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SC4 Casdent

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About this City Journal

A story of the rise of the sim race.

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A Close Up

Apologies for putting this up so late. Yea, lots of work (especially my new plopped region). This one is a close up of the city I posted in "Ushering the Industrial Age" with Dark Night effects. Hope you like it.


I tried stitching these two vertical panoramas, but it just didn't work out.


There'll be one last city I plan to finish "growing" before I devote my entire SC4 time to the plopped region. (The one with many tunnels and bridges.)



well folks, it's been a while since i last posted, because i was up to something I didn't like to do all this while... plopping. but it gave me more control of what i wanted where. this is a picture of what was going on while you waited. suggestions are welcome (actually, needed :P ) as i am plopping a whole region for the first time!~


(thanks to all those on ST who inspire me to continue playing this game, even after 11 years since its inception)


Replies (in the spoiler)

@jmsepe: yea... and I've made two more bridges... but it's coming up within 3 days ;-)

@Wallibuk: you'll surely see more BATs... :suspense: ;-)

@feeroz123: there's another stone bridge in store for you... and a steel one if you like steel solid bridges ;-)

A balloon ride over Wind

"Welcome dear Guest," says Mayor Wanda, as she invites you to her mansion in Wind Village. "It isn't very windy here," she jokes, "but it'll be useful for a hot air balloon ride over my little cove. We will go up tomorrow morning."

As you get in her house, the sims of Wind flock outside to greet you, their first visitor. "They're so glad you stopped by," she said.


If you're thinking why the village was named Wind, it's not because of the south-easterly winds. It's because of the neighbouring village of Breeze. And of course, Wanda wanted something to go with her name.

As you go up, you see her keen liking of symmetry.


It's Hot in Oven

All this farming has made the sims self sufficient. They now want to progress ahead. Mayor Fry is given the responsibility of creating the first industrial city in Casdent: Oven.


With the population swelling over a 1000, Mayor Fry is advised to provide the sims with a house of worship. The advisors said that it helps calm frayed nerves, especially binary ones. Not too impressive in the night.


But most of all, the advisors mentioned that it gives a sense of relief to the sims knowing that their loved ones can rest in peace after they crash… um… die. Keeping a power pole at the top of the graveyard ensured that the spirit becomes one with the heavens and the electricity which flowed through the sims houses. That way, the sims would be assured that their loved ones do not roam around as undead.

Too eerie for a night mode picture?


And we shall zoom in the next time!~ ;-)



Breeze Village

Ted, one of the more discerning sims, realised that rampant development was bound to create problems. He was wise, for his mother was a well-established researcher in the early days of the Empire; and she passed on wisdom when they were travelling to find a new land. She used to tell him stories every night about life, the universe and everything. Sadly, it seems smartness has its side effects. She decided that 42 was the age to die (instead of the common sense age of 100 (which in my opinion, is as stupid anyway)) and so on her forty-second birthday party, she bade farewell to everyone on the ship and was never seen again.

Ted, now 24, saw the sims just trying to rampantly colonise the land; and decided to go some distance and create a food resource for the hungry sims. Of course, there were those who were against him, for they feared that he might gain total control once he came to power. The sims broke up into a number of groups, each one with its own radical ideas. What happens next can only be feared now.

Leaving the other power-hungry sims aside, Ted went up the banks of the Casdent River (another river, which fed into the same sea) and built a farmland there. But first, of course, he got his house built with pomp and splendour.


The farmlands were criss-crossed with canals, essential for irrigation.


On one of those occasional hot air balloon rides over the town, we can clearly see the edges of the village. The sim world is flat indeed!


Ted ensured the continuous supply of water and electricity by installing water wheels and windmills.


Small shops already sprung up, catering to the grocery needs of the sims. A power transformer provided an extra boost of electricity stability.


Across the river, on the other side of the village, more shops spring up.


The engineering feat of the village: a stone bridge across the river. It cost ¤2000 and six months to build.


Ted was wise. He built a clinic early on so that sims don't die to disease, as many of the members of the Expedition died.


As we let the sleepy little village of Breeze rest…

Next up: The neighbour village tile of Breeze.


Elsewhere, a few sims of Rasper had a sixth sense of danger about their existence. They were afraid that the computer they were existing on was going to crash. And so, they tried to convince a bunch of people and set out on an expedition to find a safer, stable region.

They did have to look far. For they spent many sim years travelling and didn't find a safe region. The generation that set out on the expedition never got to see the new land. Months of trekking and sailing harsh environments took its toll. Out of the 579 people who set out, only 174 remained. They heard a loud crash, louder than the Big Bang: and they realised that the Rasper region crashed, the computer unable to continue further due to technical issues.

They chanced upon a computer which was quite stable and had a lot more RAM. They searched a folder in which was rendered a river valley, and they liked it. And so they decided to settle down in that river valley they called Casdent Valley.

The place was very fertile, with a huge potential to support over a million people. They just hoped that they would reproduce quickly enough to fill the region, for their numbers were already dwindling.

A grove of orange trees was found on the banks of the Suweg River. That was where they would begin their new life. They began a new calendar from the year 0.


The farms began to grow. And houses began to spring up.


Sims began to get thirsty, so they built a water tower in the centre of their village. They thought that grocery shopping would be much easier under a roof, and so two enterprising sims built two small shops.


Another fertile site was across the river. A rural bridge connected the farms there to the original settlements. Power lines shared the wind power to the new village.


With the growing population, more small shops were needed.


And that was the development for that day. The sims rested well that night, and all 174 of the expedition were proud of their settlement.


Sleepy little Casdent Valley.


The next day saw the growth of dirty and manufacturing industries in the centre. The sims are beginning to get industrious!


No sooner did the industries come up than the sims realised they were poorly prepared for the development. That's what happens with uncontrolled growth. The lone wind power plant was not enough to meet the demands of the industry, and something needed to be done very soon. The day closed with some houses not being powered at all!


How can the sims solve this problem before growth is stopped? How much money and time would be spent before this problem can be addressed? It's very taxing for the sims.

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