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About this City Journal

As we look at the small town of Melbourne in the early 1900s, and we watch it advance into modern day.

Entries in this City Journal



Welcome back to Melbourne, We see how much the city has expanded since we last saw the city. Beautiful isn't it? Join me shall you to the city in the late 1940s, as we close the early 20th century of the city.


First off, Storyville has changed a lot. As from this view, we can see how much it has grown, and also most of the adult places have closed down due to the city is attempting to reshape Storyville, into a nicer neighborhood, but its failing quickly.


Here's a example on how they are reshaping Storyville. The Mechanicville Public Housing Projects. Under management by the newly government established, "Melbourne Housing Authority" or simply known as, the MHA.


Another close up to the projects, They cover 2 large zones of the city, that was once old houses of Storyville.

Thats it for this mini-update of Melbourne, and the beginning of Low-Incoming Housing Projects.

See you guys in 1954!



The city of Melbourne, Has quite grown since the great depression took a big hit on our city, and we'll go into details how it has, like the slums & red light district developing among the city.


Oddly, speaking of Slums, I spot our infamous slums that have recently developed in the city. Storyville, that sits across the river from Downtown.


A close up to the core area of Storyville, These buildings are mostly Adult clubs, and Adult stores. Storyville isn't a kid friendly atmosphere.

Storyville is the most crime ridden area of the city.


This doesn't mean kids live in the area, due to this side of the river is covered by Storyville High School, home of the "Storyville Roaring Tigers"


Now to travel across the Melbourne River, into a more friendly atmosphere, and a place with a lot of less crime, to North part of the Luna Park District, where we see the amusement park as seen to get a expansion!


Luna Park's new ferris wheel, The Luna Wheel, and then we see the main attraction of the expansion, the Luna-Cyclone, but with the Depression going on, the coaster and ferris wheel was a large risk to take, as the park is now having less money, could be foreclosed at any time.


Then again, downtown is doing a lot worse, as a lot of businesses has shut down. Sears Hardware Store has been bought out by the retailer, "Sears Roebuck & Company", and a few other larger named businesses opened to replace the foreclosed ones.


Now in South-Downtown District, is Melbourne High School, Home of the "Fighting Royal Knights of Melbourne"

Even though both high schools in town have major budget cuts, they remain on top of major competition against each other.

This about wraps up the great depression in a small nut-shell. Hopefully everything can leave this slummy state to the average normal state that we see of Melbourne.


-Bonus Picture of Luna Park at night-



What you see on this clipping is correct, Melbourne on June 1st, 1926 is OFFICIALLY a city of the United States Government. I'm sure Mr.Hartworth, our mayor is proud of the city expanding and expanding into a grand area of living, and hopefully will remain like that for years to come for Melbourne.


Welcome, to the newly class. city of Melbourne, So amazing and huge isn't it?


Welcome to Downtown District for Melbourne, its amazing how much it has expanded since we saw it almost a decade ago.


The new Railroad station in Downtown, it fits perfect with the city.


The new tallest building in the city, 23rd Main, a office building that towers on the outer-edge of Downtown, next door (literally) to the Broadmoor District.


Speaking of the Broadmoor district, its recently has been repaved to have cobblestone roads, like downtown.


The new Luna Park district of the city, located next door to the Luna Park amusement park, and Broadmoor. This is built to be more for the high-class side of the city, and in the future we hope it will develop as intended, and larger.


Right by the new railroad tracks, is the Telegraph Inn, Quite a odd place for a hotel, but its near the amusement park, so they gotta be making some good money,


This is rather odd, A new bridge in downtown connecting to the one that goes out of town and a road between them, I smell a possible sense of development in the future around here. Possibly moving Downtown to across the river? We'll find out sooner or later.



Welcome back, to start us off, the region view of the grand town of

Melbourne, Kansas, USA.


The Broadmoor Neighborhood has expanded quite a bit, its a while since we mentioned

it, but its now amazingly.


Now the main part of the update, the new Luna Park!


Its a small park, but within a few years, its should be bigger and better.


We seem to have farms around it, meaning the park can be expanded in its future, hopefully.


Lastly, a north to south view of the city. And for everyones information, the river does have a name. The Melbourne

Rivers north and south in Kansas, and ends in a creek in north Kansas.

-See you all in 1926



Welcome back to the U.S. Midwest's most beautiful (in our own opinions around town) town, Melbourne, notice how much the town grown over a few years period cause of a tornado. The town is never put down because of a common disaster on our region!


The new church built on a outer edge of downtown, as a new building built to give pride to the rebuilding of the

town of Melbourne.


The new Melbourne Elementary school, that replaced the original one destroyed in the "Melbourne Tornado" as local residents call it.


The former Woolworths location, Woolworths never seemed to rebuild sadly, hopefully though we may see Woolworths return, but thats not likely until a few years.


Almost forgot, the brand new Audubon Building, it holds the towns administrative offices, so far our tallest building


Near the church, is this small area of the outer downtown region, its not much importance, but it shows that downtown has expanded.


To conclude this update, a picture of the main downtown area of the town of Melbourne.

Also, to give a idea of the population increase & decrease, only based on updates, not every year.

1905- 1,251 people

1909- 188 people

1912- 3,154 people.



Welcome back to Melbourne, we..... Tornado striking the town! I hope this doesn't cause to much damage.


Is it me, or has downtown got smaller because of this tornado. Looks like we lost our brand new Woolworth's!


A small subdivision that was built in 1907, known as Broadmoor has been destroyed expect for two houses that still stand.

-This is another small update due to the town has barley grown-

Next time we come back, hopefully this will be repaired by 1912, or else this town may be abandoned, and forgotten forever.


Welcome to Melbourne, founded in 1876, as we progress with it to modern days, we decide to start looking at it in 1905.


A small overview of the main town area, quite small isn't it?

Just over a 1000 people live in Melbourne, a small part of town isn't shown where some older houses are located.


This area screams out a bit urban, as 3-4 storey shops like, the old Clocktower sits at this 4-way intersection, also there is Weathermax's Pharmacy and a small local corner shop, and to clarify, the "Sears" isn't the one we're thinking of, its a small hardware service store (for now)


A overview of North area of Downtown. Where the Pit Theatre was built at to hosting old plays, though they are getting a bit dated and rather boring.


Finally, the small school that asides next door to main downtown it self.

Thats all for this "small" update of this smalltown, next time we travel to the village of Melbourne, we'll be in the year 1909, where a major event happens.


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