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(sc4) Brinnington

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Capital of the Federative Commonwealth of Ashyaria

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After many meetings by the City Council and many neighbourhood councils, the project to convert one of Brinnington's busiest avenues, Barlow Trail NW, into a freeway.

Many of Brinnington's major thoroughfares are avenues. This conversion is part of a several million dollar project expected to be completed within the decade.

I do not have any photos of the old avenue road for Barlow, but here is the freeway.



Brinnington is the capital city of the Federative Commonwealth of Ashyaria and is the seat of Westland County.

This city spurred off of a really old city named Tylertropolis, (yeah, my name is tyler and that was a really cheesy name),

I have only recently began modding SC4, so be prepared to see alot of maxis stuff.



1 )(My other alias is OreoToast) OreoCorp headquarters under construction downtown.

2) Brinnington International Airport, largest airport in the country. Across the avenue, many services are available. The museum building is the airport authority building. There are plans to replace it in coming years.

3) Two major roads, each one tile offset of each other come together in an intersection.

4) The Ashyarian capital complex. The two Washington memorials are renamed "The Pillars of justice", seeing as when anyone looks out the front doors of the capital building, they have to look through the pillars to see their ministry buildings. In the roundabout, there is a statue of Medb, (great BAT btw to whoever made it) the deity of Ashyaria's national religion.

5) Brinnington City Hall and surrounding areas. Located just west of the Central Business district.

6) The city's suburban neighbourhood, located not too far from the airport. It is called "country hills"

7) The city's northern neighbourhood, NightingGale, is a high-end luxury neighbourhood situated on Westland mountain, which used to be much larger before a massive population boom pushed for it's de-sizing.

8&9) A closeup shot of OreoCorp headquarters under construction in the CBD.

The link is safe to click on. I don't have the patience to upload each and every photo to here.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this. It is several years in the works.


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