East area above

Just humble,European styled, mid-rise building, for mid-class family that began with just small family and growing business


And here's the (not that) unfortunate one... Live right in the airport.... Just, weird how this people can cope with the busy sound from the airports... We'll discuss it later... 8)


Industrial :

Since, the industrial outbreak hit low point lately, not much improvisation in the factory area, even they're look very small compared to the skyscraper. Let's take a walk to the pioneer area of the industrial era of the city...

The Duckhams and Rothmans Roundabout connects 5 Main avenues that cross the cities, less congestion, but quite confusing for truck drivers, since there is restriction to drive through the city...


Not much special about this one... only smokes, smokes, and steams... Not a great view for that green building... :meh:


This is the North Rothmans Industrial area. The government has raise the taxes to prevent more industrial grows, and issues start to appear that these area gonna be replaced for Commercial area. But, who knows?


Commercial :

Skyscrapers,skyscrapers and skyscrapers....

The Duckhams Building, a cigarette corporation, need more info?


The Convention Center, there was a chaos in here earlier, but I can't catch it, and I don't know what causing it...


The Tanah Abang Textile Trading Center, not a market, but it's more like stock trading for textile. Its reputation came across India to France, providing world the best quality textiles....


The Pan-Libie Avenue, what causing it special? The park, where an infamous local plumber shot by thief. Does it really necessary? :rofl:


Windington Park, good for lunch break and take a nap. Just beware of children...


The Old Tanchito Stadium, it's only used by local school club to play and practice, it's so small though.... 8)



The Celica Fernseherturm! See that TV station? Nah, it's need more reach to another cities, so the mayor decide to built such tower, but not just for TV purpose, but also attracting tourism...


There is many hotels in this city, but, Mr.Didier recommend this hotel. :thumb: It has full treatment to your car too!


The only baseball stadium in whole region, and also home for TRD Baseball Club...



And of course, the whole city is sponsored by Toyota. Toyota sponsored the baseball club and the city multi purpose stadium....


St. Sainz de Pillar church, provides religious need and many cemeteries around them...



O.k now the airport...... :lost:


It was the very first airport at Rallie Estelle, the Aghine Airport. If it closed, it decreased the city income, but, the pilots worried about safety about the airport, since the building surrounding it.....

O.K It's all people!!

Thank you for the people who provide me with critics and comment for the previous CJ, so this time, as always, comment and critics are well appreciated...

Regards, Roman... :ducky:

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