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About this City Journal

This Cj Is about after Mnakind Nearly Destroyed itslef they set off to a new Planet, Named "Zelgar" Zel-Gar, And they found this Beatiful space of Land Which Has No Name Hopefully they will not repeat there past and have a better Future..

Entries in this City Journal


The borders were built today to keep there clamed land away from outsiders, the City of selgary will be constructing watch towers , to help keep there land safe as faar as they know there are no outsider nor is there any other settlements but that can change quick the population has climbed to about 11,256 Sims, We will discuss more about population,Constuction, Finances, in the next update and the first update for the census, But here is a picture of the new borders which will be upgrade when the finances are in a better condition, and a picture of the city, Enjoy! :)O3pKoCk.png?1ZfUIjWV.png?1


After sometime of being on the planet, they started to unpack the modern day material that they took from earth, lucklly it was enough to help create the stuff that we once had on earth "Zelgar" Now has a population of over 12,000 people they have started there modern day settlement clean so far With Wind Power plants, And no pollution but ,will humans be smart enough not to suffer the way they did that destroyed there home planet of Earth, or will theses people be smart enough to grow into a bigger thing all I can say is when more settlements arise will humans go back to there war filled ways again or trust one another and live with peace? but here are some Pictures of the 1st modern day Settlement.

Also im a single city user so when I make a city I often make multiple cities in one city tile.!

If you have any questions comment below and they will be answered in the next update!C26CaxQ.png?2I82CapW.png?1UwoEu0L.png?1


This map is mankinds New Home, After they destroyed there Beautiful Home Of earth they Barely Survived Extinction, And set out to find a new Home they came Across this Mixed World Called "Zelgar" they Claimed this Map By the crown they placed in the sky and They were the first, Beings to be on this planet and call it home, "Or are they"...... They also have not Named this beautiful city yet but hopefully They will not Re-peat there past and have a better Future.

In This city Journal we will discover more about our new home and Find out the oast of the planet "Zelgar" and try to find the secrets this Planet has buried beneath that are waiting to be discovered! Here are some Pictures of this Beautiful Planet!3M8nTmX.png?1unBwzlU.png?1MO1rlpE.png?1omRbMIs.png?1

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